Greece Visa for Indians: Requirement, Fees & How to Apply

Last Updated : 18 Apr 2024

30-Second Summary

Indian citizens require a tourist visa for Greece for tourism purposes.

  • The process for a Greece visa application can be done through VAC.

  • In-person submission of valid travel documents and passports is necessary.

  • Upon approval, the visa will be stamped onto your passport.

While securing a Greece Schengen visa appointment can be long, Atlys offers expedited services to help you obtain a faster appointment.

Important Information

Type Of Visa

Greece Schengen Visa

Visa Fees

The fee for a Greece visa is € 80 (approximately ₹ 7,185).

Visa Validity

The Greece visa remains valid for 180 days from the date of issuance.

Length of Stay

The tourist visa for Greece allows you to stay up to 90 days.

If you're from India and planning a trip to Greece, you need to obtain a Tourist Visa first. This visa, also known as the Schengen Visa, allows you to engage in tourism and business activities around the Schengen area. However, if your visit doesn't fall under tourism or business, you'll need a different type of visa. The Greece visa for Indians remains valid for 90 days within every 180-day period.

So, keep this in mind as you plan your trip!

What Are The Required Documents For The Greece Schengen Visa?

Try our visa eligibility quiz to determine your visa eligibility for any country. Here are the documents you'll need to submit to the Embassy:

  • Application form: A duly completed Greece Visa For Indians Application form is to be filled out online, downloaded, printed and signed.

  • Passport photo: One passport photo of yourself. It must meet the requirements set out by the Greek government.

  • Valid passport: A valid passport or travel document with at least two blank pages. It must be valid for 3 months after the end of your trip and be issued no later than 10 years ago.

  • Schengen Travel Insurance: It should provide a minimum coverage of EUR 30,000 and is valid for the entire travel duration. The travel insurance must cover the entire Schengen area and not just Greece. Also, Travel insurance must cover all COVID-19-related health emergencies.

  • Proof of accommodation: This can be private accommodation, a rental agreement, hotel reservations, etc., but it has to cover the duration of the whole stay and all the Schengen countries you plan to visit other than Greece. If you have booked a packaged tour, attach a detailed travel itinerary.

  • Proof of financial funds: The proof of financial funds should include a cover letter as well as a bank statement of the last 3 months, stamped and signed by your bank manager, a copy of the Income Tax Department Return + ITR V acknowledgement of the previous financial year, and a signed and stamped leave permission from your employer.

  • Proof of employment: stamped and dated, containing contact information (address, email, telephone number) as well as name, position, and signature of the countersigning officer. The letter must state the name and position of the applicant, salary, years of employment/studies, and approval of absence/position after leave.

  • Return flight ticket: A return flight ticket that proves you plan to return to your home country.

  • Cover letter: A cover letter explaining the purpose of your trip, what you plan to do, and when you'll return home. Basically, it just proves the purpose of your trip.

  • Additional documents: The are additional documents that you might need depending on your situation, such as a No Objection Certificate, a Business license in India, a Certificate of Registration of the Company, Proof of Employment, and a marriage certificate.

Greece Visa Application through Atlys

Atlys helps Indians get a quick Greece visa appointment, usually in just 15 days. This means you don't have to wait for the usual one-year appointment delay, offering a fast and convenient solution for Schengen visas.

  1. 1

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  2. 2

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  3. 3

    Review Your Plans: We check your travel plans, where you live, and your work background, as well as your passport photo.

  4. 4

    Effortless Visa Appointment: Atlys takes care of everything, finding and securing the best Greece visa appointment in India for you.

  5. 5

    Complete Checklist: Receive a detailed checklist to prepare you well for your Greece visa appointment.

Enjoy a smooth journey with Atlys – making your Greece visa process simple and stress-free.

Why Choose Atlys's Schengen Visa Service:

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from expert assistance and insights throughout your visa application process.

  • Efficiency with WhatsApp: Connect instantly with visa experts through WhatsApp for quick and reliable support.

  • Tailored Advice: Receive personalized visa advice customized for your specific travel plans.

  • Appointment Assurance: Enjoy the guarantee of a Greece tourist visa appointment from Atlys or receive a refund.

  • Smooth Insurance Assistance: Let Atlys help you seamlessly obtain the necessary travel insurance for a worry-free journey.

Greece visa Application through Government Channels

The visa application process for a Greece visa from India includes the following steps:

  1. 1

    Collect The Required Documents: Start collecting the required documents first. It's the most time-consuming part of the process. Doing this first will allow you to leave enough time for unexpected delays, such as collecting an incorrect document, finding accommodation, etc.

  2. 2

    Complete The Schengen Visa Application Form: You must complete the Greece Tourist Visa for Indians Application Form. Remember, all the information you provide must be correct and accurate. Keep your passport close when filling out your visa application form. Always refer to your passport when entering your personal details. Any Schengen visa application mistakes will result in visa rejection.

  3. 3

    Schedule Your Greece Visa Appointment: After you've determined where you need to apply, you must schedule a Greece visa appointment. Next, you must create an account (if you don't have one already) and choose the Visa Application Center closest to you.

