Dubai Work Visa For Indians: Easy Application Process

Last Updated : 30-Oct-2023

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30-Second Summary

The Dubai work visa, also known as the UAE Employment Visa, It allows Indians to live and legally work in Dubai for a specific company or organization.

To obtain a Dubai work visa, the applicant needs to have a valid job offer from a UAE employer. The sponsoring employer initiates the visa application process by submitting relevant documents to the UAE authorities.

There are 3 categories on the Dubai work visa. Here they are:

    Category 1: If you have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

    Category 2: If you have a diploma after finishing high school. It can be in any field.

    Category 3: If you have completed high school and have a high school diploma.

Continue reading the blog for more information on the Dubai work visa for Indians.

Important Information

Is a Visa Required?

Yes, Indian nationals wanting to work in Dubai need a Dubai work visa.

Dubai Work Visa Fee

Depending on the type of work visa, the fee ranges from AED 250 to AED 3,450

Processing Time

The Dubai work visa takes about 5-7 days to be processed.

Dubai Work Visa Validity

The Dubai work visa can be valid for up to 3 years.

So, you want to pursue your career in the United Arab Emirates; in that case, you must first get your Dubai work visa. If you prefer to work from home, the Visa for Remote Work in the UAE is more for you.

We’ll go in-depth on this topic, but first, let's discuss some important information:

For more detailed information, keep reading the blog.

What Is A Dubai Work Visa For Indian Citizens?

A Dubai work visa, also known as a UAE work visa, is a document issued by the UAE government that permits Indian citizens to work in Dubai or any other Emirate in the UAE. Indian citizens need to have a work visa to work in Dubai legally.

To obtain a Dubai work visa, you must first have a job offer from a UAE employer who will sponsor the visa application. The employer will request the necessary documents and apply for the work permit on behalf of the employee.

Once the work permit is approved, you can travel to Dubai and start working.

The UAE work permit is valid for 60 days, and you must apply for a UAE work visa during that period. Once you get it, the Dubai work visa is valid for up to three years.

It can be renewed if the employee wishes to continue working in Dubai. It is crucial to note that the visa is only valid for the specific job and employer mentioned in the application.

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Eligibility And Visa Requirements For UAE Work Visa

Indian nationals who wish to obtain a Dubai work visa must meet specific eligibility criteria and have the required documents for visa application. Let's look at them in detail in this section.

Who Can Get A UAE Work Visa From India?

You are eligible for a work visa in Dubai based on your education level. There are three categories based on your level of education. Here they are:

    Category 1: If you have a bachelor's degree or higher.

    Category 2: If you have a diploma after finishing high school. It can be in any field.

    Category 3: If you have completed high school and have a high school diploma.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria For a Dubai Work Visa?

If you wish to obtain a Dubai work visa, then you must meet certain eligibility criteria. These criteria include:

    Having a valid passport with at least six months validity remaining.

    Being of legal age, which is 18 years or above.

    Having a job offer from a UAE employer who will act as a sponsor for the visa application.

    Passing a medical examination ensures the individual has no contagious diseases.

    Having a clean criminal record and providing a police clearance certificate.

    Must not have any existing valid work permit or labour card from another company. If the worker already has a work permit from another company, they must cancel it before applying for a new one.

    Must have the required qualifications and experience to perform the job they are being hired for and fit with the firm's activity.

    The UAE government only approves visa applications from sponsoring companies with valid licenses and no legal issues.

    The ministry requires a bank guarantee amounting to AED 3,000 for each sponsored employee.

Note that the eligibility criteria may vary depending on the type of visa being applied for, and there may be additional requirements depending on the individual's circumstances.

What Are The UAE Work Visa Requirements For Indian Citizens?

Before you start your application, you must meet the requirements for a Dubai work visa for Indians. To meet these requirements, you must have the following documents:

    A valid passport: It must have at least 6 months of validity from the time you enter the country.

    Passport Size Photograph: Your recent passport-size photograph on a white background.

    Academic qualifications: This is to show that you have the right skills for the job. It needs to be checked by the UAE's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and certified.

    A copy of the business or trade license: It is like a special permission slip for the company to hire you.

    Employment Contract: Have three copies of the employment contract.

    An eSignature card of the firm: It is a digital signature to show that it has the cardholder's personal data.

    A letter of approval for certain jobs: If you are a doctor, pharmacist, nurse, or teacher, you need a letter from a specific authority relating to your field of work that says it's okay for you to work in Dubai.

    Medical Certificate: You must undergo medical tests in the UAE to confirm you have no health-related issues.

    Health Insurance: Your employer will be able to assist you with health insurance.

Please note that all the Dubai or UAE visa applications must be filled in in Arabic, and an employment contract or your contract or job offer from the employer in UAE.

What Are The Dubai Work Medical Visa Requirements?

As part of the medical test you take when applying for the residency permit, you must take blood tests and an x-ray. So you might be wondering why you need to take a medical screening. The medical screening ensures that you do not carry any spreadable disease and are fit to work in the UAE.

When applying for a UAE visa, it's crucial to complete the necessary medical tests for a UAE visa in India at UAE-approved clinics. You must be tested and vaccinated against the following at UAE-approved clinics:

    HIV and AIDS screening

    Pulmonary tuberculosis



    Hepatitis B

    Hepatitis C

    Pregnancy Test (for females)

Dubai Work Visa Application Process For Indians

The Dubai work visa application process for obtaining a UAE work permit is slightly difficult. So, let's make it easier to understand in this section:

Apply For The Employment Entry Permit For Indians

The first step is for you to secure your job and get the Dubai entry permit. The entry permit will allow you to travel to Dubai to complete the visa application process and get your valid work visa.

