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Application For France Visa From UK | All You Need To Know

Last Updated : 03 May 2024

30-Second Summary

UK citizens planning to visit France don’t need to apply for a France visa from the UK as it comes under a Schengen visa. The UK immigrants need a visa depending on their nationality. 

  • UK immigrants can submit their application for tourist visas online.

  • Once your visa gets approved, France issues a tourist visa stamped directly on your passport.

  • You must submit your passport and biometrics to process your visa.

Important Information

France visa type

France tourist visa

France visa cost

The visa cost for France is € 80 (approximately £68.40).

France visa processing time

The visa processing time is 15 days.

France visa validity

The France visa is valid for 180 days.

Length of stay

You can stay a maximum of 90 days.

Do UK citizens need a visa for France?

No. If you're a UK citizen going to France for tourism or business purposes and want to stay for less than 90 days, you don't need a visa. France allows visa-free entry to UK citizens as it comes under Sechngen country. 

However, if you want to stay more than 90 days in France, you must leave and return, as you cannot extend your visa. 

Do UK immigrants need a visa for France?

You might need a visa if you're a UK immigrant and want to visit France. It depends on where your passport is from. If your country is on the list where you don't need a visa for France from the UK, you're good to go without applying for one.

But if your country isn't on that list, you'll have to get a visa for France before you can go. You can visit the official website to see if you need a visa.

Who is eligible for a France visa?

Individuals who reside and work in the UK but hold a nationality from another country are eligible to apply for a France visa from the UK. Eligibility depends on your nationality, and you can apply accordingly based on your specific circumstances.

For instance, if you were born in India and are currently working in the UK with legal documentation confirming your residency there, your nationality remains Indian. Therefore, you'll need to apply for a visa for France from the UK.

France visa requirements 

When applying for a visa for France from the UK, certain documents will be required to complete your online and offline application forms.

  • Valid Passport: Your passport should be valid for a certain period beyond your intended stay, typically at least three to six months.

  • Passport-sized Photos: Provide two recent ID pictures in ISO/IEC format (PDF).

The embassy or consulate may request additional documents as part of the France visa requirements, which are:

  • Supporting Documents: These will vary based on your situation and plans and may include proof of accommodation, travel itinerary, financial means, and other relevant documents. Documents not in French or English may need to be translated into French.

  • Medical Requirements: Though not explicitly mentioned, some countries may require medical documentation, such as proof of vaccinations.

Visa application jurisdiction

When you apply for a visa for France from the UK, it's important to apply in the right place based on where you live in the UK. 

For a France visa, you must submit your application to the visa application centre (VAC), as the embassy or consulate doesn’t accept direct applications. 

France visa fees for UK immigrants

The France visa fee for the UK is 80 euros (£68.40). Children aged 6 to 18 are charged 40 euros ( £34.2), while minors under 6 can enter for free.

*It is important to note that the visa fees are subject to change, so check the official France visa online website for the most up-to-date information.

France visa application process 

If you're a UK immigrant wanting to apply for a tourist visa to France, you can apply through the government portal. Here are the steps:

How to apply through the government e-visa portal

  • Gather Information: Determine if you need a visa for France and gather the necessary documents. Use the visa wizard to determine requirements and fees.

  • Fill Out Application Form: Complete the online visa application form with accurate information. Upload required documents, including passport-sized photos and supporting documents.

  • Book Appointment: Schedule an appointment with the visa application centre. Allow enough time before your departure date.

  • Submit Application: Attend your appointment with all required documents, including your passport and copies of supporting documents. Pay the visa application fee.

  • Biometric Data Collection: Provide biometric data, including a photo and fingerprints, during your appointment if you are 12 or older.

  • Track Application: Monitor the progress of your visa application through the visa centre's tracking system. Wait for notification regarding the collection of your passport.

  • Collect Passport: Once your visa is processed, collect your passport from the visa centre or receive it via postal service.

Tips to apply

  • Ensure your photo is 45mm x 35mm and saved as a JPEG file, but keep the size under 300kb.

  • Remember, not everything is done online. Keep paper copies of all your documents.

  • Apply for your visa before your trip to have enough time to fix any problems and get your visa on time.

  • After you apply, check your visa status online often to see if you need to do anything else.

Receive your approved France visa for UK immigrant 

Once you've submitted your visa application, you must wait for it to be processed. Make sure to apply for your visa early so there's enough time for processing.

Through the government:

The government won't email you about your visa approval, so you need to check yourself. The embassy will let you know what to do next if it's a sticker visa.

France visa information for UK immigrant 

How to check France visa status

The visa centre where you applied keeps track of your application. So you can ask them for updates on how it's going. You can check France's official website to find out where to apply based on your nationality and area.

However, you can also track your application through the Visa Application Centre (VAC) by providing simple details and following the instructions on the screen. 

France visa processing time

The France visa processing through the government channel can take up to 15 business days, which can be extended up to 45 days. However, in some cases, processing times can be shorter or longer depending on various factors.

France visa validity & length of stay

The France visa validity will be mentioned on your visa once you receive it. With a visa, you stay in the country for 90 days, allowing you to enter the country multiple times, as France is part of the Schengen visa France system.

If you have a short-stay visa, you can stay in Schengen countries for up to 90 days within a 180-day period.

Our commitment to visa accuracy

The information on this blog comes from official government websites, so it's reliable and accurate. But things might change suddenly, so it's good to stay updated.

Government fees and procedures might change. It's a good idea to check the government website again before applying to ensure you have the latest information.

Frequently asked questions

Can I apply for a France visa from the UK?

Yes, you can apply for a France visa from the UK, depending on your nationality. The process involves submitting a French visa application at the French consulate or embassy in the UK. However, please remember that UK citizens can visit France visa-free as it comes under a Schengen visa in France. 

Can I extend my France visa while in the UK?

No, France visas cannot be extended while in the UK. If you need to stay longer in France, you must apply for a visa extension through the appropriate French authorities before your visa expires.

What should I do if my France visa application from the UK is rejected?

If your France visa application UK is rejected, you will receive a refusal letter outlining the reasons. You may appeal the decision within a specified timeframe or reapply with additional supporting documents addressing the concerns raised.

Are there different types of visas for France?

Yes, France offers various visa types, such as tourism, business, work, or study. Apply for a visa that matches your intended stay and activities.

Can I work or study in France with a tourist visa?

No, a tourist visa is typically not suitable for working or studying. For such purposes, you would need a specific work or study visa.

Is travel insurance required for a France Visa?

Yes, travel insurance is generally required for a France visa. While it may not be explicitly mentioned in all cases, having travel insurance is highly recommended and may be requested as part of your visa application process.

Can I travel to other countries with a French visa?

Yes, a French Schengen visa permits travel to other Schengen Area countries. Ensure your visa allows multiple entries and check its duration. Verify their entry requirements for non-Schengen countries and consider separate visas if needed. Always confirm details with the issuing consulate or embassy.

Can I apply for a France visa from the UK if I am a permanent resident but not a citizen?

Yes, as long as you are legally residing in the UK, you can apply for a France visa from the UK. Provide proof of your residency status along with your visa application. But please remember, if you are a UK citizen, you can enter the country without any visa as the UK and France follow the Schengen visa

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