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Last Updated : 24-Oct-2023

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30-Second Summary

Once you have applied for your visa, you can check your visa status online in a few steps.

    Visit the Georgia government website.

    Go to "Common Electronic Register of Applications".

    Enter your serial number and release date.

    Click Submit to see your visa status.

On Atlys you can check your visa status using the Atlys app.

Are you excited about your Georgia visa and want to see what the status of your visa is? Well, look no further. We will go through the Georgia visa tracking process and see what possible statuses you might receive.

Let’s Go!

What is a Georgia Visa Check?

Completing a Georgia visa tracking lets you see your visa’s current status. This means you can see if your visa is still being processed, got approved, denied, or requires additional documents.

Since the application for most Georgian visas is online, you can check the visa status for most types of visas online, such as:

What Do I Require To Do A Georgia Visa Check Online?

Here is the information you will require to do a visa check. The details will vary based on where you apply for your visa.

    Serial number.

    Release Date.

    Reference number.

    Date of birth.

Note: You will receive the serial number, release date, and reference number after completing the online application.

Steps To Check Your Georgia Visa Online

The steps to do a Georgia visa status check online depend on where you apply for your visa. Let’s look at the different methods of checking your Georgia visa status:

Doing A Georgia Visa Tracking Through Atlys

Once you apply for a visa on Atlys, you can do a Georgia e-visa check to see your visa status:


    Download the Atlys app.


    At the bottom of your screen, click on “Profile”.


    Click on the visa that you applied for to see its current status.

Checking Your Georgia Visa Status Through The Government Website

When you apply for your visa through the government website, you can use the following steps to see your visa status:


    Scroll down to the section “Electronic Register”.


    Click on “Common Electronic Register of Applications”. 


    Provide your serial number.


    Provide the release date required.


    Lastly, click “Search” to see your visa status.

Step to check your Georgia visa status online.

Georgia Visa Tracking Through A Visa Application Centre

You can also check your visa status when you have applied through an application centre:


    Firstly, go to the website of the application centre.


    Look for the option of “Track your application”.


    Provide the required details, such as a reference number and date of birth.


    Click submit to see your visa status.

What Are The Possible Visa Updates

The update you will receive depends on where you have applied. Here are the general updates you will see when doing a visa check:

    In Progress: Your visa application has been received and is currently being processed to see if your visa can be approved.

    Pending: This might be that your visa application requires additional documents or is temporarily on hold.

    Approved: Approved means your visa has been granted, and you will either receive it via email or you can go and collect it from the Georgian embassy.

    Rejected: A rejected or denied status means your visa is not approved.

What Are The Benefits Of Doing A Status Check?

Now that we have seen how to check your visa status let’s look at why it is important to know the status of your visa:

    Provides you peace of mind: Seeing a change in your visa status allows you to see progress with your visa.

    Limit Delays: Sometimes, additional documents might be required, which will be stated in your visa status. With this information, you can submit the required documents and allow your visa to continue its processing. 

    Travel Planning: It allows you to plan your travel, accommodation, and arrival times around the start date of your visa.

Additional Information About Georgia Visas

Next, we will go through various details regarding the Georgia visas for Indians:

What Should I Do If My Visa Gets Rejected?

If your visa gets rejected, you will be notified of the reasons for the rejection. This allows you to fix the reasons and reapply for your Georgian visa.

What Can Cause My Visa To Be Rejected?

The reason for a visa rejection depends on each applicant. Here are some of the common reasons that can cause your visa to be rejected:

    Incorrect Documents: Providing documents with false or incorrect documents can cause your visa to be denied.

    Missing Documents: Your visa might be rejected if you do not provide all the required documents.

    Lack Of Funds: Not having enough funds to cover your stay in Georgia can cause your visa to be denied.

    Criminal Record: The immigration offices can deny your visa if you have a criminal record with a serious offence.

    Previous Overstay: If you have a record of overstaying your visa in Georgia or another country, your visa can be rejected.

How Will I Receive My Visa Once It Gets Approved?

The method of receiving your visa depends on where you have applied. Here are the possible ways you will receive your visa:

    Atlys: Once your visa gets approved, you will receive an email with your approved e-visa.

    Government Channel: Once your visa gets approved, you will collect it from the embassy or application centre or receive it via post. The method will depend on your choice when applying for your visa.

    Application Centre: When you apply for an e-visa, you will receive your visa via email. Other visa types will require you to collect it from the application centre.

All Done

Well done. Now, you can check your visa status in a few easy steps. By doing a successful Georgia visa tracking, you can see the current status of your visa and plan accordingly.

Enjoy your travel to Georgia!

Government Sources

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can do a visa status check online using Atlys or the government portal.

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