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Last Updated : 23 Jan 2024

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30-Second Summary

{{y}} nationals travelling to Turkey must have a {{pkw_one}}, which allows them to visit the country for {{purpose}}.

    The application for {{pkw_two}} can be completed online.

    This does not require you to submit your passport at the embassy.

    Once your {{pkwv_one}} is approved, you will receive a digital copy that you can use to enter Turkey (no visa stamp required).

    Atlys recommends applying for the {{pkwv_one}} at least {{time_frame}}.

Important Information

Turkey Visa Type:


Turkey Visa Processing Time:

The processing time takes about {{processing_time}}.

Turkey eVisa Fees:

The {{price_kw_three}} for {{y}} nationals is {{visa_fee}} for a {{entry_type}}.

Turkey Visa Validity Period:

The {{pkw_two}} for {{y}} nationals is valid for {{validity_period}} and allows a stay period of {{length_of_stay}}.

{{y}} nationals travelling to Turkey must have a valid visa before entering the country {{voa_eligible}}. {{y}} nationals can easily apply for a {{pkw_two}} on Atlys or the government portal.

The Turkey e-visa allows {{y}} nationals to obtain a visa online without the need to visit an embassy or consulate for a stay period of up to {{length_of_stay}}.

{{y}} nationals looking to apply for their {{pkw_two}} online must have a {{specific_requirement}}.

Requirements For The Turkey E-Visa From {{country_y}}

For a successful {{application_kw_one}}, you must ensure that you meet the {{requirements_kw_one}}. The requirements you must meet for your {{pkw_two}} are:

    Passport: {{y}} nationals must have a {{specific_requirement}}.

    Debit/Credit Card: You must have a debit or credit card to pay the online visa fees when completing your {{application_kw_two}}.

    Email Address: You require an email address where you will receive application confirmation and your approved e-visa.

When you apply for your {{pkw_one}} on Atlys, your details and passport will be saved on your profile to simplify it even more when applying for your future visa.

Applying For The Turkey E-Visa

{{y}} nationals can swiftly apply for the {{pkw_two}} on Atlys or via the government portal. Both options can be applied online in a few easy steps.

How To Apply For The Turkey E-Visa On Atlys?

When you choose Atlys for your visa application, we guarantee that you'll receive your e-visa within the provided processing time. In the rare instance of any delays, you will receive a refund, guaranteed. {{y}} nationals can complete the {{pkw_one}} on Atlys in under 5 minutes.


    Start The Online Application: Visit the Atlys online portal to start your {{pkw_one}} application.


    Submit Your Travel Details: Select your travel details by choosing your travel dates.


    Submit Your Documents: Upload a digital copy of your valid passport.


    Verify Your Details: Verify all your details, and ensure the details match the information on your passport.


    Pay The Visa Fees: Before you submit your {{application_kw_three}}, you must pay the {{price_kw_one}} using a credit/debit card or an approved mobile wallet. Once you have paid the fees, your visa will be processed.

Why choose Atlys:

    You will receive your visa on time, guaranteed, or you will receive your money back.

    Swiftly upload your documents by using your smartphone camera.

    Complete your application in under 5 minutes.

    Easily track your visa application with the Atlys app.

    Add a friend or relative and apply at the same time.

Apply By Yourself Through The Government Portal

The {{pkw_one}} can also be applied for on the government portal. Simply visit the government website and follow these application steps:


    Start Your Application: On the Turkey government portal, click on the “Apply Now” button. From there, you must select your country of residence and passport type and enter the captcha.


    Enter Your Travel Details: Select the date you plan to enter Turkey. You will also be shown the payment methods you can use to pay your {{pkw_one}}.


    Enter Your Details: Provide all your personal details, such as name, date of birth, and address. Also, add your passport information, like the expiration date and passport number.


    Submit Your Application: Once you have provided all your details, ensure that you verify that the information provided is correct. Once you are happy with the details, submit your application.


    Pay The Visa Fee: After submitting your application, you will receive an email. Confirm the email and pay the {{price_kw_two}}. After the payment, your visa will be processed.

Tips when applying for your {{pkwv_three}}:

    To avoid processing time delays, double-check that all your information is correct and ensure you provide all the supporting documents.

    Keep your passport close by when completing the online application to ensure all the details match.

    Apply well before your travel dates to account for any unexpected delays in processing.

Visa Approval Of The Turkey E-Visa For {{y}} Nationals

Once you have completed the Turkey visa application and paid the {{price_kw_two}}, your application will be processed in about {{processing_time}}. It is advised to apply for your {{pkw_one}} at least {{time_frame}}.


Government portals can sometimes have hassles during payment or application submission. For an easy and quick visa application, apply for your Turkey visa on Atlys hassle-free.

Process When Arriving In Turkey

Before starting your holiday in Turkey, you must go through immigration upon arrival. Here are the steps you should follow:


    Queue at immigration: Upon entering Turkey, find the immigration desk and queue at the counter.


    Provide the necessary documents: Provide your passport, {{pkw_two}}, and other supporting documents.


    Answer some questions: Be prepared to answer some questions. Usually, the questions involve your purpose for visiting and length of stay.


    Provide biometrics: In some cases, you might be required to submit your fingerprints.


    Enter Turkey: Lastly, receive your entry stamp and enjoy your visit to Turkey.

Turkey E-Visa Rules

    Ensure that you have a {{specific_requirement}}.

    {{y}} nationals can get a {{entry_type}} for a stay period of {{length_of_stay}}.

    The {{price_kw_one}} is not refundable, even if your visa application gets denied.

    The Turkey e-visa {{extendable}}. You can, however, get a residency permit at the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management to extend your stay in Turkey.

    The {{price_kw_two}} is {{visa_fee}} for {{y}} nationals.

    It is important to take note of the allowed stay period. If you overstay your visa, you must pay a fine.

    To allow sufficient processing time, apply for your visa at least {{time_frame}} to Turkey.

In conclusion, {{y}} nationals can apply for a {{pkw_one}}, which is required to enter Turkey. The e-visa can easily be applied online through Atlys or the government portal. With the {{time_kw_one}} taking about {{processing_time}}, once approved, you can use the {{pkw_two}} to stay in the country for up to {{length_of_stay}}.

Our Commitment to Visa Accuracy:

We recognise the importance of precise and trustworthy information for your visa application. That's why we rely on official government sources to provide you with the latest and reliable guidelines.

Government requirements and fees can change at any time. This is why we recommend checking the official website before applying for your visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can easily check the status of your {{pkwv_one}} on the Atlys app:


    Download the Atlys app.


    Visit your profile.


    Choose the visa you have applied for.


    Once you click on the visa, you will see its current status.

You can also check the status of your visa on the official website if you have applied for your Turkey visa on the government portal.

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