Dubai Visa Extension: New Rules 2023


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With the introduction of a new entry and residence system, the UAE has taken another step toward becoming the best location for work, investment, entrepreneurship, education, and living, leading to people applying for the dubai visa extension.

Dubai (UAE) now has a new visa extension rule that requires travelers to leave to extend their visas. The Dubai visit visa is renewable for a maximum of two times, which will be a maximum period of 60 days extension. You can do the Dubai Visa extension for approximately INR 13,450 or AED 600.

Remember that you have to plan an extension accordingly to get it done a few days before your visa expires. Let's dive into it:

Benefits Of Dubai Visa Extension

Tourists can reap the benefits of a system that allows them to change their visa status on the same day or travel to one of the UAE's neighbors while waiting for their new visas. But, unfortunately, you cannot use an airline to apply for the same-day change; only a travel agency can.

Most likely, you're visiting friends or family, on vacation, or working as a foreigner in Dubai. However, things can change, which may lead you to extend your trip or change the status of your stay. Here is where the benefit of this visa service is put to use.

Documents Required For A Dubai Visa Extension

Here are the mandatory documents required for a Dubai Visa Extension Visa

  • A passport copy: The passport must have at least two blank pages and be valid for at least six months from the date of return to India. Scanned copies of the first and last visa pages on your passport
  • A scanned copy of your color passport-size photo taken on a white background
  • Sponsor's documents (such as copies of passport, Emirates ID, contact information, bank statement, etc.) will be required (only if applicable).
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UAE Visa Extension New Rules - 2023

The UAE has suspended the ability for travelers with visit visas to renew their documents from within the nation.

  • The new rules, which took effect in December 2022, restrict the extension of visit visas from within the nation and require that visitors who want to remain longer must leave the country and return.
  • The extension or renewal of a UAE visa inside the country is no longer allowed due to the new rules, which took effect on December 22, 2022, and are still in effect in 2023.
  • You can extend your Dubai Visa on Arrival without leaving the United Arab Emirates.
  • Overstayers are required to pay INR 2,240 (100 AED) per day in addition to INR 2,240 (100 AED) service costs paid at the border crossing point if they remain in the country after their tourist visa has expired.

Steps To Apply For Dubai Visa Extension Online

The entry permit for tourism allows you, as the holder, can stay inside the country for 30 days, and you can extend twice for each period of 30 days. The same travel company that processed your Dubai tourist visa from India must be used to extend your visa.

It is advised that you get in touch with your travel agent and ask them to arrange for you to get a Dubai visa extension. Your Dubai evisa will be processed online and delivered directly to your email inbox. But You can also apply for a Dubai visa extension online.

So here is how you can apply for the dubai visa extension online.

If you select the passport or travel document option, be sure to enter the information for the passport or travel document from which the visa was granted.

  • Select the Unified number
  • Enter Passport number/document number
  • Choose Passport/document type: Choose the type of document you have. You’ll get the different documents type
  • Enter Date of Birth: Enter the date of birth as stated in your passport
  • Enter Current nationality: enter your current nationality, the one on your passport.

Then, to get visa information click the search button.

Dubai Visa Extention Fees

The Dubai Visa Extension of entry permit (for tourism) is INR 13,450 (600 AED). This includes the request fee of INR 2,240 (100 AED) and the Issuance fee of INR 11,210 (500 AED). You'll have to use a Credit card as the Payment method.

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Why Choose Atlys For Your Dubai Visa?

Have you ever noticed that filling out a visa application is hard and time-consuming? You question whether you'll ever get the Dubai tourist visa because of small mistakes, missing documents, and websites that keep malfunctioning.

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You can download the Atlys app, search for the UAE, and start your Application immediately.

All done.

This blog covered everything about the Dubai visa extension. Now you know how you can extend your stay in Dubai and the benefits of extension. Happy Traveling!

Written By: Mable Chidi

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Same Day Visa Change?

To change or extend an existing UAE tourist visa to a new UAE tourist visa on the same day, consumers must use a same-day visa changing service.

What Is The Process To Apply For The Same Day Visa Change?

They fly out on the same day, wait in the airport of the next country, and then take a later flight to return.

When And Where Can I Pay My Overstay Fine?

A tourist or visitor who overstays their welcome will be charged a fine that must be paid at the immigration offices or the airport upon departure.

How Many Days Can We Stay In UAE After Visa Expiry?

After the residency permit is canceled or expires, UAE citizens are given more grace periods of up to 6 months to continue living there.

Overstaying in dubai is not allowed. You'll pay fines. The ICP has standardized the overstaying fines in the UAE. The new rules set the daily fee for overstaying a visit, tourist, or residency visa at AED 50 (AED 50 per day instead of AED 25).

For travel-related reasons, you may have to renew your residence visa for one to six months more quickly than usual. To do this, you must first get special permission and approval from ICP.

How Much Is The Visa Extension Fee In Dubai?

The Dubai visa extension is INR 13,450 (AED 600) each time you extend your visa.

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