Egypt Visa On Arrival For Indians | Eligibility & Visa Fees

Last Updated : 20-Sept-2023

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Indian nationals cannot get a visa on arrival in Egypt and must have a valid visa to enter the country.

    Obtaining a visa in advance gives you peace of mind, as you won't have to go through the application process upon arriving in Egypt.

    You can easily apply for your e-visa on Atlys within a few minutes.

Can Indians Get A Visa On Arrival In Egypt?

No. Indian nationals must have a valid visa to enter the country, and unfortunately, most Indians cannot get a visa on arrival.

According to the Egypt Embassy, they encourage all travelers to apply for a tourist visa. No reliable information on visas on arrival Egypt for Indians can be found.

Eligibility Criteria For Egypt Visa On Arrival

According to the Egypt Embassy New Delhi Facebook page, Indian passport holders can get a visa on arrival only if they meet the following eligibility criteria:

    An Indian citizen has a permanent residence permit or a valid long-term resident visa for a Gulf country. This visa should be valid for at least 6 months with a return/onward flight ticket. Also, a confirmed hotel booking to get a VOA at an Egyptian port of entry.

    An Indian tourist group has an Egyptian tour operator organizing the tour trip for them. Then, the Indian tourist group can get an Egypt VOA at an Egyptian port of entry. You will need the Letter of Guarantee provided by the Egyptian tour operator.

However, this is information on a Facebook page, and Atlys always recommends consulting with the official Egypt embassy or consulate to get accurate and up-to-date information on visa requirements and procedures.

There have been cases where eligible Indian travellers faced the unfortunate outcome of being denied their visa on arrival (VOA) at the airport.

As a consequence, they experienced substantial financial losses due to the need to cancel their plans and accommodation reservations. Furthermore, they were subsequently deported from the country.

However, if you do meet the eligibility criteria, Atlys still strongly recommends that Indian nationals get their Egypt visa before their travels.

Egypt Embassy New Delhi Facebook post

Source: Egypt Embassy New Delhi Facebook

How To Apply Seamlessly For A eVisa Through Atlys?

7 out of 10 people need a visa when they travel. Though visas have become a mandatory aspect of travel for billions of people, the visa application process is widely disliked by travelers.

​​It’s really quite simple; all you have to do is:

    First, start your application on the Atlys website

    Select your destination.

    Next, scan your travel documents.

    Lastly, submit your application.

Review about Atlys: 

     Brian: I was done with my second application in 10 seconds. This app will change your life if you are a traveler.

    Richard: Fantastic Service. Will never think twice about how to apply for a visa.

Atlys recommends that Indians rather apply for their Egypt Evisa.

What Are The Egypt Visa Available For Indians?

Applying for your visa before your travels removes any fear of not having the right documents or meeting the eligibility of the VOA. The Egypt visa on arrival for Indian passport is a riskier option.

Since it isn't clear that there is a VOA, Atlys suggests rather than getting your visa before your travels.

Since it isn't clear that there is a VOA, Atlys suggests rather than getting your visa before your travels, the tourism options are:

The Evisa for Egypt from India is a convenient and efficient electronic travel authorization that allows individuals to visit Egypt for tourism-related activities only. Instead of a traditional paper visa, this e-visa will be electronically delivered to you via email, making the application process streamlined and hassle-free.

The Tourist visa from India is available for Indian nationals and shares similarities with the e visa for Egypt. However, the application process differs, requiring you to submit your visa application in person at an Embassy. This visa category is specifically designed for individuals who wish to travel to Egypt for tourism-related purposes, which may include visiting friends, reuniting with family, or simply enjoying a vacation.

Moving on to the Business visa for Egypt for Indian citizens, this category allows for travel to Egypt primarily for business activities, such as attending meetings, conferences, or other professional engagements. It's important to note that while on a business visa, individuals are not permitted to work in Egypt.

The Transit Visa for Egypt for Indian passport holders serves a different purpose. This visa category is specifically tailored to travellers who have layovers or stopovers in Egypt while en route to a third country. It permits them to transit through Egypt, including passing through the country's immigration area, before continuing their journey to their final destination.

Travel To Egypt!

Now you know exactly how to get your Egypt visa on arrival for Indian citizens and can travel without worries. You can focus more on packing and getting ready for your trip than on your visa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A visa on arrival for Indians in Egypt also known as a VOA, is a visa you don't need to apply for ahead of time.

This visa can be obtained directly from the Egyptian airport. To apply for an Egypt on arrival visa for Indian citizens, you must have all the necessary documents.

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