How to Apply For Dubai visa from Finland

Last Updated : 24 Jan 2024

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30-Second Summary

Finnish nationals travelling to Dubai must apply for the Dubai visa, enabling them to visit the country for tourism, vacation, and taking it easy..

    The Dubai visa for Finnish can be conveniently submitted online.

    There's no need to submit your passport at your local United Arab Emirates Embassy.

    Upon approval of your Dubai visit visa, you will receive a digital copy for entry into Dubai (no visa stamp required).

    Atlys suggests applying for the Dubai tourist visa at least 2 weeks in advance.

Important Information

Dubai Visa Type:

Dubai Tourist Visa.

Dubai Visa Processing Time:

The Dubai visa processing time time is between 3 - 4 days.

Dubai eVisa Fees & Cost:

The Dubai visa cost is AED 330 for a single entry and AED 1750 for a multiple entry.

Dubai Visa Validity:

The Single-entry and multiple-entry visas are valid for 60 days.

Finnish nationals travelling to Dubai must have a Dubai visa Finland to enter the country. Finnish can easily obtain a Dubai visa online through an authorized visa agent, such as Atlys or your airline.

There are two types of Dubai visa available:

    Single Entry: This allows you to enter Dubai just once and stay for 30 days. It's valid for 60 days and costs AED 330.

    Multiple Entry: With this, you can enter Dubai multiple times, staying up to 30 days each visit. It's valid for 60 days and is priced at AED 1750.

Dubai visa requirements from Finland

    Passport Validity: Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months from your travel date and has two blank pages.

    Return flight tickets: Present proof of your return or onward flight tickets.

    Proof of accommodation in Dubai: Provide your hotel reservation details or an invitation letter if staying with friends or family.

    Financial Proof: Submit bank statements or other documents proving sufficient travel funds.

    Passport-Sized Photos: Two recent passport photos against a white background. Familiarize yourself with the specific photo size requirements for the Dubai visa.

    Travel Insurance: Obtain insurance that covers the entire duration of your stay in Dubai.

You can take pictures of your passport and a selfie (passport-sized photo) using your smartphone camera when you apply through Atlys. These photos will be adjusted and compressed to meet the Dubai tourist visa requirements for a successful appl


How to Apply for a Dubai visa

Let's consider your options for getting your Dubai visa. You can either use Atlys for the Dubai visa online application or through Airlines. Each method has benefits, and we'll explain these to you so you can pick the one that suits you best.

Apply on Atlys

Applying for a Dubai visa from India is easy with Atlys. Here's a simple guide on how to use Atlys's friendly platform for your visa application:

    Begin Your Dubai tourist visa application: Go to Atlys's online portal, start your application, and pick your travel dates.

    Provide Travel Details: Tell us your travel dates and how many people you're applying for.

    Upload Documents: Take a photo of your passport and a selfie using your phone or computer camera and upload them.

    Review Your Application: Take a moment to double-check your Dubai tourist visa application. Our system will also help make sure you haven't missed any important details.

    Pay and Submit Your Dubai visa: Complete your Dubai visa online application by submitting it and paying the Dubai visa application fees with your credit card. After that, all that's left is waiting for approval.

Why Choose Atlys:

    Quick Online Form: To apply for Dubai visa, it only takes about 10 minutes to fill out the application on the Atlys website.

    Upload Easily: You can upload your documents using your phone or computer.

    Refund Promise: If there's a delay in getting your visa, Atlys will give you your money back.

    Track Your Visa: Keep an eye on your visa's status with the Atlys app on your phone.

    Save Your Info: Atlys keeps your details for next time, making it even easier to apply for visas in the future.

Apply Through Your Airline

Each airline has its own process for visa applications, but here's a general guide for most:

    Visit the Airline's Website: Go to your airline's online portal.

    Find the Visa Section: Look for the visa application option on the airline's website.

    Fill Out the Application: Provide all the necessary information on the application form.

    Document Upload: You must upload the required documents like your passport, photo, and flight ticket.

    Check Your Information: Make sure all the details you've entered are accurate before you submit your Dubai visa online application.

    Pay the Dubai visa application fees: Finalize your application by paying the Dubai visiting visa price.

Remember, to apply for Dubai visa easily might not be possible since some airlines do not offer an online application option, so you may need to visit a travel agency in person.

Tips to get your Dubai visa Finland approved:

    Figure out which Dubai visa you need and check if you can apply for it based on where you're from and why you're going.

    Collect all the documents you'll need, such as a good passport for six more months, photos, your travel plan, where you'll stay in Dubai, and proof that you have enough money for your trip.

    Don't wait until the last minute. Send in your Dubai visa online application well before your trip to avoid any rush or problems.

    When you fill in your visa application, make sure all the information is right and matches what's on your travel documents. Mistakes can cause delays or even get your Dubai tourist visa application denied.

Approval Of The Dubai visit visa

Make sure to apply for your Dubai visa at least 2 weeks before your trip, so there's enough time to process it.

The Dubai visa Finland usually gets processed in about 3 - 4 days, but sometimes it might take a bit longer.

Once your visa gets the nod, you'll receive an e-visa in your email, your authorisation for UAE entry.

Dubai E Visa Rules

    Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months from entering Dubai.

    The tourist visa is only for tourism. It can't be used for business, work, or studying.

    The Dubai visa application fees for the Dubai visa online are non-refundable if your application is rejected.

    You must have travel insurance when applying for your Dubai visa Finland.

    Overstaying your visa can result in fines or legal consequences. It's important to leave Dubai before your visa expires or to apply for an extension if needed.

    Incomplete applications or those not meeting the Dubai visa requirements will be rejected.

    You can extend your stay in Dubai with a Dubai visa Finland.

In summary:

A Dubai visa is an official document that allows Finnish to enter and stay in Dubai, which is one of the emirates in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Dubai visa Finland allows you to stay in Dubai for 30 days and different reasons, like tourism, vacation, and taking it easy.. To get a Dubai visa, you need to follow certain rules like having a valid passport and paying a visa price for Dubai. It's an important document that lets you legally visit and stay in Dubai for your chosen purpose.

Our Commitment To Visa Accuracy

We know the importance of having the right and timely details for visa applications. That's why we get our information from the official government sources to provide you with the latest and reliable guidelines:

The Dubai visiting visa price and {{time_kw_one can}} change anytime. Atlys recommends checking the official website of the UAE before starting your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you arrive in Dubai, here's what to expect:


    Immigration Check: You'll go through passport control, where they'll check your passport and visa if needed.


    Baggage Claim: If you have checked luggage, you'll pick it up from the designated area.


    Customs: You may need to declare items at customs. Be honest and follow the rules.


    Security Check: Your carry-on bags may go through another security check.


    Exit: After clearing customs, you can leave the airport.

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