Indonesia Sticker Visa For Indian Nationals: Fees & Process

Last Updated : 24-Oct-2023

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30-Second Summary

Indians need a visa to enter Indonesia and can apply for the Indonesia sticker visa. You can use the Indonesia sticker visa to travel for tourism and sightseeing.

    The Indonesia sticker visa is a tourist visa that you can get at the embassy.

    The Indonesia sticker visa for Indians requires you to submit your passport at the Embassy.

    You must submit the Indonesia visa application at least 14 days before travelling.

Important Information

Is A Visa Required for Indians?

Yes, Indian nationals require a visa for Indonesia. Learn More

Visa Fees

The Indonesia visa sticker is between ₹ 8088 and ₹ 10800, depending on the visa type.

Visa Processing Time

The tourist visa for Indonesia can take up to 5 - 7 calendar days. Learn More

Length of Stay

The Indonesia visa sticker allows a stay of 60 days or 180 days.

Where Can I Apply For An Indonesia Visa?

You can get an Indonesia Evisa through Atlys.

Do Indians Need A Visa for Indonesia?

Yes, Indians require a visa to Indonesia from India. 

Suppose Indian citizens wish to stay in the country longer than 30 days. In that case, they will have to apply for an Indonesia evisa or Indonesia sticker visa for Indians that allows them to stay there for 60 days.

For stays less than 30 days, you can look at the application for the Indonesia EVOA.

This blog will cover the Indonesia sticker visa process.

What Are The Requirements For Indonesia Visa For Indians?

An Indonesia visa for Indians is only needed if they wish to stay longer than 30 days. However, if you decide to stay longer in Indonesia, you must know more about the visa requirements. 

The required documents that you will need to gather for your tourist visa application are:

    A valid passport for at least 6 months from the date of arrival

    3 blank pages in the passport

    Two passport-size photographs on a white background

    Return flight ticket

    Accommodation proof, e.g., hotel booking

    Proof of sufficient funds, such as bank statements

    Travel itinerary

    Health insurance

    A sponsor letter, cover letter, or invitation letter from an Indonesian citizen, if applicable

    Copy of the host's ID

    Guarantee letter or visa approval letter from an Indonesian citizen if applying online

Suppose you wish to apply for other visa types, such as a temporary resident visa for work or study. In that case, you must contact the Indonesian embassy for more information.

Passport Requirements

    Ensure you have two blank passport pages

    Minimum of 6 months validity upon arrival in Indonesia.

Visa Photo Requirements

    Indonesia visa photo size: 50mm X 50mm size, 

    Color photograph with a white background

    Neutral expression

How To Apply For Indonesia Embassy Visa For Indian Citizens?

In India, the Indonesian embassy provides Indian citizens with consular assistance, such as visa issuance. However, since Indian citizens can get a visa on arrival or evisa, a consular visa is unnecessary.

Regardless, you must get a consular visa if you wish to stay in Indonesia for extended periods. For the Indonesia tourist visa application:


    Gather the required documents, such as the visa application form, etc.


    Once you have all the required documents, you must pay the visa fees and submit the documents to the Indonesian embassy in Kautilya Marg, New Delhi. 


    Once the documents have been submitted, your visa application will be processed, which will take between 3 to 5 working days.


    Once the Indonesian visa for Indians is approved, you can collect your passport and the visa.


    Upon collecting your passport and visa from the Indonesian Embassy, you must show proof of payment.

The process can be completely online if you apply for your Indonesia EVisa through Atlys instead.

Overview Of The Indonesia Sticker Visa For Indian Nationals

What Are The Costs Of Indonesia Visa For Indians?

The Indonesia visa fees vary depending on the type of visa and how you apply for it. For an embassy visa, the Indonesia visa fees must be deposited in the bank account of the Indonesian embassy

At the Indonesian embassy, the visa and consular fees are as follows:

    Single Entry Visa for 60 days stay: ₹ 10.590

    Single Entry Visa for 180 days stay: ₹ 31.750

    Single Entry Visa for tourism for 60 days stay: ₹ 7.940

The visa fee for Indonesia from India are non-refundable; even if the visa is rejected, you can request a refund.

The fee in ₹ is based upon the current exchange rate in Oct 2023, and prices can fluctuate.

What Is The Validity Of For Indonesia Visa For Indians?

Depending on the type of visa, the validity might differ. Let us look at the validity depending on how you apply for your visa.

The embassy visa is valid for a single entry or multiple entries, anywhere between 60 to 180 days for a short-term visa. However, you must check the visa validity on the visa sticker attached to your passport.

How Long Does It Take To Process An Indonesia Visa?

The Indonesia visa processing time varies but typically takes 5 to 7 business days.

The processing time is the time it takes for your visa application to be reviewed and approved.

Can An Indonesia Visa For Indians Be Extended?

Fortunately, Indian citizens can extend their visas from within the country. 

The visa can be extended from an Immigration office in the country. The passport should be valid for an additional 6 months from the extension period.

What Are The Types Of Indonesia Visas?

Indonesia offers various visa types depending on your purpose:

    E Visa: Electronic visa for tourism purposes.

    EVOA: Electronic Visa on arrival for tourism purposes.

    Visa on Arrival: Visa obtained upon arrival.

    Business Visa: For business-related activities.

    Social-Cultural Visa: For family or cultural events.

    Student Visa: For studying in Indonesia.

    Retirement Visa: For retirees.

    Diplomatic and Official Visas: For diplomats and officials.

    Transit Visa: For travelers in transit.

    Digital Nomad: Visa for remote workers and digital nomads.

Arrival Procedure

Arriving in Indonesia with a sticker visa involves a straightforward procedure:

    Arrival at Indonesian Airport: Upon landing at an Indonesian airport, proceed to the immigration area.

    Queue at Immigration Counter: Join the queue at the immigration counter designated for visa holders.

    Document Submission: Present your passport with the visa sticker affixed to the immigration officer.

    Biometrics (if required): In some cases, the immigration officer may take your biometrics, such as fingerprints.

    Immigration Clearance: The immigration officer will review your documents, including your visa sticker, and may ask you a few questions about your visit.

    Entry Stamp: Upon approval, the officer will stamp your passport with an entry stamp, indicating your entry date and duration of stay.

    Collect Baggage: Proceed to the baggage claim area to collect your luggage, if applicable.

    Customs Clearance: Pass through customs control, declaring any items as required by Indonesian customs regulations.

    Exit Airport: After completing all necessary procedures, exit the airport to begin your stay in Indonesia.


With this comprehensive guide, you're now well-equipped to navigate the Indonesian visa process from India. 

Obtaining an Indonesia visa sticker is the first step towards discovering this enchanting archipelago's natural wonders and cultural treasures. 

May your Indonesian adventure be filled with unforgettable experiences!

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It's a type of visa that allows Indian citizens to visit Indonesia for various purposes, such as tourism, business, or family visits.

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