Vatican City Visa Fees

Many visa fees depend on your citizenship, or if you have multiple citizenships, the citizenship you use to travel.
Some countries have lower visa fees or other special access for travelers who have legal residence in certain countries, even without citizenship.

Visa Fees

Vatican City Visa for United States Citizens
Visa fees for Vatican City
Visa TypeVisa FeeAtlys FeeLast Updated
Visa$89.90 USDDec 3, 2022

Atlys is currently unable to help with getting a visa or other entry document for this country or territory.

Currency Conversion

Please note: Banks, debit and credit cards, and other services charge a fee for currency conversions. For the lowest fees (usually around 1%–3%), convert currency in person at a local bank or credit union, or use a debit or credit card with no foreign transaction fee and decline dynamic currency conversion.


Visa Fees Do's

  • Do bring at least $150 in cash to handle any unexpected fees
  • Do find out the nearest ATM to you

Visa Fees Dont's

  • Don't plan to pay with a credit card
  • Don't plan to pay with a check or traveler's check
  • Don't expect change back when paying with cash
  • Don't expect refunds, even for rejected applications

Visa Fees of Neighboring Countries

Neighboring CountriesVisa TypeVisa Fee

Things To Know

Visa Fee Currency

US DollarUSD$

Acceptable Forms of Pay

  • Cash
  • Cashier_check

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