Simple Guide: Obtaining a Georgia Visa from {{country_y}}

Last Updated : 2 Feb 2024

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30-Second Summary

{{y}} nationals travelling to Georgia must apply for the {{pkw_one}}, which allows them to visit the country for {{purpose}}.

    The Georgia visa for {{y}} can be submitted online. You can apply through the government portal or Atlys.

    Submitting your passport at your local {{x}} Embassy is not required.

    Once your {{pkwv_three}} is approved, you will get a digital copy that you can use to enter Georgia (no visa stamp needed).

    Atlys recommends that you apply for the {{pkwv_two}} at least {{time_frame}}.

Important Information

Georgia Visa Type

Georgia evisa

{{x}} Visa Processing Time:

The processing time is around {{processing_time}}.

Georgia eVisa Fees & Cost:

The {{price_kw_three}} is USD {{price_multiple_entry}}for multiple entries.

Georgia Visa Validity:

A multiple entry is valid for {{validity}}.

Certain nationals require a valid visa to enter {{official_country_name}}. {{y}}s are eligible to apply for a visa online and can choose to apply for the {{pkw_one}} via Atlys or the {{x}} government portal. The {{pkwv_one}} allows {{y}} nationals to obtain a visa online without the need to visit an embassy or consulate.

This visa is a multiple entry visa, meaning it allows you to enter {{x}} more than once and stay for {{length_of_stay}}. It is valid for {{validity}} and costs 20$.

{{x}} E Visa Requirements from {{country_y}}

To start the Georgia {{application_kw_one}} for {{y}} nationals, the following travel documents must be submitted:

    A valid {{y}} passport with a minimum validity of six months upon arrival in Georgia.

    A digital passport-sized photograph with dimensions of 35 x 45 mm.

    Travel Insurance.

    A credit or debit card is used to pay the visa fee.

Although this is all the {{requirements_kw_one}} for the evisa application, having extra documents such as bank statements, proof of accommodation, proof of return flight tickets, and any supporting documents is never a bad idea.

Certain nationals must be able to present additional documents at the Georgian state border:

    Travel Document/Passport

    Document proving the purpose of your travel

    Proof of accommodation

    Travel and health insurance

    Proof of sufficient financial funds (bank statements).

Opting for Atlys streamlines the application process, requiring only your passport and a digital photo, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

How to Apply for a Georgia E Visa

Before we get into the details of obtaining your {{pkw_two}}, let's discuss the different application processes that you should consider. You can either use Atlys for the application or handle the {{application_kw_two}} yourself.

Each method has its advantages, and our goal is to provide you with the best information you need to help you make a well-informed decision.

Apply on Atlys

Atlys can help you apply for your {{pkwv_one}} in just 4 simple steps:


    Access the Portal: [Visit our online portal], select your desired visa type, and click "Proceed."


    Enter Travel Details: Provide necessary travel information, including destination and dates.


    Document Upload: Upload essential documents, such as your digital photo and images of the front and back of your valid passport.


    Payment: Complete the process by paying the {{price_kw_one}} for the {{pkwv_two}} and submitting your application.

Atlys is an approved and authorized agent for {{x}}, meaning you can use the Atlys website to apply for your evisa without any concerns.

Why choose Atlys

    Efficiency: Atlys ensures a streamlined and efficient visa application process, saving you time and effort.

    Reliability: As an authorised agent, Atlys offers a trustworthy platform for securing your eVisa, providing peace of mind throughout the application process.

    Customer Support: Benefit from reliable customer support to address any queries or concerns you may have during the application process.

    Secure Payment: Atlys prioritises the security of your transactions, providing a secure platform for the payment of eVisa fees.

    Bonus: If your visa does not arrive on time, Atlys will give you a refund.

Apply by Yourself

{{y}} nationals can apply for the visa through the government portal. When starting the {{application_kw_two}} the portal will inform you of your visa status, indicating whether you require a visa or if you are exempt. Let’s get started with the {{application_kw_three}}:


    Visit the Portal: Go to the official government portal to apply for your {{pkwv_one}}. Once you are at the portal, click on “Apply Now”.


    Provide the Needed Information: The first page will ask about your citizenship, type of passport (which will be ordinary), purpose of visit (tourism), and if you have insurance.


    Travel Information: If you require a {{pkw_one}}, you will be taken to the next page, where you need to provide your travel dates. When you insert your arrival date, the portal will provide you with your departure date.


    Personal Information: Read the terms and conditions and then provide all the personal information required.


    Required Documents: Provide the required documents. A scanned copy of your valid passport in PDF format. You will also need to upload a digital photo of yourself. Once you verify your information, you will be sent an email; click on this email to proceed with payment.


    Pay The {{price_kw_one}}: Complete the payment of the {{pkw_one}} fee using a credit or debit card. Following the payment, submit the application form and await the processing of your eVisa.


    Receive your visa: Once the processing time is finished, you will receive an email notification containing a link to download your eVisa through the provided email address.

Tips to get your {{pkwv_three}} approved:

    The processing of your visa can take {{processing_time}}. Try to ensure that you have all documents in order so that there are no visa processing delays.

    Ensure all information provided in your application is accurate and matches your official documents.

    Follow the specified photo guidelines, including size and format, for a seamless application. The guidelines pop up when you want to submit your photo.

    Verify your eligibility for the selected visa type before applying to prevent unnecessary delays. When you start the application, you will be notified whether you require a visa or not.

    Regularly check your application status on the government portal and follow up if needed.

Approval Of The Georgia Visa For {{y}} Nationals

The {{pkwv_one}} remains valid for {{validity}}, allowing you the {{y}} to stay in Georgia for up to {{length_of_stay}} with multiple entries. It is advised to apply for your {{pkw_one}} at least {{time_frame}} before your travelling date, as the standard processing time is {{processing_time}}.


Here’s a sample of the {{pkwv_one}}:

E-Visa Georgia Sample

Georgia E Visa Rules

    The fee for processing a {{pkw_one}} is non-refundable.

    Applications that are incomplete will be rejected.

    Travel insurance is mandatory, not optional.

    It is necessary to present a printed copy of your {{pkwv_one}} at the entry port.

    Applications that do not meet the {{requirements_kw_one}} will not be accepted and will be rejected.

    It is crucial to be aware of the authorized duration of stay. Overstaying your visa may result in legal consequences.

In summary, citizens of {{y}} have the option to apply for a {{pkw_one}}. The e-visa application can be conveniently completed online via Atlys or the official government portal.

Our Commitment to Visa Accuracy:

We recognize the importance of precise and dependable information for your visa application. Hence, we depend on authoritative government sources to provide you with the latest and most trustworthy guidelines.

Government procedures and fees may change over time. We recommend checking the official website regularly for the most current information before proceeding with your application.

Frequently Asked Visa Questions:

The e-visa provides a convenient way to obtain permission for entry and travel within {{x}} for short stays. Simply fill out the online application form, pay with your credit/debit card, and receive your visa via email. Print the visa and carry it with you when traveling to Georgia, eliminating the need to apply through the Georgian Embassy.

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