Everything you need to know about Thailand E-Visa

A Thailand visa is a document that allows you to enter the country for a specific period of time. The Thailand visa allows Indian citizens to visit Thailand for tourism, business, or other purposes. You can get this visa online, through the Thai Embassy, or through Atlys.

Thailand has announced that Indians can enter the country visa-free. Indian tourists can travel to Thailand without a visa from the 10th of November, 2023, till May 2024.

This guide will take you through everything you need to know about the Thailand visa for Indians.

Different Types of Thailand Visas for Indians

E-Visa on arrival

The e-visa on arrival is an electronic visa you can get before arriving in Thailand. This is also known as a pre-approved visa. You can apply for the pre-approved visa online and receive a visa at the airport that’s valid for 30 days.

  • Official Visa Name:

    Thailand e Visa on Arrival (eVOA)

  • Number of entries:

    Single Entry

  • Processing Time

    The Thai eVOA processing time is around 24–72 hours.

  • Visa Fees

    2500 TBH

  • Length of Stay

    15 Days

Documents Required for the Thailand E Visa on Arrival

    Copy of your passport cover page: The copy must be digital, and everything must be clearly visible.

    Scanned copy of your passport bio page: Refers to the page in your passport with your photo and your information. You need to ensure that the information is clearly visible.

    Flight tickets: You must provide proof of booked return flight tickets to show you plan to leave the country.

    Proof of accommodation: This can include your invitation letter if you’re staying with friends or family or your hotel booking.

    Passport size photo: Your passport photo must be recent and 4x6 cm. Learn more about the Thailand visa photo size.

How to apply for a Thailand e Visa On Arrival


    First, collect all the required documents as listed above.


    Complete the visa application form and upload the required documents on Atlys or the online portal (this is the only place you can apply for the e-visa on arrival).


    Once you’re sure everything is correct, you can submit your application.


    Next, you need to wait for processing for your pre-approved visa on arrival.


    Then, once you disembark from your flight, you need to go to the e-visa on-arrival desk to receive your valid visa.

Read our detailed Thailand eVOA blog to learn the exact steps and requirements of the eVOA.

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Thailand Processing time, Length of Stay and Visa Fees

Thailand Processing Times

2 hours
3 days
4 days
6 days
14 days
Visa on Arrival
E Visa on Arrival
Tourist (Sticker) Visa
Business Visa
Student Visa

How to Check Your Thailand Visa Status on Atlys:

If you've applied for Atlys to get your visa, you can quickly check the status of your visa through the Atlys app.


    Open the Atlys app.


    Go to "My Documents" to find your visa.


    Click on your visa to see its current status.

If you applied for your visa through a Thai Embassy, you can contact the Embassy to check your visa status.

Visa Fees

THB 2500
THB 2000
THB 1000
THB 2000
THB 2000
Thailand E Visa On Arrival
Thailand Visa on Arrival
Thailand Sticker Visa
Thailand Business Visa
Thailand Student Visa

Visa Fee Questions

Will I get a refund if my visa is rejected?

No, you won’t. Visa fees are non refundable.

How can I pay my visa fee?

If you apply for your visa online, you can pay the visa fee online. However, if you don’t apply online, you have to pay your visa fee in person in cash or with a card.

Can I pay my visa fee in cash?

If you apply online, no. However, if you apply at the Embassy you might be able to pay the visa fee in cash.

Length of Stay for Different Visa Types

1 month
15 days
3 months
3 months
3 months
E-Visa on Arrival
Visa on Arrival
Sticker Visa
Business Visa
Student Visa

Visa Extentions

You can extend your Thailand standard tourist visa by visiting the Office of Immigration Bureau. You must extend your visa before your current visa expires. If you stay in Thailand longer than your visa permits, you can receive fines or be deported and banned from entering the country for a specified period of time.

Address: Government Center B, Chaengwattana Soi 7, Laksi, Bangkok 10210

Telephone: 0-2141-9889 

Countries That DO NOT Need a Visa to Travel

Sri Lanka

List of Thailand Embassies in India

Royal Thai Embassy In New Delhi
Royal Thai Consulate In Mumbai

Conclusion and Summary

There are different types of Thailand visas for Indians.

The visa you need to apply for will depend on the reason for your trip. Each Thailand visa type has different visa processing times, requirements, and costs. Therefore, it's important to check your visa requirements before travelling to Thailand from India.

If you're travelling to Thailand for tourism, Atlys is the fastest way you can get your visa. We guarantee that your Thailand tourist visa will be processed on time or your money back.

Government Sources:

Visa information can be complex and confusing. Atlys strives to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information about Thailand visa information. Unfortunately, visa regulations can change without notice. For the latest visa information on the Thailand visa requirements for Indians, you can visit the following government sources:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is. This visa is issued to Indian nationals who wish to enter Thailand to transit through the country to get to a third country.

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