Hungary Visa Application And Visa Requirements

22 Mar 2022

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A Quick Guide To Hungary Schengen Visa Application

The Hungarian Embassy and Consulates maintain strict eligibility criteria - only issuing visas to people who meet the following conditions: a valid residence permit in the United States such as Green Card or US Visa; Only those whose main destination is Hungary are allowed to receive a Hungarian visa.

What Does The Hungary Schengen Visa Application Entail?

Hungary Schengen Visa application has to be filled online and takes around 50 minutes to finish. The application has five sections:

  1. Personal Details
  2. Journey
  3. Destination
  4. Funding
  5. History

Section 1 - Personal Details

Provide basic information such as your name and passport details. A national identity number is the same as your passport number since the United States does not have a standard national identity system (do not put your SSN here).

Hungary visa personal details

Check - Residence in a country other than the country of current nationality

The Residence permit number is the unique number associated with your Green Card / H1B/ F1/ J1 visas.
Permit Number

A few things to keep in mind.

  • The travel document (passport) must have been issued within the past 10 years.
  • The travel document must be valid for at least six months from your departure date.
  • The travel document must have at least 2 blank pages.

Section 2 - Journey

Hungary requires information on your intended travel dates. Usually, your visa is issued for +/- 10 days around your intended dates.

Hungary multiple entry Schengen visa

There's no downside to asking for a multiple entry visa. Your visa decision won't be affected in any way. If you're lucky and can show a past travel history of frequent travels to Europe and good travel insurance, you may get a multiple entry Schengen visa valid for 1 year.

Section 3 - Previous Schengen Visas

Hungary visa biometrics

If you don't remember the date when you last got fingerprints, just select 'Yes' as long as you got a Schengen visa after 2016. This lets Hungary retrieve your biometrics from a central database maintained by the European Union (EU).

You can find your visa sticker number on the Schengen visa stamp.

Visa Sticker Number

The visa number is the 3-letter country code (issuing country), followed by a 9-digit number. Therefore, in the example above, the visa number is FRA005702202.

Section 4 - Accommodation

You also need to provide proof of accommodation and contact information of your Hotel/Airbnb.

Section 5 - Funding

You’ve to present evidence to prove that you can support your stay in Hungary. You can select the option that works best for you, which has a balance equivalent to EUR 50 for every day.

Hungary Funding

Visa application

After completing the application, make sure to sign it. You do not have to affix your photo on the application.

Hungary visa application form

Hungary Visa Photos

The photo requirements for a Hungary Schengen visa follow ICAO standards.

  • 1 recent photo.
  • Photo size: US standard size.
  • In color. No black and white
  • Head should cover most of the photo.
  • White background.
Hungary visa photo requirements

Proof of Employment for Hungary Visa

A letter from your employer is required as proof of employment. The letter should state:

  • Date of the letter
  • Employer name
  • Position and title
  • A declaration that you will continue to be employed during your Hungary visit
  • Contact and address information of the supervisor along with their signature.

This is a letter from the university for students, or from your academic advisor or from the Office of International Education. Please provide a letter of support from any individual/organization that is financing your livelihood for homemakers or those unemployed. This includes but is not limited to your spouse or parents. Use the tool above to generate one!

Hungary Visa Travel Insurance

As per the EU directive, a travel insurance is required to apply for a Schengen visa. The insurance should explicitly meet these requirements:

  • Coverage of at least EUR 30,000.
  • Be valid in all 26 Schengen States: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.
  • Cover medical emergency expenses and anything connected with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent health attention, and/or emergency hospital treatment or death.
  • For those hoping to get a longer-term Schengen visa, it is advisable to provide travel insurance that lasts the whole year as per the EU directive:

“ Applicants for a uniform visa for more than two entries (multiple entries) shall prove that they are in possession of adequate and valid travel medical insurance covering the period of their first intended visit.In addition, such applicants shall sign the statement, set out in the application form, declaring that they are aware of the need to be in possession of travel medical insurance for subsequent stays.”

Traveling to Hungary with Children

Children require a visa to visit Hungary if they're not US citizens. Things to keep in mind:

  • A separate appointment has to be booked for children.
  • One color photo. The visa photo requirements for children vary slightly.

Children aged five and under do not need to have a neutral expression or look directly at the camera, and their heads do not have to be centered in the photo. Babies under one year do not have to have their eyes open.

Child Visa Photos
  • Application form signed by both parents
  • Birth certificate of the child
  • Proof of parent's regular income (work contract with specified monthly income or a bank statement or business license)
  • A notarized parental authorization signed by both parents if the child is traveling alone.
  • Copy of IDs of both parents.
  • Return tickets for the child.
  • A reference letter from the relevant school addressed to the Hungarian Embassy indicating the child can skip classes during their time in Hungary.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Reach Hungary during COVID-19 as a tourist?

Travel to Hungary is currently banned due to a rising number of COVID-19 cases. It is not possible to enter Hungary even through other European countries.

Should I Apply To Hungary If I Am Visiting Two Schengen Countries?

You should apply to the country that is your main destination, which depends on your purpose. For example, if you are going on a 5-day business trip but decide to take four days off and go to Spain, you should apply to Hungary since your primary purpose is business. Similarly, if your primary purpose is to visit a friend in Spain but decide to spend most of your time in Hungary, you should still apply to the Spanish consulate. However, if the purpose is identical, then apply to the country where you'll spend more time. If the main destination cannot be determined, the country whose external border the applicant intends to cross to enter the territory of the Schengen area is responsible. Example: You fly into Budapest for a Danube river cruise. You will spend two days in Hungary, 2 in Slovakia, 2 in Austria and 2 in Germany. Hungary is responsible as the country which you will enter first.

How Long Is A Short Stay Visa Valid For? Can I Leave The Schengen Area And Come Back With The Same Visa?

The visa sticker contains information on the visa’s validity period and the duration of the authorized stay. A visa can be issued for one entry or multiple entries.

The maximum duration of stay is shown on the visa sticker, and it varies according to the reasons for your stay.

What you must remember

You must have left the Schengen area at the latest on the day on which the visa expires; You must not exceed the authorized length of stay during the validity of the visa; If you have an authorized stay of 90 days, you must not stay in the Schengen area for more than 90 days in 180 days, this period not having to exceed the duration of the visa and the period of 90 days starting from run on the date of the first entry.

Where Can I Apply For A Hungary Schengen Visa In The United States?

Check the nearest consulate above. You have to apply at the Hungarian consulate serving your state. The only exception is for those living in Texas - you may apply at the German consulate in Houston.

I Have A Double/Triple Nationality. Which One Should I Enter In My Visa Application?

You must enter the nationality of the passport with which you wish to travel.
When you complete your application form, you will need to indicate your nationality of origin and your current nationality (that of your passport).

Can I Extend My Visa While In Hungary?

Only if you are stuck in Hungary due to border lockdown in exceptional cases such as COVID-19 or a war.

How Do I Get My Visa?

There are 2 options:

  • Collect passport from the consulate. You can walk in during business hours.
  • Provide a prepaid, self-addressed and trackable shipping label. The consulate will mail your passport back.

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