Dubai Visa Photo Size - Your Guide to Perfect Photos (2023)

Last Updated : 04-Sept-2023

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30-Second Summary

As an Indian citizen, you will require a Dubai visa to visit the country. To apply for a dubai visa, you will need a visa photo that meets all the Dubai visa photo requirements.

These requirements include:

    Size: 4.3cm x 5.5cm.

    Amount: You need 2 photos when applying at an embassy.

    Background: Your photo background needs to be white.

    Clarity: Your eyes and face must be visible, with no blur spots.

In the blog, we will discuss facial expressions, lighting, and glasses or head coverings for your visa photo.

Indian citizens can apply for a visa to Dubai in so many ways. But one thing that does not change is the Dubai visa photo size 2023. So let me not waste any of your time with the introduction, and let us dive straight into the Dubai visa photo size requirements 2023.

Where Can I Take A Photo For My UAE Visa In India?

Getting a passport photo that meets the photo size requirements is simple but requires some effort. Here are some practical ways to get your Dubai visa photo:

    Get your photo at a photo vendor in shopping centers and malls,

    Ask family and friends to take a photo using your smartphone. You can then print a color copy at a printing store or at your home. Your photo must meet the requirements in this blog.

Specific Information of the UAE Visa Photo Size 2023

Having the correct UAE visa photo size is extremely important, as the incorrect size could lead to the visa application getting rejected. Next, we'll give a detailed overview of each specific photo requirement.

Format And Dimensions For Dubai Visa Photo For Indians

The photo size for the UAE visa must be 4.3 cm x 5.5 cm for a standard Dubai visa online. And have dimensions of at least 300 pixels x 369 pixels (height x width).

In addition, your professional photo must show your entire head and the head size must be from the top of your hair to the bottom of your chin.

Your head height should fill up to 70% to 80% of the photo size. The photograph must be printed on photographic paper and not on normal paper. Your head must be in the center of the photograph and clearly visible.

If you decide to apply for a Dubai visa online, your photograph must be in PDF, PNG, or JPEG format.

Additionally, the uploaded Dubai visa photo size should not exceed 4MB, and the minimum file dimension should be 600x600 pixels.

Lighting, Focus, And Contrast For A United Arab Emirates Photo

The lighting should be clear in the photo, and there must be no shadows on your face. The contrast should not look hazy, dark, or overly bright.

To get the best result, position yourself in the center of the frame with your face and shoulders clearly visible. Look directly into the camera with a neutral expression, and ensure that your features are clearly visible.

Background And Quality For UAE Visa Photo For Indians

For all the visa photos, your face must be in the center, and no visible objects or marks are in the background. The background should be clear and either plain white or off-white in color.

Ensure there are no obstacles or objects in front of or behind you. The photo should be good quality and clear. The photo print should not look grainy, hazy, or dark in any way. Additionally, try to wear clothes of a different color than the background.

With the Atlys photo tool, you don't need to worry about the background, as it generates a white background for your Dubai photo with the photo tool software.

Facial Expressions For A UAE Visa Photo

You must have your eyes open, and no teeth should be visible. You can slightly smile or have a neutral expression on your face. Additionally, your head orientation is important.

The applicant's head should be in the center of the photograph looking directly at the camera. The eyes and facial features should be visible, and no hair should fall on the applicant's face.

Face directly toward the camera and make sure your eyes are open.

Resolution For Dubai Visa Photo For Indians

As mentioned, the photo size for the UAE visa must be 4.3 cm x 5.5 cm and have dimensions of at least 300 pixels in width and 369 pixels in height. In addition, the photo size must also be high-quality, with a minimum of 300 dpi.

With the Atlys photo tool, you'll get the dimensions or picture pixels to meet the required specification every time.

Glasses Or Head Covering For UAE Visa Photo For Indians

The UAE visa photo requirements for glasses or head covering are:

    Eyeglasses must not have a visible camera flash on the lens.

    The applicant's eyes should be open and visible.

    Spectacles should not cover the applicant's eyes, and there should be no red eyes.

    Headgear or hats are generally not allowed except for religious reasons.

    Religious head coverings are allowed, but they should not cover the applicant's face.

    Applicants who always wear white for religious purposes can take photos against a light blue background.

Dubai Visa Photo For Children

A child or baby's Dubai photo should meet all the visa photo requirements for adults. However, there are some liberties with children's photographs. For example, the child should have their picture taken on a baby chair or floor so that there are no hands or visible objects in the frame.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

    The child's photo background must be white or off-white.

    The child's toys or pacifiers should not be visible in the photo.

    Ensure that the child has eyes open and mouth closed in the photo.

    Make sure the child's head is in the center of the photo.

    The full face of the child should be visible in the photo.

What Are The Reasons For UAE Visa Photo Rejections

The photo can get rejected for many reasons. Additionally, the Dubai embassy has the right to request you provide new or different photos. Some of the reasons could be:

    Cannot see the face and eyes of the applicant

    The applicant is not looking directly at the camera

    The photograph is cropped out or cut from a different photo

    The applicant's mouth is open, or teeth are visible

    The applicant's face is visible less than 70-80%

    The photograph is not clear, or the quality is not good

    The photograph is printed on normal paper and not on photographic paper

    The photograph is not within the required borders

    The background is not of the correct color

    You have sunglasses, a hat, or a cap in the photograph

    The photograph has marks on it

    There is an object obstructing the visibility of the applicant's face

That's All About The UAE Visa Photo

I hope this blog has been helpful to you in capturing the perfect biometric photo and assisted you in understanding the Dubai visa photo size.

With the help of this, you are ready to apply for a visa. For more information on the visa, read our UAE articles on various topics.

And if you need help planning your trip and don't know what to do while in Dubai, check out these amazing Dubai tour packages to make the most out of your trip!

Happy Traveling!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Indian citizens who wish to go to Dubai for tourism or other purposes will need a visa to enter the country. Fortunately, there are many ways to get a visa.

Some Indian citizens are also eligible for a Dubai visa on arrival for Indians. Indians also have the option to apply for several visas in many different ways.

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