Egypt Visa Processing Time For Indians

Last Updated : 07-Sept-2023

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30-Second Summary

When applying for your Egypt visa, the processing time will vary depending on the visa type. Here are some of the Egypt visa processing times:

    Egypt E Visa: 3 Days

    Egypt Tourist Visa: 3-15 Days

    Study Permit: 8 weeks

    Work Permit: 1 month

    Temporary Resident Visa: 1 month

Source: Republic of Egypt Online Portal

*Please note that visa times can change without warning due to different reasons like current visa applications and new rules.

Egypt Visa Types and Factors Affecting Processing Time

This visa allows you to travel to Egypt for leisure and tourism purposes. You can receive a multiple entry visa or a single entry visa. Both visas have a validity and stay period of 30 days. Indian nationals can apply for this visa through Atlys with an Egypt e visa processing time of 5 days for the single entry visa and 4 days for the multiple entry visa.

This visa is the same as the e visa. However, you apply for this visa at an Embassy and not online. If you do apply for your visa at an Embassy, there are a few factors that can influence the Egypt visa processing time. Some of these factors can include missing documents, incorrect information on your application form, or a high volume of visa applications.

Step-by-Step Visa Application Timeline

Let’s discuss the visa application process step-by-step. Please note that some of the steps might be a bit different depending on the type of visa you apply for.

Before you start with the documents you need to determine which visa type suits you and familiarize yourself with the visa requirements. Gathering the documents before you start your application is crucial. This gives you time to make sure you have everything and that all the documents meet the requirements. If you fail to provide the necessary documents it could delay the Egypt visa processing time or it could cause visa rejection.

The application form can take minutes or days to complete depending on the type of visa you apply for. Make sure that you double-check the information. If you provide any incorrect or outdated information, the processing time will be delayed.

Checking Visa Status

Here are some ways to check your Egypt visa status:

    Atlys: Atlys will send you up-to-date information on the status of your visa via the registered email or phone number. You can also check your Egypt visa status on the online portal.

    Online: If you applied for an e-visa, you can check your visa status on the website you used to apply. You’ll need your reference number and email.

    Email: You can email the Embassy where you applied for your visa to find out about the status of your Egypt visa.

Here are some steps you can follow to check your visa status:


    Go to the website or app you used to apply for your visa.


    Enter your reference number, passport number, or any other information they might ask.


    Then, just click to get the status of your visa.

Expedited Visa Application

If you want to get your visa two times faster than the normal Egypt visa processing time, use Atlys! Our exclusive visa service offers a fast-tracked visa application process with a step-by-step guide. So what are you waiting for? Apply with Atlys and skip the long wait! 

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Frequently Asked Question

Yes, you can. You can apply for a single entry or multiple entry Egypt e visa through the Atlys app or through the online portal.

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