Guide to the Australia Business Visa for Indians 2023

Last Updated : 05-Oct-2023

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30-Second Summary

Indian nationals travelling to Australia must apply for an Australia business visa which allows you to visit for business purposes.

    You can complete the application online.

    Australia business visa doesn’t require you to submit your passport offline.

    Once your visa is approved, you will get a digital copy that you can use to enter the country (no visa stamp needed).

    The Australia business visa requires a copy of your passport, proof of business-related activity, and more.

Atlys does not provide this visa.

Important Information

Is a Visa Required?

Yes, you need a visa in order to enter the country.

Visa Processing Type

The Australia business visa is online application.

Australia Business Visa Validity

The visa validity is 3, 6, or 12 months.

Lenght Of Stay

Your visa will show how long you can stay.

Australia Visa Cost

The visa cost is 190 AUD.

Australia Visa Processing Time

90% of applications are processed in 14 working days.

Do Indians Require A Business Visa For Australia?

Yes, Indians planning to visit Australia for business purposes need a Business visa for Australia from India. A business visitor stream visa in Australia (Subclass 600) allows people to travel to Australia for business purposes.

It is designed for people who are not eligible for an ETA or eVisitor visa and want to visit Australia for business purposes, such as attending meetings, conferences, or negotiating business deals.

This visa is suitable for people who want to make a short-term business visit to Australia and stay for up to three, six, or twelve months.

When getting a Business Visa for Australia, don't forget about your family's well-being and plans. If you're moving to Australia for business and want to bring your spouse, kids, or other dependents, you should check out a dependent visa for Australia from India choices.

What Is The Eligibility Of The Business Visitor Stream Visa?

The eligibility criteria for this visa include:

    Genuine business purpose: The applicant must have a genuine reason for visiting Australia for business purposes and thus be a genuine visitor.

    Intention to return: The applicant must have a genuine intention to return to their home country after the visit.

    Financial capacity: The applicant must have sufficient funds to cover their expenses during their stay in Australia.

    Good character: The applicant must have good character and no criminal convictions.

    Health requirements: The applicant must meet the health requirements set by the Australian government.

    No work: The applicant cannot work for an Australian organization or be paid by an Australian organization.

    Stay duration: The applicant can stay for up to three, six, or twelve months, depending on the visa they apply for.

    No Australian debts: If you owe money to the Australian government, you must pay it off or set up a payment plan before you can apply for a Business Visitor Stream Visa.

Business Visa Requirements For Australia

You need certain travel documents when applying for your Australia business visa. Some Australian business visa requirements typically required include:

    Valid passport: The applicant must have a valid original passport that is valid for the duration of their stay in Australia.

    Proof of business activities: The applicant must provide evidence of their business activities in Australia, such as an invitation letter from an Australian organization, conference registration, evidence of prior contact with Australian businesses, or meeting agenda.

    Proof of financial capacity: The applicant must provide evidence of their financial capacity to cover their expenses during their stay in Australia, such as bank statements or income tax returns.

    Health insurance: The applicant must provide evidence of health insurance coverage for their entire stay in Australia.

    Character certificate: The applicant must provide a character certificate that proves they have a good character and no criminal history.

    Return flight tickets: The applicant must provide proof of their return flight tickets or evidence of their intention to leave Australia at the end of their stay.

    Additional documents: Depending on the applicant's specific circumstances, additional documents such as employment letters or business licenses may be required.

    Passport photo: You need one passport photo that meets the Australian photo requirements. The Australia visa photo size must be 45mm high x 35mm wide.

    Identity documents: You must provide your national identity card.

    Birth certificate: If you are under 18, you should provide a copy of your birth certificate showing the names of both parents.

How To Apply For An Australia Business Visa From India?

You can apply for your Australian business visa online through the Australian government portal. To apply, just follow this easy step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Gather The Required Documents

Collect all the necessary documents for the Australia visa application form, and be aware that additional supporting documents may be necessary, depending on the applicant's travel circumstances.

Step 2: Register an ImmiAccount

Register an ImmiAccount. This has to be done before your Australia visa online application can begin.

Screenshot of the online application process for the Australia business visa.

Step 3: Submit A New Australia Business Visa Application

After registering an account with ImmiAccount, start a new application. Under new applications, choose the drop-down ‘Visitor’ and then ‘Visitor Visa 600’.

Typically, if your family is travelling with you for your business trip, you will need to make a separate Australian tourist visa - tourist stream application for each person in your family.

Screenshot of the application process for the business visa for Australia

Step 4: Fill In The Application Form And Upload Supporting Documents

Start your Australia visa online application. You will be required to provide personal details such as your country of residence, travel dates, passport details, and the purpose of your visit. Additionally, you will need to upload all the necessary documents as requested.