  4. 4

    Attend Your Visa Appointment: When you have a visa appointment, visit the visa centre on time. It's good to arrive 30 minutes early in case it's busy. Bring all your documents with you. The visa officer will check your papers and may ask you a few questions. Be honest when you answer. After the interview, you must give your fingerprints and a photo. But if you've been to the Schengen Area in the last 59 months, you don't need to provide this information.

  5. 5

    Receive Feedback From The Embassy: The only thing left to do now is wait for your visa to be processed. As mentioned, this can take between 15 - 30 days. After it's processed, you'll receive feedback from the visa application centre via email, a call, SMS, or your preferred contact method. You can Track Your Application here.

Tips for applying through government channels

  • Early Submission: Submit your visa application well before your planned travel dates to allow for processing time.

  • Transparent Purpose: Clearly state the purpose of your visit to Greece and ensure it aligns with the visa type you are applying for (tourism, business, etc.).

  • Interview Preparation: Be prepared for a potential interview. Familiarize yourself with common visa interview questions and respond confidently and truthfully.

  • Accurate Information: Provide accurate and truthful information in your application to avoid potential issues or rejection.

  • Financial Documentation: Include proof of sufficient funds to cover your stay in Greece. Bank statements and financial documents may be required.

Overview of the Greece Visa From India

This section covers the extra information about the Greece visa for Indians. This includes:

How Do I Make A Greece Visa Appointment For Indians?

Booking an appointment for a Greece visa is an important part of the application process. To do this, go to the official Embassy of Greece website and follow their instructions. Ensure you have all the required documents, like your passport, photos, and financial proof, ready for a smooth appointment.

How Long Can I Stay In Greece With A Schengen Visa?

The single-entry Schengen Visa allows you to visit Greece for a maximum of 90 days within every 180-day period. To calculate your stay in Schengen, you can use the Schengen Visa Calculator.

Remember, overstaying your welcome in Greece can lead to heavy fines, jail time, and even a ban.

What Is The Greece Visa Processing Time?

The Greece visa processing time is between 15 to 30 days. However, you can apply up to 6 months in advance.

How Much Are the Greece Visa Fees for Indians?

You can expect to pay the following fees for your Greece Schengen Visa:

  • For adults: € 80 (approximately ₹ 7,185).

  • For children aged 6 to 12 years: € 40 (approximately ₹ 3,592).

  • For children below 6 years: Free.

Can I Travel To Other Schengen Countries With A Greece Schengen Visa?

Yes, you can. You can travel to any Schengen States with your Greece Visa for Indians. Nonetheless, you must clearly state that you plan to travel to other countries in your application.

You can visit the following Schengen Member States with your visa for Greece from India.

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Greece Visa Rules

The Schengen Visa rules are a set of regulations governing the issuance and use of Schengen Visas, which allow individuals to travel freely within the Schengen Area.

  • Common Travel Area: The Schengen Area comprises European countries that have abolished internal borders, allowing for passport-free movement among member states.

  • Duration of Stay: The visa specifies the maximum number of days a traveller can stay within the Schengen Area during a given period. This duration is usually limited to 90 days within a 180-day period.

  • Visa Validity: Schengen Visas can have different validity periods, ranging from a few days to several years, depending on the traveller's needs and circumstances.

  • Extension and Overstay: Overstaying the authorized duration is typically not allowed. Extensions may be possible under exceptional circumstances, but travellers should request them before the visa expires.

  • Application Process: Travelers typically apply for a Schengen Visa at the embassy or consulate of the country they plan to visit first or spend the most time in. The visa is issued based on the main purpose of the trip (e.g., tourism, business, or family visit).

Now that you're familiar with the process for obtaining your Greece Visa for Indians be sure to adhere to the outlined steps, and you'll secure your visa promptly. Wishing you an enjoyable experience!

Our Commitment to Visa Accuracy

At Atlys, we promise to give you accurate info using data from the Finnish government. Our blog uses smart technology to explain complicated things in a clear way. We rely on trusted government sources to provide you with the latest and reliable guidance.

Remember, government rules and fees might change. It's really important to check the official website for the newest info before you apply.

The information in this post is from a reliable source like the Hellenic Republic website.

We’re here to answer all your questions

What do I need to present when I plan to visit a friend in Greece?

When visiting a friend in Greece, you need to include an invitation letter alongside your required documents. The letter must include the host's (your friend's) contact details and your details, such as name, date of birth, address, passport number, and purpose and length of visit.

Is it difficult to get a Schengen visa to Greece?

No. As long as you meet the visa and entry requirements, you'll receive your visa.

What can I do if my Greece Tourist Visa application has been rejected once already?

Although you can always re-apply after a few days of rejection, it may be better to appeal the initial decision within the given time, i.e., 30 days from the date of rejection. It is extremely critical that you arrange for the missing documents or information that caused the rejection and write a compelling Appeal Letter.

What documents do I need to show if I am a housewife with no proof of income?

