Dubai Sponsorship Visa For Indians 2023

Last Updated : 08-Oct-2023

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30-Second Summary

The Dubai sponsor visa allows Indians to live, work, and study in Dubai under the sponsorship of a UAE-based employer or resident. There is a variety of Dubai sponsorship visas, such as:

    UAE Resident Visa through Employment: Companies sponsoring Indians to live and work in Dubai.

    UAE Investor Visa or Partner Visa: Indians owning a company or investments in the UAE can get a UAE investor visa and sponsor their family members to live in the UAE.

    UAE Resident Visa through Family Sponsorship: Someone living in Dubai who wants to sponsor their family member to live in Dubai.

    UAE Resident Visa for Domestic Workers in UAE: Sponsoring domestic workers to work and live there.

    UAE Resident Visa for Students: Sponsoring students wanting to learn in the UAE.

Important Information

Dubai Sponsorship Visa Fee

The fee is from AED 250 to AED 3450, depending on the visa type.

Processing Time

The Dubai sponsor visa usually takes 60 days to be processed.

Dubai Sponsorship Visa Validity Period

The validity period is up to 3 years, depending on the type of visa.

The phrase "visa sponsor" generally refers to someone who pays all the costs for those travelling abroad but does not have an income certificate. Many nations need information on UAE visa applicants or students who are not employed or covering their travel costs.

So, those paying the costs are referred to as sponsors. If you're considering travelling abroad but aren't a pensioner, farmer, or employee on a payroll, you'll need a sponsor.

Can Indians Get A Sponsor Visa Dubai?

Yes. Indians are eligible for a sponsorship visa if they adhere to the eligibility criteria.

Foreign residents can sponsor their families to live in the UAE if they have a valid residency permit or visa.

    The sponsor must earn a monthly salary requirement of 4,000 or 3,000 AED per month plus housing.

    Male and female family members who are to be sponsored and are at least 18 years old must undergo a medical fitness test at a government-approved health center and pass them at UAE health facilities that have been approved.

Eligibility For Dubai Sponsorship Visa

Employers and employees with valid residence visas can be the ones to sponsor family members for residence visas. In specific circumstances approved by the ICP, a mother may sponsor her kids.

After the family members' entry permit, the resident sponsor has 60 days to apply for their residence visa. Regardless of the sponsor's visa validity, a resident can sponsor his parents, and the residence visa will be issued yearly.

Sponsoring Wife And Kids

Suppose an expatriate resident meets the sponsorship criteria listed above. In that case, he may sponsor his wife and children. The expatriate resident must provide an attested marriage certificate in Arabic or one that has been properly translated into Arabic by a qualified translator to sponsor the wife.

Sponsoring Daughters

With no age limits, an expatriate resident can only sponsor his daughter(s) if she(they) is (are) unmarried.

Sponsoring Sons

Up until the age of 18, either a man or woman resident may sponsor his/her son(s). There are no age restrictions on sponsorship in UAE for Sons of Determination (kids with special needs). The age limit extends up to 21 years old, given that a sponsoring parent submits proof of education.

Sponsoring Newborns

To avoid fines for infants born in the UAE, a residency visa must be requested within 120 days of the child's birth.

Sponsor Stepchildren

Subject to the GDRFA's requirements, which include a deposit for each child and a written no-objection certificate from the biological parent, a foreign resident may sponsor his stepchildren. Their visas for permanent residency are renewable annually and valid for up to two years.

Sponsoring Your Parents

By submitting a deposit as a guarantee for each parent, as required by the relevant immigration authority, an expatriate employee can sponsor his parents for a year's stay. An expatriate worker is not permitted to sponsor just one of his parents. He must jointly sponsor both parents. Also, he must prove that he is their sole support and that they have no one to look after them at home.

Official documents supporting the need to sponsor only one parent are required if one of the parents has passed away or if the parents are divorced.

The employed expatriate resident must obtain a medical insurance policy for parents with the minimum coverage required. Requirements include a minimum salary certificate of Dh10,000 and proof of a two-bedroom accommodation.

Residence Visa For A Parent, Kid, and Spouse Who Are UAE Nationals

A foreign passport having a spouse, parent, or child of a UAE citizen may apply for a 5-year residency visa without first needing to find a job there. Here, the sponsor must be a national of the United Arab Emirates.

Without needing to find work in the UAE, a foreign widow or divorcee who is the mother of a UAE national can get a residence visa. In this situation, the oldest child will act as the sponsor.

UAE Sponsor Visa Requirements 2023

These are the generalised documents you require for your Dubai sponsor visa application:

    Copy of the sponsor's passport

    Sponsor's company contract if s/he works in the private sector (GCC citizen)

    Sponsor's monthly salary certificate in case s/he works in a government entity or semi-government entity (GCC citizen)

    Marriage contract attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs in case the husband wants to sponsor his wife.

    Children's accredited birth certificate to sponsor by the parent

    Attested tenancy contract

The following documents are required to sponsor a wife and children

    Application forms, which can be completed online or at a registered typing office,

    Passport copies for the wife and children,

    Photos of the wife and children, and

    Medical clearance certificate for the wife and children older than 18 years.

    An attested marriage certificate,

    A copy of the husband's employment contract or company contract and a salary certificate from the employer stating the husband's monthly salary.

