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Argentina Consulate General
Apr 11, 2022

In your case you should get your tourist visa online on the DNM web site (National Directorate of Migrations). Please check that you have the correct visa from the US that will allow you to use the electronic system. In the following link you will find all the information that you need, please read all the instruction closely as you will get your visa directly with the DNM not with the Consulate and we won't be able to assist you. AVE VISA REQUIREMENTS "Valid passport holders of the following countries with a current category “B1/B2 /J/O/P (P1-P2-P3)/E/H-1B visa” issued by the United States of America, and or a category “C visa” issued by one of the States of the European Union that make up the Schengen area, are eligible to apply for a AVE online: ALBANIA, ANGOLA, ANTIGUA Y BARBUDA, BAHAMAS, BAHREIN, BELICE, BENIN, BOSNIA Y HERZEGOVINA, BOTSUANA, BURKINA FASO, BURUNDI, BUTAN, CABO VERDE, CAMBOYA, CAMERUN, CHINA, COSTA DE MARFIL, CUBA, DOMINICA, ERITREA, ESWATINI, ETIOPIA, FILIPINAS, GABON, GAMBIA, GHANA, GUINEA, GUINEA ECUATORIAL, GUINEA-BISSAU, INDIA, INDONESIA, ISLAS MARSHALL, ISLAS SALOMON, KENIA, KIRIBATI, LAOS, LESOTO, MADAGASCAR, MALAWI, MALDIVAS, MAURICIO, MOLDAVIA, MOZAMBIQUE, MYANMAR, NAMIBIA, NAURU, NEPAL, NIGER, OMAN, PALAOS, PAPUA NUEVA GUINEA, REPUBLICA CENTROAFRICANA, REPUBLICA DEL CONGO, REPUBLICA DEMOCRATICA DEL CONGO, REPUBLICA DOMINICANA, REPUBLICA POPULAR CHINA, RUANDA, SAMOA, SANTO TOME Y PRINCIPE, SENEGAL, SEYCHELLES, SIERRA LEONA, TANZANIA, TOGO, TONGA, TUVALU, UGANDA, VANUATU, VIETNAM, YIBUTI, ZAMBIA, ZIMBABUE. In this regard, it is emphasized that the referred visas must have a validity that includes both the term of resolution of the AVE by the DNM (Direccion Nacional de Immigraciones), as well as the period of three subsequent months. In other words, your B2 US visa or C Schengen visa must be valid at the moment that you apply for the AVE online, and for the period of your stay in Argentina. The AVE may take up to 20 days to be approved or denied. If approved, it will allow you to stay in Argentina for a maximum period of three months. To apply for the AVE please click on the following link: The instructions on how to proceed are in English and Chinese.;!!I2XIyG2ANlwasLbx!DPB-yLXugwYzi5Sf6rRP06Wp7H5b0F1wDKpAWmjEPVo0JdtCP1nijnk1Svx991a6DVw$ The Consulate General of Argentina does not have access to the Dirección Nacional de Migraciones website (Argentine Immigration Bureau) where the AVE fee payments are made. For any inquires please visit their website at You may also email them at, or call Argentina at 0810.666.7768, Worldwide:+54.11.4360.7809, and explain to them any inquires you may be having." Regards, Visa Department Consulate General of Argentina 5055 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 210 Los Angeles, CA 90036 ----- Mensaje original ----- De: "Gary Brown" <> Para: "visas clang" <> Enviados: Lunes, 11 de Abril 2022 6:42:39 Hello! I am a citizen of India and on an H1B visa. I plan to visit Argentina soon with my friends. What is the processing time for a tourist visa?

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