UAE Green Visa 2023: Benefits and Visa Application Process

Last Updated : 06-Oct-2023

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30-Second Summary

As an Indian citizen, you can apply for a Dubai green visa which allows skilled employees, freelancers, investors, and entrepreneurs to live and work in the country.

To obtain a UAE green visa, you'll need a valid passport for at least six months, a passport-size photo, proof of medical reports, proof of health insurance, a valid entry permit, proof of qualification, proof of employment or freelancing permit from MOHRE, and a duly filled application form.

Some of the benefits when getting a Dubai green visa:

    You do not need a sponsor if you meet the requirements for the green visa.

    Freelancers, remote workers, and investors can apply for a 5-year green visa in Dubai.

    Students and standard employers can apply for a 2-year green visa.

You can find more detailed information on the UAE green visa when reading the blog.

Important Information

Where To Apply?

You can apply for your Dubai green visa online or in person.

Dubai Green Visa Fee

The Dubai green visa fee is about AED 2280.

Processing Time

The Dubai green visa takes about 2-3 months to be processed.

The UAE government has introduced a variety of new entry visas and residence permits as well as expanded the categories of Golden Visas. And one of these is the UAE green visa.

Entrepreneurs, skilled professionals, freelancers, and investors can live and work in the UAE with their family members with a 5-year Dubai Green Visa. With this Dubai green visa, you can enjoy a lot more benefits and flexibility in UAE.

Can Indians Get A Green Visa Dubai?

Yes, Indians are eligible to apply for the Dubai Green Visa. The goal behind the launch of the Green Visa regime is to retain skilled workers and attract exceptional talents and new investments into the country to grow economic wealth. This visa category is lucrative due to the relaxed, simplified requirements and ease of application since you do not need a sponsor to apply.

A UAE green visa is a type of UAE residence permit allowing skilled employees, freelancers, investors, and entrepreneurs to live and work in the country. The UAE government introduced this visa category in 2022 to differentiate between work and residency permits.

What is a residence visa in UAE? Well, a Residence Visa/permit is an official authorization granted by the United Arab Emirates government to foreign nationals. It offers holders the ability to live, work, and enjoy various benefits and services within the country.

The duration varies depending on the type and sponsoring entity. Another category of UAE residency that you can explore is the freelance visa for Indians.

Green Visa UAE Eligibility

For anyone to be able to apply for the UAE green visa, they must meet the following eligibility criteria:

1. Skilled employees that meet the following criteria can apply for a 5-year Dubai Green Visa:

    To apply for green residence for skilled employees, you must be employed in the UAE and must provide a valid employment contract

    According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, you must hold a job at the first, second, or third occupational level.

    You must hold a minimum educational level of a bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification.

    Your monthly salary must be at least AED 15,000.

2. Freelancers and self-employed individuals can apply for a 5-year Dubai Green Visa:

    You have a freelance/self-employment permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

    Proof of self-employment, such as business licenses, tax returns, and business receipts.

    You must hold a minimum educational level of a bachelor's degree or a specialized diploma evidence.

    Your annual income from self-employment for the past two years must be at least AED 360,000.

    And if you demonstrate your financial solvency or that you will remain financially stable while in the UAE.

3. Investors or Partners in business in the UAE can apply for a Dubai Green residency for 5 years:

    If you promote investments by engaging or developing commercial enterprises in UAE.

    You must have the approval of the investment from competent local authorities in UAE and proof of investment.

    The total invested capital will be determined if the investor or partner has more than one license.

    It is necessary to have the relevant municipal authorities' approval.

Green Visa Dubai Requirements

You must have the following documents when applying for a UAE green visa:

    Have a valid passport for at least six months

    A copy of your passport-size photograph on white background

    Proof of medical reports from competent local authorities

    Proof of health insurance or health card

    A valid entry permit

    Proof of qualification

    Proof of employment or freelancing permit from MOHRE

    A duly filled application form

Additional documents might be required to sponsor your family members, such as:

    Proof of rental contract (certified) or owning a residence.

    A copy of the sponsor's passport with a valid residence permit.

    A valid job contract in UAE from the sponsor

    Birth certificate for the sponsored.

    Attested marriage certificate in English or Arabic.

How To Apply For Green Visa UAE?

To apply for a UAE green card for you or your family members, you must start by applying for an entry permit that allows them to travel to the country.

So here are the detailed steps on how you can apply for your green visa:

Step 1: Visit The Website

You start the application on the UAE visa system - ICP or the GDRFAD website. You can also visit one of the typing centers or customer happiness centers in the UAE to start the application process.