The following documents are required to sponsor a family

    A copy of the valid passport of the sponsored family member.

    Three or more colored passport-size photographs of you and your family members.

    A duly filled application form which can be obtained from typing center.

    A valid copy of the health insurance card.

    A copy of the front and back of the Emirates ID Card of the person sponsoring.

    A copy of the passport of the person sponsoring.

    A copy of the UAE residence visa of the person sponsoring.

    A copy of the work contract for the sponsor is needed with proof of meeting the minimum salary requirement or salary certificate.

    Proof of accommodation in the form of a lease contract or title deed.

    Or a registered tenancy contract or home ownership contract in the sponsor's name. However, if the wife is a sponsor and the contract is in the husband's name, then a copy of the husband's Emirates ID card must be attached to the contract and any additional documents.

    A copy of the Health Examination Test Result from a government-approved health center is also needed.

    Make sure you also have attested to your marriage certificate.

    And attested to the children's birth certificates.

Have a look at the Dubai Family Visa for more detailed information.

How To Apply For Sponsor Visa In UAE?

The foreign employer or employee who is sponsoring the visa must first apply for an entry permit to enter the UAE before they can submit an application for a UAE family residence visa.

The UAE family visa must be applied for on behalf of your family members once they have arrived in the country with an entry permit. The offices of the relevant emirate's General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) are where you may submit your family visa application.

Website for GDRFA

    Visit the webpage.

    Open a new user account (in case there is no account).

    Choose the necessary service.

    Include the necessary documentation.

    Pay the visa fees.

    Send your application in.

Through AMER Service Center

    Visit an AMER service center.

    Tell the receptionist what service you need.

    Hand over the necessary documents to the service representative.

    Pay the visa fees.

    Send your application in.

Overview Of The Sponsorship Visas

This section covers everything extra you might want to know about sponsor visas in Dubai.

Types of sponsorship visas

There are several residency visas that fall under the sponsored visa in Dubai. Here are the types of sponsor visas in UAE:

UAE Resident Visa through Employment (UAE Employment Visa)

If a foreign national works there legally, they need a resident visa to live and work. The visa will be sponsored by the employer. The employer may be a UAE mainland corporation, a company from a free zone, or a UAE government agency.

UAE Investor Visa or Partner Visa

Foreign nationals who own a firm, hold stock in an existing organization or are ex-pats who want to start their own business in the UAE are eligible for a company investor visa. The firm investor visa is extendable for a further three years. In addition, the bearer of this visa can sponsor his or her family members' visas and live and work legally in the UAE.

UAE Resident Visa through Family Sponsorship

A foreign individual who has successfully obtained a UAE resident visa may sponsor their family members for the same visa.

UAE Resident Visa for Domestic Workers in UAE

A resident of the UAE or a national of the UAE may hire a domestic helper on their own behalf. Housemaids, babysitters, cooks, private drivers, housekeepers, and other domestic workers fall into this group. The domestic worker needs a resident visa to work lawfully in the UAE.

UAE Resident Visa for Students

To enroll in a university, an international student who wants to study in the UAE must apply for a resident visa. The sponsorship in UAE for students is good for a year and can be extended each year for as long as the student is enrolled in the university's program.

What Are The Sponsorship Visa Processing Times?

Usually, Dubai visas can take up to 60 days or more. Ensure you stay updated on the visa processing time for your application. You’ll receive an email and an SMS message with the application's status if:

If there are any missing documents from the application, you’ll be advised that they must be attached within 30 days, after which the application will be cancelled if they are not. You will be informed of the approval and get the approved application via email if there are no missing documents.

What Are The Sponsorship Visa Fees?

    A collection commission of AED 20 is added per transaction by the Commercial Bank of Dubai.

    A collection commission is added: AED 50 for companies and AED 15 for individuals / Emirates Company.

In case the application is submitted through AMER Centers, a fee of AED 100 will be added.

Can The Dubai Sponsor Visa Be Extended?

Yes. Some of these visa types can be extended before the visa expires.

Sponsorship Obligations

If you are employed by a company in the UAE, that company will serve as your visa sponsor in UAE. In addition, you would be the sponsor for your wife's and children's UAE visas if you already have a visa, such as an investor visa or an employment visa. Therefore, you apply for visas for them under that visa.

    In specific circumstances approved by the ICP, a mother may sponsor her kids.

    After dependents enter the UAE with an entry permit, the resident sponsor has 60 days to apply for their UAE residence visa.

    Regardless of the sponsor's visa validity, a resident can sponsor his parents, and the residence visa will be issued yearly.

    A residency visa will not be issued to those who are medically unfit.

    Residents with quiet or inactive pulmonary tuberculosis are also considered medically fit and given a one-year "Health Fitness Certificate for Residence," subject to treatment and follow-up by the relevant health authority.


Lastly, prepare all the required documents in advance to ensure a smooth process while applying for your spouse's UAE residence visa.

We know how time-consuming applying for a visa can be, from rushing to gather the proper documents required to ensure you satisfy all entrance requirements. Fortunately, the process is simplified with Atlys, and you can expect a hassle-free experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The UAE family visa is a type of residency visa that must be applied for on behalf of your family members after they have already arrived in the United Arab Emirates with entry permission. The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) offices in the relevant emirate are where you can submit your family visa application.

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