10 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Applying For Malaysia Visa From India

Last Updated : 04-Sept-2023

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30-Second Summary

Afraid of making a mistake when applying for your Malaysia visa for Indians? Well, in this blog, we will go through 10 of the most common things you need to look out for when applying for your Malaysia visa.

Some of the things to consider when applying for your Malaysia visa are:

    Where do I apply for my visa?

    Do I have all the required documents?

    Is my visa photo size correct?

    Am I applying for the correct type of visa?

    Did I double-check everything?

Continue reading to get more detailed information on the above-mentioned considerations and more.

Worried that your Malaysia visa application will get rejected?

Or wanna know what mistakes you can avoid when submitting your Malaysia visa from India?

Lucky for you, you have landed on the right blogs. After reading this blog, you will know what to do to ensure you get your Malaysia visa in no time:

1. Don't Know Where To Apply For Malaysia Visa For Indians!

If you want to experience a seamless and effortless visa application process, use Atlys.

Unlike most services, you do not need to log onto your computer or laptop to apply for your visa. Instead, you can download the app and apply for the Malaysia eVisa straight from your phone.

You also get onboarded on what you must do when applying for your visa on the app. It will give you 0 trouble when filling out the form or making your payment.

2. Do You Have All The Required Documents?

Before you can even start applying for your Malaysia visa for Indians, you will need all the documents.

And depending on your visa type, these documents will differ, and you might need additional documents too.

Also, did you know one incorrect document can result in your visa getting rejected?

So, if you are applying for your Malaysia eVisa or tourist visa, I suggest you use Atlys to make sure you have everything you need.

From your hotel itinerary to your flight itinerary and your visa photo, Atlys will take care of everything!

Also, if you are thinking of applying for the Malaysia visa on arrival for Indians, remember to carry all the required documents with you on your trip!

If you are unsure of what you need, I suggest you read our articles on Malaysia visa for Indians. You will find information on exactly what documents are required depending on your visa type.

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3. Did You Check Your Passport?

When applying for your Malaysia visa for Indians, ensure your passport meets the validity requirements.

'What do I mean by that?'

I mean to say that if your passport is valid for less than 6 months, your visa cannot be approved. So check if your passport is valid and the expiry date is not too close.

So, if your passport is about to expire, remember to renew it before you apply for your visa!

Lastly, check that there are two or more blank pages in your passport.

4. Is Your Visa Photo Size Correct?

I am sure when applying for your Malaysia visa; the visa photo is the last thing on your mind.

But let me tell you, the incorrect visa photo size or format could mean your application can get denied.

So before applying for your visa, make sure you know the Malaysia visa photo size, such as the width should be 35 mm and height should be 50 mm.

Or, best of all, I recommend using Atlys's free visa photo tool to ensure you meet all the specifications. You can take your photo directly on the app, and the tool will corp and adjust your photo automatically to meet the requirements.

5. Are You Applying For The Correct Visa Type?

There are so many different visa types available that it can get confusing on which one you need. Some of the visa types include:

So when applying for your Malaysia visa from India, make sure you know if you need a single or multiple entry visa. Or whether you need a Malysia eNTRI visa or Malysia eVisa for tourism purposes.

Also, did you know that you can apply for your Malaysia visa online on Atlys in a few simple steps?

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6. Is The Visa Application Form Filled Out Correctly?

Ensuring the visa application form is filled out correctly and truthfully should be the priority.

A slight mistake in your application, such as incorrect passport details, spelling mistakes, or incorrect date, could mean your visa application will be rejected instantly.

This means that the passport or travel document details must match your visa application form.

To avoid these mistakes, I advise applying for your visa on Atlys. Because when applying for your Malaysia eVisa on Alys, you only need to scan your passport.

Welcome to Malaysia seal, stamped in passport, custom office, travelling abroad.

7. Do You Have Enough Funds?

Depending on how you have applied for your visa, you might or might not need proof of funds. For example, if you apply online, you might not have to show proof of funds.

However, the immigration officers can also ask you to show proof of funds at the entry point in Malaysia. This you could do by showing that you have enough cash in USD or Malaysian Ringgit on your credit or debit card.

So remember to have at least USD 500 or INR 40,000 with you when applying in the form of bank statements or when traveling to the country.

8. Did You Double Check Everything?

Always double-check all the information that you are providing in your visa application.

This is not limited to checking the visa application form. It means ensuring your passport, visa photo, and supporting documents, such as bank statements, travel itinerary, etc., are correct.

Double checking also helps identify if you have mismatched any information or missed a spot to fill out in the form. Or if something is missing in your application pack.

9. Couldn't Pay The Malaysia Visa Fees?

There are quite a few issues when applying for your Malaysia visa fees. This is especially the case when you try to pay visa fees online.

We even have a detailed blog explaining the Malaysia eVisa issues you might experience when applying for your visa.

And if you cannot pay your visa fees successfully or experience issues, it could result in complications in your visa application. Or even worse, it could get rejected.

The simplest solution to this is to easily apply and pay for Malaysia visa fees on Atlys!

10. Is It Too Late To Apply?

Some people leave their visa application at the last moment.

In many cases, this could mean that you will not get your visa on time or your visa application is denied if your travel date is too soon.

To avoid this, make sure you have applied for your Malaysia visa for Indians well before your travel date.

Also, understand that even though the website might say that the visa processing time is 2 to 7 working days. In some cases, it could take longer.

So, apply for your Malaysia visa at least two weeks before your intended travel date on Atlys.

There You Go!

Well, now you know what people do when applying for their Malaysia visa from India. And you can avoid all these mistakes to ensure your visa application is successful on the first try!

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