Hong Kong Dependant Visa For Indians: Cost And Application

Last Updated : 05-Sept-2023

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30-Second Summary

Indian nationals need a Hong Kong Dependent Visa to join family members who are permanent residents or valid employment visa holders. 

    You can complete the application online.

    Hong Kong dependant visa doesn’t require you to submit your passport offline.

    Once your visa is approved, you will get a digital copy that you can use to enter the country (no visa stamp needed).

    The Hong Kong dependant visa requires a copy of your passport, proof of relationship with your sponsor, and more.

*Atlys does not provide this visa.

Important Information

Do Indians Need A Visa?

Yes, Indians need a visa for Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Dependent Visa Validity

The validity of a Hong Kong Dependent Visa depends on the type of visa and the sponsor's status.

Hong Kong Dependent Visa Price

The application fee for a Dependant Visa is HKD 230 for adults.

Hong Kong Dependent Visa Processing Time

The processing time is about 6 weeks.

Do Indians Need A Hong Kong Dependent Visa?

Yes, Indians require a visa to enter Hong Kong. 

Indians require a Hong Kong Dependent Visa when they want to join their family members who are either permanent residents or valid employment visa holders in Hong Kong. This visa allows them to reunite with their loved ones and reside in Hong Kong as dependents. 

Usually, the person or company sponsoring the primary visa holder submits Dependent Visa applications.

Who Can Be A Sponsor Of The Dependant Visa?

The sponsor for a Hong Kong Dependant Visa can be:

    a Hong Kong permanent resident, 

    a resident with the right to land or unconditional stay, 

    an employer or educational institution (for certain cases), 

    or other relationships, such as parents or legal guardians. 

The sponsor plays a big role in supporting and vouching for the visa applicant, making it possible for them to join their family member in Hong Kong as a dependent.

Hong Kong Dependants Visa Requirements

These are the documents that Indians require to apply for a dependant visa in Hong Kong.

    A recent photograph of the applicant 

    Photocopy of valid travel document with personal details, issue/expiry date, and re-entry visa details (if applicable). For current Hong Kong residents, include the travel document page with the arrival stamp/landing slip/extension label and "e-Visa" (if applicable).

    Photocopy of the applicant's Hong Kong identity card (if applicable).

    Photocopy of proof of relationship with the sponsor, such as marriage certificate, birth certificate, family photographs, letters, census record book, and Privilege Card for Single Child (if applicable).

    Photocopy of the applicant's Macao identity card (for Macao SAR residents only).

    Photocopy of the applicant's household registration and Taiwan identity card (for Taiwan residents only).

    Completed application form "Application for Entry for Residence as Dependants in Hong Kong (ID 997)" with Part B filled by the sponsor.

    Photocopy of the sponsor's Hong Kong identity card.

    Photocopy of the sponsor's valid travel document with personal details, issue/expiry date, and current visa/entry permit/extension label in HKSAR/latest "e-Visa" (if the sponsor is a non-permanent resident).

    Photocopy of proof of the sponsor's financial standing, such as bank statements, savings account passbooks, tax receipts, and salary slips.

    Photocopy of proof of sponsor's accommodation, such as rental receipts.

If someone in Hong Kong is here for work, studies, or special programs like Capital Investment Entrant or Quality Migrant, they can sponsor their family members to live with them. They can sponsor:

    Spouse (including same-sex partners under legally recognized unions)

    Unmarried dependent child under 18 years of age


Suppose you are a Hong Kong, permanent resident or have the right to live in the city without any restrictions. In that case, certain dependents can apply to live with you:

    Spouse (including same-sex partners under legally recognized unions)

    Unmarried dependent children under 18 years of age

    Parents aged 60 or above


Requirements for a Dependent Visa to be considered:

    The applicant needs to have a genuine relationship with the sponsor.

    No known records detrimental to the applicant.

    Sponsor's ability to provide a high standard of living and suitable accommodation in the HKSAR.


This entry arrangement does not apply to:

    Chinese Mainland residents (except under specific employment/study schemes).

    Former Mainland Chinese residents residing in Macao SAR for less than seven years (unless via the One-way Permit Scheme).

    Nationals of Afghanistan and Korea (Democratic People's Republic of).

How To Apply For The Dependent Visa Hong Kong?

The application process involves several steps:


    Obtaining Sponsorship: The sponsor needs to prove their eligibility and relationship with you as a family member by gathering and providing the documents mentioned above.


     Gathering Documents: Prepare all necessary documents, including proof of relationship, financial stability, and health requirements.


     Submission and Processing: Submit your application to the Hong Kong Immigration Department and await the processing of your visa.  When someone wants to bring their family to Hong Kong to live with them, they usually apply for a Dependent Visa. The person who is already in Hong Kong, like their sponsor or employer, will submit the application for them through the right channels.


    Approval and Collection: Upon approval, collect your visa and prepare for your journey to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Dependant Visa Overview

Generally, the processing time is usually 6 weeks


The Hong Kong dependent visa from India processing time is how long it takes for the Hong Kong Immigration Department to check and decide on a Dependant Visa. 

It begins when the applicant submits all the required documents and information and ends when a decision is made on whether to approve or reject the visa application.


The time it takes to process a Hong Kong Dependent Visa for Indians can be different because it depends on several things. These include the type of visa you apply for, how complete your application is, how busy the Immigration Department is, and if they need to check anything else.

The validity of a Dependent Visa in Hong Kong depends on the type of visa and the sponsor's status. Typically, the Dependent Visa is granted for the same duration as the sponsor's visa or residence status. 


If the sponsor's visa is renewed or extended, the dependant's visa will also be renewed or extended accordingly.

What Happens At Immigration?

When a person arrives at the immigration checkpoint in Hong Kong with a valid Hong Kong Dependant Visa, several steps and procedures take place:

    Document Verification: The immigration officer will examine the individual's travel documents, including the passport and Dependent Visa. They will verify the validity of the visa, the personal particulars, and the visa's conditions.

    Biometric Data Collection: Biometric data, such as fingerprints, may be collected from the visa holder as part of the immigration process. This data is used for identification purposes.

    Purpose of Visit Inquiry: The immigration officer may inquire about the purpose of the visit to Hong Kong and confirm that the individual is arriving as a dependent of the sponsor.

    Entry Record Check: The officer will check the individual's entry record to ensure no previous issues or violations.

    Immigration Clearance: If all the documents and information are in order, the immigration officer will grant clearance for the individual to enter Hong Kong as a dependent visa holder.

    Duration of Stay: The duration allowed on the Dependant Visa will be based on the visa's validity and conditions. The visa holder must adhere to the specified period and ensure they stay within the allotted time.

    Conditions Compliance: The dependent visa holder must comply with the conditions of the visa, such as not engaging in prohibited employment and maintaining a genuine relationship with the sponsor.

The visa holder needs to cooperate with the immigration officers, answer any questions truthfully, and present all required documents when requested.

All Done!

Moving to Hong Kong as a dependent can be an exciting and life-changing experience. By understanding the Hong Kong Dependent Visa process and requirements, you can make this transition smoother and create lasting memories with your family. 

Remember to consult professional assistance if you face any challenges during the application process. Embark on your new adventure and embrace the vibrant culture and opportunities that await you in Hong Kong!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Spouses, unmarried children below 18 years (including legally adopted children), and parents aged 60 or above can be sponsored under a Dependent Visa.

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