Checking Your Bangladesh Visa Status | In Easy Steps

Last Updated : 11-Sept-2023

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30-Second Summary

Once you have applied for your Bangladesh visa, you can easily check your visa status online.

    If you applied on Atlys, you can do a status check on the Atlys app.

    When you apply at an embassy, you can see your visa status online through the government portal.

When you apply for your Bangladesh tourist visa on Atlys, you will receive updates about your visa to ensure you stay current with your visa processing.

Do you also have the temptation to find out what is happening with your visa after you finish the application? Well, now, you can quickly and easily see your Bangladesh visa status online to minimise that temptation.

Let’s jump into details to see how this is done!

What Do You Require To Do A Bangladesh Visa Check?

Checking your Bangladesh visa status has never been easier. There is no need to do a Bangladesh visa check by passport number. Instead, all you need is the following documents:

    Application ID.


You will have received the application ID and password when you have completed the online application form.

How To Do A Bangladesh Visa Check

There are a few ways of doing a Bangladesh visa application status check, depending on where you applied. Let’s look at the different methods of seeing your visa status.

When you have applied for your Bangladesh visa at Atlys, you can follow these steps to do a status check:


    Download the Atlys app.


    Go to your profile.


    Select the visa you want to see the status for.


    There, you will be able to see what your visa status is.

That’s it: four easy steps to see your visa status on Atlys!

If you completed your Bangladesh visa application form on the government site, then you can follow these easy steps to see your Bangladesh visa status:


    In the menu bar, click on “View Status”.


    There, you will need to provide your application ID and password.


    Enter the captcha.


    Click “Login” to see your visa status.

If you can’t see your visa status online, you can contact one of the following embassies in India for an update on your visa processing.

With all the excitement creeping up after applying for your visa, there are multiple reasons to do a visa status check. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits:

    Better Planning: Checking your visa status helps you plan your travel better by staying updated on when your visa is expected to be ready.

    Peach Of Mind: Seeing your visa being processed and moving to the next step gives you peace of mind that there is progress with your visa.

    Application Errors: If there are any errors on your application, then doing a status check will help you see these errors, allowing you to fix the errors and prevent further delays.

    Saves Time And Effort: Checking your visa status online is quick and easy. This allows you to see your status multiple times without constantly making inquiries.

Basic Information About the Bangladesh Visa

Next, we will provide some basic information about the Bangladesh visa.

If your visa gets rejected, you will be notified of the reasons for the rejection. You can then correct these problems and reapply for your Bangladesh visa.

Once your visa completes the processing journey and gets approved, there are a few ways that you can receive your visa:

    On Atlys: If you applied for your visa through Atlys, you can find your visa on your Atlys profile.

    At An Embassy: Once your visa is approved, you can pick it up from the embassy or consulate where you submitted your application.

In The End!

Stay up-to-date with your visa by doing a Bangladesh visa status check. With this easy guide, we have seen that doing a visa check has never been simpler. You can do it online through Atlys or the Bangladesh government website.

Now, you are fully equipped to do a Bangladesh visa status check.

Enjoy your adventures!

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Frequently Asked Questions

As an Indian national, you can check your visa status online at Atlys or the government portal.

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