Armenia Visa Processing Time In India 2023

Last Updated : 20-Nov-2023

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30-Second Summary

When applying for an Armenia visa the Armenia visa processing time vary based on the visa type you are applying for. Here are some of the common visa types and their processing times:

    21 Day E-Visa: 3 Days.

    120-Day E-Visa: 3 Days.

    60-Day Visit Visa: 10 Days.

    120-Day Visit Visa: 10 Days.

    Transit Visa: 10 Days.

    And more.

Source: Armenia Embassy in India.

*Please note that visa times can change without warning due to different reasons like current visa applications and new rules.

Armenia Visa Types And Factors Affecting Processing Times

Armenia 21-Day E-Visa | 3 Days

Indians can apply for an Armenia electronic visa. This convenient option allows you to apply for and obtain a visa online without visiting an embassy. The 21-day e-visa can be used for tourism, business trips or other short-term visits.

The Armenia e-visa processing time takes about 3 days. However, some factors, such as incorrect documents, missing documents, or peak travel seasons, can increase the Armenia visa processing time.

Armenia 120-Day E-Visa | 3 Days

Armenia also offers an e-visa that allows you to visit for 120 days. This e-visa is a long-term visa allowing you to conduct business activities, study or visit friends or family in Armenia. The 120-day e-visa is only available as a single entry visa. 

The e-visa takes about 3 days to be processed. Various factors, such as missing documents, inaccurate information, and peak travel seasons, can affect the processing time.

Armenia 60-Day Visit Visa | 10 Days

The 60-day visit visa is a multiple-entry visa valid for 6 months. This visa can be used for various purposes, such as tourism, business, or medical. To apply for a multi-entry visa, you must apply at the embassy. 

The Armenia visa processing time of the 60-day visit visa is 10 days. But, factors such as missing documents or the complexity of the application can increase this time.

Armenia 120-Day Visit Visa | 10 Days

Armenia also offers Indians to get a 120-day visit visa for multiple entries. This visa is valid for 1-year and is mainly used as a work visa or a study visa. The 120-day multi-entry visa can only be applied for at an embassy. 

The processing time for this visa takes about 10 days. However, certain factors, like incorrect documents, lack of documents, and the complexity of the application, can increase the processing time.

Armenia Transit Visa | 10 Days

Indian nationals who travel through Armenia and want to use the country as a layover can do so with an Armenia transit visa. The transit visa can be either a single or multiple-entry visa and allows a stay period of 3 days. When applying for the multiple-entry transit visa, your visa will be valid for 1 year. 

The Armenia visa processing time takes about 10 days to process the transit visa. Certain factors, including incorrect documents and peak travel seasons, can delay the processing of your visa.

Armenia Temporary Resident Card | 30 Days

Indians who own a business, work, or study in Armenia must have a residency card to live there. The temporary resident card must be applied for in Armenia. After the application, your residency card will take about 30 days to process. This time can take longer if there are missing or incorrect documents provided.

Armenia Work Permit | 14 Days

Suppose you are an Indian national with a contract to work in Armenia. In that case, your employer must apply for an Armenia work permit at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MLSA). The permit allows you to legally work in Armenia. 

The Armenia work visa processing time takes about 14 days. This time might take longer, depending on the workload of the ministry.

Step-By-Step Visa Application Timeline For The Armenia Visas

Now that you have seen the Armenia visa processing time for each visa. Let’s look at the time it will take to complete the visa application process. Remember, this is only a guide, and each application will vary.

Gather Your Documents | 1-7 Days

The first step in any application will be to gather the required documents. Depending on your reason for travel, the documents might vary.

This step is crucial since any incorrect information or missing documents can delay the processing of your visa, or worse, your visa can get rejected.

When applying for your Armenia visa, the online portal allows you to provide additional documents. These documents are not always required. However, having additional documents can ensure that your visa gets processed smoothly.

Complete The Application | 10 Minutes

When you apply for your visa at the embassy, you must complete the application form online. The application form can be found on the Armenia government website, where you can complete and print it. 

When you apply for the Armenia e-visa, you will complete the application form online as part of the full application.

Pay The Visa Fee | 5 Minutes

Before submitting your application, you must first pay the Armenia visa fees.

If you apply at the embassy, you will pay the visa fees online using the Armenia payment system. Once you have paid the fees, you can print your receipt and keep it to show proof of payment.

If you apply for the e-visa, you will pay the fee on the government e-visa portal before submitting.

Submit Your Application | 1-2 Hours

Once you have paid the Armenia visa fees, you must take your application form and all your documents to submit your application at the embassy. The time this step takes will vary based on the embassy's workload and the visa type you apply for.

If you apply for the e-visa, you will submit your application online with all the supporting documents. 

Once your visa application gets submitted, your visa will start to be processed.

Note: In some cases, the embassy can ask for an interview. This is generally not required, but if the application is complicated or the offices find it necessary, they will ask for an interview.

Visa Processing | 3 To 30 Days

The Armenia visa processing will start once you have submitted your application.

The time it takes varies depending on your visa type and where you apply. Generally, e-visa applications take 3 days to process, whereas embassy visas take about 10 days to process.

Various factors can increase your visa processing time, including incorrect documents, peak travel seasons, and the workload of the embassy.

To ensure a hassle-free application, make sure all your documents are correct and completed accurately.

Visa Outcome | Depends on the processing time

When your visa gets approved, you can collect it from the embassy, or if you applied for the e-visa, you will receive it via email.

Note that if your visa gets denied, the embassy will not provide you with any reasons why your visa was rejected. 

When you reapply for your visa, ensure that the documents you provide are accurate and filled in completely.

Checking Your Armenia Visa Status

When you have completed your visa application, you can see your Armenia visa status by doing a visa status check. Here are the steps to see your Armenia e-visa status:


    Click on “Check Application Status”.


    Provide your application ID.


    Enter the captcha.


    Click “Check Visa Status”.

You will receive the application ID when you complete the online application.

To check your visa status when applying through the embassy, you can contact them and inquire about your visa status.

Here are the embassy details in India:

New Delhi at Armenia Street D-133, Anand Niketan, New Delhi-110021, India.

Contact: (+91-11) 2411 2851 / (+91 11) 46025958

Email: armindiaembassy@mfa.am

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Frequently asked questions

Applying for your visa at least 10 days before travelling to Armenia is advised. This will provide sufficient time for your visa to be processed.

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