On the ICP website, you can search for 'Issuing Residency Visa' in the search bar. Or search for 'Entry Permits' on the GDRAFD website, then click on 'Entry Permit Services,' and lastly, select the 'New Entry Permit for Green Residence' option.

Step 2: Start The Application

The next step is to choose the relevant green visa type from one of the following options on GDRFAD:

    Issuing Entry Permit for Green Residence (Partner)

    Issuing Entry Permit for Green Residence (Investor)

    Issuing Entry Permit for Green Residence (High Skilled Worker)

    Issuing Entry Permit for Green Residence (Self-Employment)

On the ICP website, you must similarly choose the relevant visa type. Once you have selected the visa type, you can click on 'Start Services' to start the application process. Here you will need to log into your GDRFAD website or use your UAE pass to apply on the ICP website.

Step 3: Fill Out The Application

After signing in, you will be prompted to a new page where you must select the visa type and start filling out the application. First, you must provide the necessary information, such as your name, Emirates ID number, residential address, passport details, etc.

Step 4: Upload The Documents

Depending on your visa type, the supporting documents that must be submitted will differ. So make sure you are uploading the correct documents.

Any missing documents can be uploaded on the portal or submitted within 30 days of notification. If you fail to submit it, it can result in the cancellation of your visa application.

Step 5: Pay The Visa Fees

You must review your application and pay the relevant visa fees before submitting your Green visa application.

Step 6: Processing Of Green Visa

Once the application has been submitted, you must wait for the visa to be processed. During this time, you will receive notifications on your email and phone number regarding your application status.

Once the visa is approved, you will receive a notification.

You can read our UAE visa guide to learn more about other visa types and how to apply for a Dubai visa.

Overview Of The Green Visa UAE

This section covers everything you would want to know about the 5-year Green visa UAE.

Green visa validity period.

What Are The UAE Green Visa Benefits?

UAE residents and families can enjoy several benefits with these 5-year residency permits. Some of the benefits Green Residence visa holders can take advantage of are as follows:

    You do not need a sponsor if you meet the requirements for the green visa.

    You can live up to 5 years in the UAE with this visa.

    A green visa holder can sponsor family members such as spouses, children, and first-degree relatives.

    You can sponsor male children with an age limit of 25 and unmarried daughters of any age.

    Children with special needs can be sponsored without any age limit.

    The validity of your family members' visa is tied to the primary applicant's visa.

    Freelancers, remote workers, and investors can apply for a 5-year green visa - Dubai.

    Whereas students and standard employers can apply for a 2-year green visa.

    A green residence holder can be renewed for the same period if you meet the same requirements upon the expiry of your visa.

    You get longer flexible grace periods instead of the usual 30 days grace period. You and your family can apply for a new green visa in 90 days or up to six months.

What Is The Green Visa UAE Cost?

The UAE green visa fees are as follows:

    AED 2280 approx. INR 50 953 for the visa

    AED 575 for routine medical tests

    AED 320 for the Emirates ID

These are the one-time processing costs and must be paid for renewals. Depending on the number of applicants under the original residence holder, the cost of the entire process will vary.

What Is The Green Visa UAE Validity?

The UAE Green Visa has a 5-year validity period and does not require sponsorship from an employer or an individual who is a citizen of the UAE. This enables his or her family to sponsor him or her for the same period of time.

What Is The Green Visa UAE Processing Time?

It takes approximately 2 - 3 months for your visa application to be processed and for a final decision to be rendered.

How To Check My Green Visa Status?

And here is how you can do the Green visa check on the ICA website:

    Step 1: Visit the ICP service portal

    Step 2: Select Passport Information and select the Type of Visa

    Step 3: Enter the Passport No and the Passport Expiry Date along with the Nationality

    Step 4: Check the Captcha Checkbox

    Step 5: Then click on Submit.

Or use the GDRFA website if this is where you applied:

    Choose the Residence Validity on the dropdown option.

    Fill in your Residence visa File Number. You can find the residence file number on your visa page on the passport.

    Enter your full name as shown on your passport.

    Select your Gender.

    Enter Your Date of Birth: make sure to enter the date of birth in the correct format (dd-mm-yyyy).

    Check the captcha check box.

    Click on submit.

That's it

The Dubai Green Visa for Indians offers an incredible opportunity for skilled professionals from India to be part of Dubai's green economy and sustainability initiatives. This blog provides a comprehensive overview of the visa program, including eligibility criteria and the application process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Skilled employees, Freelancers and self-employed people, and Investors or Partners in business in the UAE can apply for self-residency status valid for 5 years.

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