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Dec 3, 2022

To: Consulado del Paraguay - Los Angeles Subject: Dear madam/sir, I am a Green card holder, and a citizen of Kenya. I was wondering what is the processing time to get a tourist visa to visit Paraguay? Thank you!

Paraguay Consulate General
May 13, 2022

Good afternoon, In order to process your visa Application form attached, web site<> B. - PASSPORT FROM ALL OTHERS COUNTRIES (Tourism and Business): Please, send by mail: 1.- Personal appearance of the applicant is mandatory.( After sending all the docs, we can schedule your appointment to pick your visa up in person + payment) 2 .- Visa Application form fully completed and signed. 3.- Original Passport that must be valid at least 6 months beyond the departure date of your trip. (Just send copy of your passport and in person with your appointment bring the Original) 4. - One (1) passport’s color picture, standard size (2” x 2”), clear background without glasses. 5. - Copy of document showing legal status in the US. Residents: Green Card. Non –Residents: Copy of Visa, entry stamp on the passport or I-94 Form; entrance record. Students: US Visa or I-20 Form. 6.- In cases when the applicant has previous Visas issued by countries of : MERCOSUR, EUROPEAN COMMUNITY or NAFTA, copies of these visas may be enclosed, to the application form in digital regardless of the validity date, previous expired visas are accepted as reference. 7.- Copy of round trip Itinerary, reservation printed out from Internet are accepted. 8 .- Proof of Financial solvency, Bank Statement for Tourist and Company Letter for business trip. 9.- Copy (1), proof of residence address, such as State’s Drivers License, Identification ID or Utility bill showing current address. 10.- Visa fee cost is $100.00 payable in Money Order or Cashier’s Check issued to CONSULATE GENERAL OF PARAGUAY. Personal check and credit card are not accepted. Best Regards Consulado General del Paraguay 3600 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 414 Los Angeles / CA 90010 Ph. 310.417.9500 ________________________________