For housewives or those without proof of income, you need to have a sponsorship letter from your spouse/family member who is willing to sponsor your travel. The visa requires that you show proof of income, income tax returns, and bank statements to be eligible for the visa. In some cases, they may also ask for a marriage certificate in case your spouse is sponsoring your visa.

What sort of income documents can a retired person present?

For retired personnel, pension documents from the last 6 months accompanied by a bank statement showing an acceptable balance are required as proof of income.

What should I do if I can only present the Income Tax Returns for the current year and not for the past two years?

A Greece Tourist Visa for Indians requires you to present your Income Tax Returns for the past two years. In the absence of such documents, you need to produce an additional cover letter that describes why you are unable to produce the required documents. Also, in such cases, maintaining a good bank balance and an existing tourist visa from the US, UK, or any such first-world country may help solidify your case.

Can I submit digital photos for my Greece visa application through Atlys?

Note that Atlys can only guide you on the accepted format for photos in the Greece visa application.

What services does Atlys offer for obtaining a Greece visa for Indians?

Atlys provides premium services for expediting the Greece visa process for Indians. These services include securing expedited visa appointments, offering personalized trip guidance, and ensuring a seamless experience with dedicated support through WhatsApp.

How can I contact Atlys for inquiries or assistance regarding my Greece visa application?

For any inquiries or assistance related to your Greece visa application through Atlys, you can contact our experts at +919958772441. They can provide guidance, answer questions, and offer support throughout the visa application process.

What are some of the common reasons for the rejection of a Greece visa from India?

There are no specific reasons for visa rejections, as it varies from case to case. However, past criminal records, insufficient proof of funds, and an improper cover letter/itinerary could cause potential rejections for your Greece Tourist Visa from India.

Can I use Atlys services to check if my passport meets the Greece visa requirements?

Yes. Atlys experts provide guidance on passport requirements for a Greece visa. We can assist in ensuring that your passport meets the necessary criteria and is valid for the intended duration of your stay in Greece.

Can someone else collect my passport from the Greece Visa Center on my behalf?

No, it won't. The Consulate General of the Greece /Embassy of Greece has implemented a change in the arrangement for the collection of passport(s) from the GVCW Visa Application Centre. Hence it will no longer be possible for third parties to collect the documents on behalf of an applicant, except in the following cases:

  • Immediate Family Members (i.e., Parents, Children, Siblings);

  • One member of a group collecting for the entire group;

  • A person collecting on behalf of Govt. officials if authorized on the Govt. letterhead or department;

  • Representative of a company - Authorization letter on the letterhead of the company and the official ID card.

If any of the above come for passport collection, they need to carry the following documents:

  • Photocopy of Govt. ID card;

  • Original ICR;

  • Authorization Letter from the applicant.

Do I need to show a confirmed return ticket while applying for my visa?

The answer to this depends entirely on the country of visa application. While some embassy websites clearly mention that you can present a dummy ticket or a flight itinerary, others may not specify. Therefore, it is always better to check with the Embassy before making flight arrangements.

What if I have been rejected by a different Schengen Embassy recently?

Even though most visa centers and information online would tell you that one embassy's decision does not affect the other, you should keep in mind that if you apply too soon after a rejection (say, a couple of days), it is highly likely to be rejected by the second embassy as well. In such cases, it is best to wait a couple of weeks before you apply for Greece Tourist Visa for Indians and make sure that you keep in mind the initial reason for rejection so as not to repeat it.

What are the minimum financial requirements for a Greece visa for Indians?

Citizens of a non-EU country must attest to possessing an amount of 50 € per day when applying for a Greece visa at a Greece Embassy or Consulate.

Remember, this is only the minimum amount. Your visa application will look much more compelling if you prove you have more finances. Anything within the ₹ 8 to 10 lacs ballpark should solidify your application even further.

Can I stay longer than the duration specified in my visa?

No, you must not overstay your visa. If you need to extend your stay, apply for an extension before your visa expires.

Is the Greece Tourist Visa available for Indian citizens?

Yes, it is. Indian citizens can apply for a visa to Greece.

Can I travel to other countries with the Greece visa?

Yes, the Greece visa allows travel within the Schengen Area, encompassing multiple European countries.

What are the photo requirements for the visa application?

Photos must be recent, passport-sized, and meet Schengen visa photo specifications, typically with a white background.

What are the passport requirements for a Greece visa?

With at least two blank pages, your passport should be valid for at least three months beyond your intended departure from Greece.

Where can I apply for Greece Schengen visa?

Although it was possible to apply for a Greece visa for Indians at the Embassy and Consulate General of Greece located across the country, the application process is now majorly handled only by GVCW Greece visa for Indian application centres across the country.

You can book an appointment at the closest GVCW by registering online with GVCW.

When must I apply for my Greece Schengen visa?

You can start your Greece visa for Indians application 15 days before your planned trip. However, sometimes, it can take up to 45 days if it is necessary to make a more detailed exam of the application.

The earliest you can apply is 6 months before your trip. It is best to start your application as soon as possible so you have enough time should something unexpected happen (like a longer Greece visa processing time).

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