The employer must apply for the visa quota approval on your behalf to start the process of getting a work visa in Dubai. The approval is obtained through the Ministry of Labour (labour card).

Moreover, your employer will submit your employment contract to the Ministry of Labour. You must sign the contract before submission. Finally, the labour ministry will approve the work permit application before issuing the employment entry visa.

Your employer must start the application process for an entry permit on their side. Here is what they can do:

    Login on GDRFAD

    Register as a new user account (if you are a first-time user).

    Or enter your login details.

    Select the employment entry permit.

    Attach the required documents.

    Pay the employment entry permit fee.

    Submit the employment entry application.

Once the entry permit is granted, it will be valid for 60 days. You must travel to UAE to complete the remaining steps and get the UAE work visa.

Once you enter the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with your Dubai work visa, you get 60 days to get a residence visa and a formal work permit.

Get the Emirates Identity Document, Residence Visa, And Labor Card

After arriving in Dubai, you must complete several important steps within 60 days of entering the country.

Getting The Emirates ID:

First, you must undergo a medical fitness check to ensure you are healthy and can work. Then, you must apply for your Emirates ID; it's a government-issued identification card required for many activities in the UAE, including opening a bank account and signing a lease agreement.

Getting The Labor Card:

In addition to these steps, you must obtain your labour card number from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. The labour card is an important document that confirms the employee's legal status in the UAE and their ability to work for the sponsoring company.

Getting The Residence Visa:

Once all of these requirements have been fulfilled, a resident permit will be stamped on your passport. This permit carries the sponsorship of the sponsoring business entity and allows the employee to legally reside and work in the UAE for a specified period of time.

The length of time the permit is valid depends on the type of visa obtained. Generally, the residence visa in UAE is valid for a year to three years and can be renewed if it expires.

Remember that the sponsoring company is responsible for paying certain fees and providing a bank guarantee for each sponsored employee. If these fees and bank guarantees are not paid within 60 days, the permit will be automatically cancelled. In such cases, the employer must reapply for the work permit and start the process over again.

Things To Know About UAE Work Visa

Now that you know more about the Dubai work visa and its application process, let’s look at additional information you need to know.

What Is The Dubai Work Visa Price For Indians?

The work visa fees for Dubai can range anywhere from AED 250 to AED 3,450 or approximately INR 5,500 to INR 77,000. However, your Dubai work visa will be sponsored by your employer or company in the UAE.

Generally, you do not have to pay any Dubai work visa fees since it’s covered by the organization you work for in Dubai.

Additionally, the visa fees might differ based on the visa types, the UAE Emirate, and the sector you will be working in.

How Much is the Dubai Employment Entry Permit for Indians?

The employment Entry permit for the Government sector through GDRFAD 200 AED or INR 4500.

    A collection commission of AED 20 is added per transaction

    A collection commission is added: AED 50 for companies and AED 15 for individuals.

The employment Entry permit for the private sector through GDRFAD costs 250 AED or INR 5500.

    A collection commission of AED 20 is added per transaction

    A collection commission is added: AED 50 for companies and AED 15 for individuals.

What Is The Dubai Work Permit Processing Time For Indians?

The UAE government doesn't state the Dubai working visa processing time for Indians. However, processing your Dubai entry permit would take approximately 5 to 7 working days.

Then, once you are in the UAE, you can start the application process for your working permit. This should also be done in approximately 5 to 7 working days.

This is because the Dubai entry permit will allow you to enter Dubai and live there for 2 months. Your UAE employer will then complete the other aspects of your application, which will take 60 days to complete.

What Is The Validity Of A Dubai Employment Visa?

The Dubai entry permit will be valid for 60 days from the date of issuance. During this period, you must travel to Dubai and complete the rest of the steps to get your UAE work permit, labour card, and Emirate ID.

Then, once you have your UAE visa, work permit, and Emirates ID, it should be valid for either 1, 2, or 3 years, depending on the visa type.

What Are The Available Types Of UAE Work Permits?

In the UAE, there are different types of work permits that companies can use to hire employees depending on the type of job. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) issues 12 types of work permits to companies registered with them.

1. The first type is for hiring someone from outside the UAE. This means the company can bring someone from another country to work for them.

2. The second type is for transferring a worker from one company to another. If an employee wants to work for a new company but doesn't want to leave the UAE, this permit allows them to do so.

3. The third type is for hiring someone who already lives in the UAE with their family.

4. The fourth type is a temporary work permit, which allows a company to hire someone to work for them for a specific project or period of time.

5. The fifth type is a one-mission work permit, which allows a company to hire someone from another country to complete a specific project for a limited time.

6. The sixth type is a part-time work permit, which allows a company to hire someone for fewer hours than a full-time employee.

7. The seventh type is a juvenile permit, which allows a company to hire someone between the ages of 15 and 18.

8. The eighth type is a student training and employment permit, which allows a company to hire a 15-year-old student who is already in the UAE.

9. The ninth type is a UAE/GCC national permit, which allows a company to hire someone who is a citizen of the UAE or a GCC country.

10. The tenth type is a golden visa holder permit, which allows a company to hire someone who has the UAE's Golden Residence visa.

11. The eleventh type is a national trainee permit, which allows a company to train a UAE citizen.

12. Finally, the twelfth type is a freelance permit for UAE, which is a self-sponsored work permit. This means you can sponsor yourself without being sponsored by a specific employer in the UAE and without having an employment contract.

Other Types Of UAE Visas for Indians

There are many types of UAE visas available for your specific needs and purpose of visit, such as:

Or read our detailed blog on different Dubai visa types for more information.

That's All!

Now, you can travel and work in Dubai! If you have any lingering questions, feel free to look at the Frequently Asked Questions just below this.

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