Sri Lanka Visa Guide: Requirements, Application, and More

For Indian nationals planning to visit Sri Lanka, a visa is generally required. The visa can be in the form of an official endorsement or stamp on your passport, or it may be issued as an electronic visa, granting you permission to enter and stay in Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lanka visa enables you to legally travel to and enter the country. It will indicate the duration of your allowed stay, the dates of entry and exit, and any other specific conditions relevant to your visa.

Different Types Of Sri Lanka Visa for Indians

Sri Lanka Online Visa

The Sri Lanka Online Visa for Indians is an electronic visa system that allows Indian passport holders to apply for a visa to enter Sri Lanka for tourism purposes. It’s available for Indian passport holders and validates 6 months with a maximum stay of up to 30 days. With the Sri Lanka Online Visa, Indian nationals can apply for their visa through the official website or Atlys.

  • Official Visa Name

    Sri Lanka Online Visa for Indians

  • Number of Entries


  • Visa Processing Time

    3 business days

  • Visa Fees

    $20, which is approximately ₹1,640

  • Length of Stay

    30 Day

Documents Required for the Sri Lanka online visa

    A Valid Passport: Your Indian passport must have a minimum of 6 months validity remaining from the date of your intended departure from Sri Lanka. Additionally, it should have at least 3 blank pages available for visa stamps.

    Travel Insurance: While not compulsory, it is highly advisable to have travel insurance. Travel insurance provides financial coverage in case of emergencies, accidents, or unforeseen circumstances during your trip.

    Proof of Sufficient Finances: You should provide valid bank statements from the last 3 months as evidence that you have enough funds to support yourself financially during your stay in Sri Lanka.

    Evidence of Flight Booking: It is essential to show your flight booking, particularly a confirmed return ticket. This demonstrates that you have planned your departure from Sri Lanka at the end of your trip or before your visa expires. You can easily obtain your flight itinerary on your phone using Atlys or similar services.

How To Apply For Sri Lanka Online Visa?

Obtaining a Sri Lanka visa online visa for Indian citizens is a quick and convenient process that can be completed entirely online.


    Complete the application form.


    Submit required documents electronically.


    Pay the visa fee using a credit or debit card.


    Typically, e-visa results are available within approximately 3 days.


    Upon approval, travellers will receive an email with the ETA, enabling hassle-free travel to Sri Lanka.

Remember to print the e-visa approval for documentation purposes. Atlys provides a simple and easy-to-use visa application process, allowing you to apply for their Sri Lanka ETA online from the convenience of your home.

Sri Lanka visa Price, Processing Time & Length of Stay

Sri Lanka Visa Processing Time

3 days
3 days
3 days
7 days
0 hours
Online Visa
Business Visa
Transit Visa
Golden Visa*
ETA On Arrival*

Additional Sri Lanka Visa Processing Time Information*

    Sri Lanka Golden Visa processing time takes several weeks; the 168 hours is for 1 week, but it may take longer than this.

    Sri Lanka ETA On Arrival, there is no exact processing time; therefore, it is not applicable.

How To Check Visa Status

To check the ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) status for Sri Lanka, follow these steps:

    Visit the Sri Lanka ETA official website: Go to the Sri Lanka Electronic Travel Authorization website. 

    Click on "Check Status": Look for a button or link that says "Check Status" or "Check ETA Status" on the website's homepage. Click on it to proceed.

    Enter your details: You will be prompted to enter certain details to retrieve your ETA status. Enter the confirmation code; if the confirmation code is unknown, please tick the check box. Then enter your passport number, and select nationality.

    Submit: Click on the "Submit" or "Check Status" button.

The website will display the current status of your ETA application. It will indicate whether your ETA has been approved, pending, or rejected.

Visa Fees

USD 20
USD 30
USD 25
USD 2000
Online Visa
Business Visa
Transit Visa
ETA On Arrival
Golden Visa

Visa Fee Questions

Are visa fees refundable if my application is rejected?

The Sri Lanka visa fees are generally non-refundable, even if your application is rejected. The fees are typically paid for the processing of the visa application and are not refundable in case of refusal.

Do children need to pay the same visa fee as adults?

Children of any nationality who are under 12 years of age usually do not need to pay the same visa fee as adults when applying for a visa to Sri Lanka.

Can the visa fee be paid in instalments?

The visa fee is usually required to be paid in full and cannot be paid in instalments. Applicants are generally required to make the full payment of the visa fee at the time of submitting the application, either through electronic payment methods or in cash, as specified by the Sri Lankan authorities.

Can I pay the visa fee in advance?

Visa fees are typically paid at the time of submitting the visa application. In most cases, advance payments are not accepted. The visa fee is required to be paid as part of the application process, either online or in person, depending on the instructions provided by the Sri Lanka authorities.

How can I pay the visa fee?

To pay the visa fee, you will typically have multiple options depending on the country and the specific visa application process. Common methods of payment include online payments.

Length of Stay for Different Visa Types

1 month
1 month
2 days
10 years 2 days
1 month
Online Visa
Business Visa
Transit Visa
Golden Visa
ETA On Arrival

Visa Extentions

Yes, you can extend your short-term visit visa in Sri Lanka for a total of 270 days through three consecutive extensions. Initially, you get a 60-day extension, followed by 90 days on the second and third extensions. To extend your visa for Sri Lanka, visit a Sri Lankan immigration office or use the online e-Visa Extension portal. Applications may be submitted for an extension of up to 6 months.

What factors can affect the processing time of a Sri Lanka visa application?

The processing time of a Sri Lanka visa application can be influenced by various factors. Some of the key factors that can affect the processing time include the type of visa, visa category, volume of applications, completeness of the application, the accuracy of the information, additional security checks, country of application, and embassy or consulate policies.

Countries That Can Get A Free Sri Lanka Visa On Arrival

Sri Lankan Diplomatic and official passport holders can obtain a gratis visa on arrival (free of charge) for certain countries. This applies to both their official and private visits. Similarly, citizens of those countries are also entitled to obtain a gratis visa on arrival in Sri Lanka for their official and private visits to Sri Lanka.

List of Sri Lanka Embassy in India

High Commission of Sri Lanka In New Delhi

Conclusion and Summary

Since Indians need a visa to visit Sri Lanka, understanding the types of visas available, their fees, and the application process is crucial to ensure a hassle-free journey. Sri Lanka offers various visa options, and the type of visa you should apply for when visiting Sri Lanka depends on the purpose of your trip.

If your travel motive is tourism, Atlys offers one of the fastest and most secure ways to get your Sri Lanka tourist visa. We guarantee a swift processing of your Sri Lanka tourist visa, or you'll get a refund.

For any more details on a specific Sri Lanka visa, visit our different blogs for Sri Lanka.

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Frequently Asked Question

If your Tourist ETA application is rejected, you may contact the nearest Sri Lanka Overseas Mission or the Department of Immigration and Emigration for assistance.

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