Step 5: Pay The Visa Fee

You will need to pay the visa fee by credit card or debit card. Your application will not be processed until you have made the payment.

Step 6: Submit The Application

After completing the Australia business visa application online form, the applicant can submit it online. It is crucial to verify that all the information provided is accurate and complete before submitting the application. In some cases, the applicant may need to attend an interview at the nearest embassy.

If an interview is required, the embassy will contact the applicant via email with all the necessary details.

Step 7: Wait For Processing

An Australia visa check can be done online by logging into their ImmiAccount using their application ID.

Overview Of The Australian Business Visa (Subclass 600)

This section gives an in-depth explanation of the Australian Business visa for Indians - we will specifically focus on the Tourist Visa (Subclass 600) - Business Visitor Stream for this post.

What Are The Types Of Australian Business Visas for Indians?

There are two types of Business Visitor Visas available for Indian business professionals in Australia:

    Short-term Business Visitor Visa: This visa is suitable for individuals who plan to visit Australia for up to 3 months for business activities.

    Long-term Business Visitor Visa: This visa is suitable for individuals who plan to visit Australia for more than 3 months for business activities.

There are different types of Business visas, such as temporary business visas and also investment visas. You can also see more information on the different short-term and long-term business visa types in the FAQ section.

What Is The Cost Of The Australia Business Visa for Indians?

The Australia Business Visa cost is as follows:

    Visitor visa (subclass 600) Business Visitor stream: AUD 190 (approximately ₹ 10500)

You might have to pay extra money for health checks, police certificates, and biometrics as part of your visa application process. The ₹ price is due to the current exchange rate in Aug 2023; the price can fluctuate.

What Is The Processing Time Of The Business Visa To Australia?

When planning to go to Australia for various purposes, including business, investment, or tourism, it's essential to understand the processing times for Australian visas.

Here are the Australia business visa processing times:

    25% of applications: 2 Working days

    50% of applications: 6 Working days

    75% of applications: 9 Working days

    90% of applications: 14 Working days

The time it takes to process Australian visas can differ, and a few things can affect it. These factors include:

    Changes in rules,

    How many people are applying,

    Whether your application is complete and accurate.

The good news is you can keep an eye on your visa status in Australia application progress while you wait. This helps you stay informed about where it's at in the process.

How Long Can I Stay With A Business Visa For Australia From India?

Typically, a stay period of 3 months is granted for the Business Visitor Stream Visa, though in specific circumstances, a stay of up to 12 months may be granted.

However, if you wish to stay in Australia for a longer duration or permanently, you will need to apply for a visa that permits a longer stay.

What Is The Arrival Process In Australia?

When you arrive in Australia with a business visa, here's what you can generally expect at the immigration:


    Questioning: The immigration officer may ask you some questions. These can include the purpose of your visit, where you'll be staying, and who you'll be meeting. Always answer honestly and be prepared to provide details about your business activities in Australia.


    Document Check: You should have your passport, visa approval (if it's not electronically linked to your passport), and any other relevant documents ready. This can include your business itinerary, invitation letters, or conference details.


    Baggage Scan: Like any other traveller, your luggage might be scanned or checked. Be sure you're not carrying anything that's prohibited in Australia.


    Duration of Stay: Remember, a business visa has a limit on how long you can stay. Make sure you don't overstay. If asked, be clear about your departure date.


    Conditions of the Visa: Be aware of the conditions of your business visa. For instance, you're there for business-related activities and not for employment. Violating visa conditions can lead to penalties or bans on future travel to Australia.


    Bio-metrics: Some travellers might be asked for fingerprints or a facial scan, especially if it's their first time visiting.


    Health and Quarantine: Australia has strict quarantine laws to protect its unique environment. You may be asked about your recent travels and if you're carrying any food, plant material, or animal products. Make sure to declare if you have any such items.

All done!

In conclusion, obtaining a Business Visitor Stream Visa (Subclass 600) is essential for Indian business professionals who want to visit Australia for short-term business purposes.

This comprehensive guide covered the eligibility criteria, application process, required documents, and processing times for the business visa to Australia from India.

You are now ready to enter Australia for business purposes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some common visa types of short-term business visa categories:

    Business Tourist Visa: This visa is suitable for individuals who want to visit a foreign country for business activities such as attending meetings, conferences, and negotiations.

    Short-term Work Visa: This visa is suitable for individuals who want to work in a foreign country for a short period, typically up to six months.

    Temporary Visa Skill Shortage: This visa is suitable for individuals who want to work in a skilled occupation in a foreign country for up to four years.

    Intra-Company Transfer Visa: This visa is suitable for individuals who want to work for a foreign branch of the same company they work for in their home country.

    Investor Visa: This visa is suitable for individuals who want to invest in a foreign country and manage their investment from that country.

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