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To :; Date : 2022-06-15 06:10:32 Subject : [제목 없음] Hello, I am a US citizen with a valid passport. I am planning on visiting Korea, Republic of next month. Due to COVID-19, is there any new requirement that I should know of?

South Korea Consulate
Jun 14, 2022

Hello Amy, Currently the regulations and requirements to enter South Korea as a tourist is much more lenient than ever. As a US citizen, you are not required to apply for visa. Instead you will have to apply for K-ETA at least 72 hours before your departure ( ( There is no longer quarantine in Korea regardless of vaccination status. So you will not need to show them your vaccine records. However you are still required to show them your negative test result. You will either have to take a PCR test (48 hours before your flight) or an Antigen test (24 hours before your flight) at a clinic. Have your negative test result document when you are boarding and arriving in Korea.


To :; Date : 2022-03-30 15:59:07 Subject : [제목 없음] Hey! I am a US citizen. What are the tourist visa requirements to visit Korea, Republic of? How do i get a tourist visa?

South Korea Consulate
Mar 31, 2022

Dear Catherine White US citizen can go Korea without Visa up to 90 days for tour. However you need to register your information online ( at least 72 hours before your flight. ( Please check the website for more information. Thank you

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