An In-Depth-Guide On Mongolia Visas

The Mongolia visa for Indians is an official document issued by authorities that allows you to enter Mongolia and stay there for a specific period and reason. Without a visa, Indians are not allowed to travel to Mongolia.

You can get a visa for Mongolia online, known as an e-visa, which you can apply for on Atlys or the Mongolia government portal. Another way to apply for your visa is to obtain a physical document visa from the embassy.

Our in-depth guide will provide you with all the details about the Mongolia visa for Indians.

Types Of Mongolia Visas For Indians

Mongolia E-Visa

The Mongolia e-visa is a visa that allows you to visit the country for tourism purposes, such as leisure, sightseeing, or exploring the cultural history of Mongolia.

You can apply for your e-visa at an online portal like Atlys or the Mongolia government portal. With the e-visa, you can stay in Mongolia for up to 30 days; this visa is valid for 150 days.

  • Official name

    Mongolia e-visa.

  • The number of entries

    Single entry.

  • Visa processing time

    3-5 days.

  • Visa fees


  • Length of Stay

    30 days.

Documents Required For A Mongolia E-Vsia

    A valid passport: You will require a passport that is still valid for 6 more months from the day of your application.

    A passport-sized photo: You must submit a passport-sized colour photo taken on a white background, and the photo size needs to be 35mm x 45mm.

    Proof of accommodation: This can be documents such as an invitation letter or hotel bookings.

    Flight itinerary: You will need to provide flight tickets. Based on your flight dates, this will also show how long you plan to stay in the country.

Applying for your Mongolia e-visa

To apply for the Mongolia e-visa, follow these steps:


    Visit the online government portal.


    Select "Apply Now".


    Provide your personal details your passport information, and verify your email.


    Upload the required documents and a passport-sized photo.


    Choose your visit purpose and stay duration, ensuring they match your expected arrival and departure dates.


    Review and confirm all information before clicking "Submit."


    Lastly, pay the Mongolia eVisa fee using a credit or debit card.

Mongolia Visa Price, Processing Times, And Length Of Stay

Mongolia visa Processing time

5 days
5 days
5 days
5 days
7 days
*Transit visa
*Business visa
*Work visa
*Study visa

*Processing Time Additional Information

Note that multiple factors can increase the processing times of Mongolian visas, such as incorrect documents, incomplete documents, and the workload of the embassy.

Ensure you apply for your visa at least 2 weeks before your intended travel date.

Checking Your Mongolia Visa Status

You can check your Mongolia visa for Indians very easily. Let’s look at the different ways of checking your visa status.

If you applied for your Mongolia e-visa on Atlys, then checking your status is super easy:


    Download the Atlys app.


    At the bottom of your screen, choose "Profile".


    In your profile, select the visa that you want to check the status for.


    Lastly, click on the visa and see it's current status.

Here are the steps if you apply on the government portal:


    Go to the Mongolia government portal.


    Choose "Check Status".


    Enter your application ID.


    Enter the Captcha.


    Lastly, click on "Check Visa Status".

If you applied for your visa at the embassy, you will need to contact the embassy to find out your visa status.

Contact number: 91-11-2461-7989.

Email address: delhi@mfa.gov.mn.

Mongolia Visa Fees

MNT 2500
MNT 2500
MNT 2500
MNT 2500
MNT 2500
*Transit visa
*Business visa
*Work visa
*Study visa

*Mongolia Visa Fees Additional Information

The fees provided is the general processing fees for the visa types. When applying for your visa there might be additional visa fees.
Ensure you contact the Mongolia embassy to find out the exact visa fees for your Mongolia visa type.

Visa Fee Questions

Will I get refunded if my visa gets denied?

No, you will not be refunded since the fee covers the processing administration of your visa.

Are there any additional fees when applying for a Mongolia visa?

Yes, depending on the visa type, there might be additional fees when you get to the embassy. So, contact the embassy for the exact fee for your visa type.

Can I pay extra for a faster processing time?

Yes, you can expedite your visa and pay an extra fee to process your visa faster.

How would I pay my visa fees?

Depending on your application method, you can pay for your online visa with a credit or debit card or an approved mobile wallet. If you pay at the embassy, they accept cash or debit/credit card payments.

Mongolia Visa Stay Period

1 month
10 days
3 months
3 months
3 months
Transit visa
Business visa
*Work visa
*Study visa

*Stay Period Additional Information

The Mongolia work and study visa allows for a maximum stay of 90 days at a time. This visa is a multi-entry visa and allows you to stay in the country for no longer than 180 days a year. If you wish to stay longer, then you must apply for a temporary resident visa in Mongolia.

Mongolia Visa extension

The Mongolia visa for Indians can be extended. To extend your visa, you must apply for the extension at least 5 days before your visa expires.

You will need the following Mongolia visa requirements for Indian citizens to apply for the extension at the Immigration Agency:

    Application form.


    1x Passport-sized photo.

    Receipt of payment.

To extend your visa, you will need to:

    Visit the Immigration Agency in Mongolia.

    Submit the required documents.

    Pay the visa fee.

    Wait for your visa to be processed.

    Collect your visa extension.

The fees for the visa extension depend on how long you extend your visa. You can extend your visa for up to 30 days; the extension fee ranges from ₮40 000 to ₮168 800. To find the exact fee for your extension time, visit the Mongolia website.

Address: Ministry of foreign affairs of Mongolia, peace avenue-7a, Ulaanbaatar 14210, Mongolia

Telephone: 70082222

Countries You Can Visit Without A Visa

Mongolian Embassies In India

Embassy of Mongolia in the Republic of India
  • Address: Embassy of Mongolia 34, in Archbishop Makarios Marg, New Delhi -110003, India.

  • Tel: 91-11-2461-7989

  • Email: delhi@mfa.gov.mn

Conclusion And Summary

In the end, we have learned that Mongolia offers multiple different visa types, each with its own fees, stay period, and processing times.

This guide has also provided you with the information to obtain your Mongolia visa with the easiest application method.

To help you with your application process, ensure you have gathered all the required documents beforehand.

If you want the easiest way of applying for your Mongolia e-visa, then be sure to apply for your e-visa on Atlys.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a visa is required for Indians travelling to Mongolia, whether for transit, tourist, or business reasons.

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