Italy Visa Processing Time For Indians

Last Updated : 06-Sept-2023

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These are the different processing times for the different Italy visa types:

    Schengen Visa / Type C 1Airport: 15 days

    Schengen Visa / Type C 2: 15-30 days

    Schengen Visa / Type C 3: 15-30 days

    Schengen Visa / Type C 5: 15-30 days

    Transit Visa / Type A: 15 days

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Source: Italy Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

*Please note that visa times can change without warning due to different reasons like current visa applications and new rules.

Italy Visa Types and Factors Affecting Processing Times

Italy offers multiple types of visas for Indian citizens. Let’s look at what types of visas are available and what affects the Italy visa processing time for India.

The Schengen visa is a short-term visa that allows you to stay in Italy for up to 90 days. You get different issues for this Schengen visa application depending on your reason for travel, such as tourist or business. Because you get different types of Italy Schengen visas, the processing times vary. For example, the Italy tourist visa processing time will only take a few days, but the Italy spouse visa processing time can take up to a few months. The Type C visa has different levels depending on the visa validity period, from Type C1, valid for 90 days, to Type C5, valid for 5 years. Remember that you can only stay in the country for up to 90 days every 180 days. But the validity allows you to go back to Italy without having to reapply for your visa. Here is a list of the type C visas for Indian nationals:

    Type C1: This visa can be valid for up to a year. The processing time for the type C1 visa is about 15 days depending on the reason for your travel.

    Type C2: With the type C2 visa, you can get a validity period of up to 2 years. With this visa, the processing time can take slightly longer since you will need more supporting documents. So the processing time is from 15 to 30 days.

    Type C3: The type C3 visa has a validity period of 3 years. This allows you to visit Italy as an Indian for 3 years without applying for another visa. With a longer validity time, the processing time will take longer, anything from 15 days to a few months, since you need to supply more supporting documents.

    Type C5: With this visa, you can visit Italy for 5 years without needing to apply for a visa every time. The processing time for the type C5 visa will take quite some time, from 15 days to a few months, because you will need more supporting documents and proof to obtain this visa.

The Italy tourist visa processing time can take 15 days, but false documents, peak travel seasons, lack of documents, and when an interview is required can cause the processing time to take up to 60 days. You can get more information on what documents are required and other information in our dedicated blog on Italy tourist visa for Indians.

The airport transit visa is required when transiting through an airport in Italy for a layover while waiting for your next flight. In this case, you will need a visa to stay at the airport in Italy. The airport transit visa processing time is usually 15 days. The visa is valid for 15 days, and you can stay in Italy for a maximum of 3 days.

Multiple factors can affect your Italy visa processing time as an Indian, such as peak travel times, document verification, and completeness of documents.

The Type D visa is a long-term visa that allows you to stay in the country for more than 90 days. The main reason for this visa is for study or work purposes since it allows you to stay for long periods. The Italy work visa processing takes 15-30 days to be processed, but with long-term visas, the processing can get delayed up to 60 days.

The reasons for longer processing time may vary, but the common reasons are document verifications, the complexity of the application, and the availability of biometric appointments.

The LTV visa is a specific visa for Italy that restricts your travel only within Italy and not to other countries in the Schengen Area. It is usually granted in exceptional cases when you have a specific reason to travel to Italy, such as medical treatment, family emergencies, or pending legal matters.

The LTV visa is given when you don't meet the requirements for a regular Schengen visa but still need to go to Italy for a particular purpose. This visa takes 15-30 days to be processed. Factors such as document verification can affect the processing of this visa.

Step-by-Step Visa Application Timeline

While the visa application process may vary based on the specific visa category and your circumstances, here is a general step-by-step timeline to give you an idea of the overall visa requirements process and how it can impact Italy visa processing times for Indian citizens.

Checking Visa Status

You can use a few different methods to do an Italy visa online tracking for Indians. To see the status of your Italy visa, you can go to VFS Global. 

You can track your Italy visa status on the government website. You will need the following: Your application reference number and your date of birth.

To Track your Italian visa, follow these steps:

    Go to the visa application portal.

    Provide the details of where you are applying from and where you are travelling to. Once you supplied those details, choose the option of “Take me to the website”.

    At the top menu section, choose “track your application” on the right-hand side.

    From there, you will provide your visa application reference number and date of birth.

    The last step is simply to submit, and you will be able to see your visa status.

Tracking your Italy visa processing time for Indians allows you to know at all times what your visa status is.

Trusted Sources

We rely on trusted government sources for accurate and up-to-date information regarding your visa applications and Italy visa processing times.

Here are two trusted sources you can refer to:

Frequently Asked Questions

With the Schengen visa, the earliest you can apply is 6 months before your travelling. Applying for your visa at least 2 months before your departure is advised. With this timeframe, you still have sufficient time if there are any delays.

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