Kuwait Visa for Indians: Requirements and Application Guide

Last Updated : 04-Sept-2023

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30-Second Summary

Indian nationals travelling to Kuwait must apply for the Kuwait visa for Indians which allows you to visit for tourism.

    You can complete the application online.

    Kuwait visa for Indians requires you to submit your passport offline.

    Once your visa is approved, you will get a digital copy that you can use to enter the country; no visa stamp is needed..

    The Kuwait visa for Indians requires a copy of your valid Indian passport, passport-size photographs, and more.

*Atlys does not provide this visa.

Important Information

Is a Visa Required?

Yes, you need a visa for the Kuwait.

Kuwait Visa Processing Time

The processing Kuwait visa applications within two working days.

Kuwait visa cost

A Kuwait visa fee of 3 Kuwaiti Dinar (KD).

Let me get you through the Kuwait Visa application process, Kuwait Visa Requirements For Indians, Kuwait Visit Visa Cost/Kuwait Visa Fees For Indians, and the Kuwait Visa Processing Time For Indians.

Who Needs A Kuwait Visa?

The State of Kuwait, represented by the Ministry of Interior, presents an e-Visa issuing service. Visitors to Kuwait may issue a visiting e-Visa using the Kuwait visa for Indians website. As an Indian passport holder, you need to have a GCC residency to be able to apply for the Kuwaiti visa for Indians. The GCC residents can apply for the Kuwait e-Visa for Indians if they have residency in one of the GCC countries, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Oman. The applicant's profession, according to the GCC residency, should be one of the following:





    Judges & Members of Public Prosecution.

    University Teachers.

    Press & Media Staff.


    System Analysts & Computer Programmers.



    Diplomatic Corporations.

    University Graduates.

    Owners, Managers, and Representatives of Commercial Companies and Establishments.

The validity of the GCC residency must exceed six months when applying for the Kuwait e-Visa.

The Types of Kuwait Visa For Indians

All foreign nationals and Indian passport holders who intend to visit Kuwait for work, education, family, and other reasons must hold a valid Kuwait visa for Indians issued by the General Department of Residency Affairs in Kuwait. You can apply through the Kuwait embassy in New Delhi, India for it.

Types of Kuwait Visas Currently Available:

    Kuwait Tourist Visa For Indians: This Kuwait visa entitles Indian tourists to stay not more than 3 months in Kuwait.

    Kuwait Visit Visa For Indians: This Kuwait visa is granted to those intending to visit Kuwait with a specific purpose and is valid for only a month.

    Kuwait Work Visa For Indians: This Kuwait visa is issued through a work or employment offer by the sponsor company. It can even qualify you for a Kuwait work permit.

    Kuwait Joining Family Visa For Indians: This Kuwait visa is issued for an Indian national to join their spouse, parents or children settled or living in Kuwait.

    Kuwait Education Visa For Indians: This Kuwait visa is issued for Indian students traveling to study in an educational institution in Kuwait.

What Is A Kuwait Tourist Visa For Indians?

A Kuwait tourist visa for Indians is issued for international travel into Kuwait within one month of the issuance for a single entry. The Kuwait visa for Indians allows an Indian citizen to stay in Kuwait for 3 months from the date of entry. Afterwards, you will have to leave Kuwait and go back to India before the Kuwait visa for Indians expires. As a Kuwait tourist visa holder, you are not allowed to work in the country, and if you are caught doing so, you will face legal consequences.

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What Are Kuwait Visa Requirements For Indians?

Temporary travel document holders are not permitted to use the Kuwait visa for Indians online system. Furthermore, as an Indian national, you must not have any security restrictions that prevent you from entering Kuwait. If, in any case, the information you have provided in the Kuwait visa for Indians application form and your original documents are different, the e-visa will be invalid, and you will not be allowed to enter Kuwait.

You must have the following documents to apply for the Kuwait Visa as an Indian:

    Police clearance certificate: The applicants above 18 years and who hold a Work visa/family visit entry visa must obtain Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from their respective passport office and should get it attested by the General Attestation Department (GAD). GAD is located on the 9th Floor at the Maharashtra Secretariat at Mantralaya, Nariman Point, Mumbai -21.

    The valid passport must exceed six months when applying for the Kuwait e-Visa. A copy of the biometric page of the applicant's passport is another Kuwait visa requirement for Indians in the second section of the Kuwait visa application form.

    Medical Fitness Report: a medical check is a Kuwait visa requirement for Indians for all Work Visa & Family Joining Visa applicants above 13 years of age.

    A vaccination report from a local doctor is a Kuwait visa requirement for Indians (children) below 13 years.

    A copy of the Sponsor's GCC residency should be sent along with each Kuwait e-Visa application for all dependants, i.e., spouse, children, domestic labor, etc. As the principal applicant, you should be with your dependents on their arrival in Kuwait.

How Do I Apply For The Kuwait Visa For Indians?

Applying for the Kuwait evisa for Indians is a straightforward application process. To get the Kuwait visa, you must fill out an online visa application form that you can complete quickly.

    The Kuwait visa image requirements: the system will ask you to upload your image. The maximum image size should be 512KB, and the accepted image type is jpg.

    Submit The Application Online: Your name in English, address, and passport information (nationality, birthdate, and passport number) are all considered to be personal data. Make sure all of your information is accurate after filling out the Kuwait eVisa application form. As passports must be valid for at least six months after the date of the traveler's arrival in Kuwait, it is also important to check the expiration date on your passport. Moreover, the expected address in Kuwait, the contact information as well as the credit card number.

    A copy of the applicant's passport's biometric page is required in the second section of the Kuwait visa application form.

    Once you have completed your Kuwait visa application, the Ministry of Interior (MOI) of the State of Kuwait reviews it and sends you an email notifying you of its approval, if it's approved. Other information it might send you includes the issuance date, expiration date, and visa number. Make sure to print your Kuwait visa so you may show it at the Kuwaiti border check.

Kuwait's MOI will use your credit card for verification only; it does not apply any other charges.

What Is The Kuwait Visit Visa Cost For Indians?

A Kuwait visa fee of 3 Kuwaiti Dinar (KD), equivalent to 780,04 Indian Rupees (INR) will be required to apply for your Kuwait Visit Visa. You will be allowed to pay the Kuwait Visa price with your credit card.

What Is The Kuwait Visa Processing Time For Indians?

After you fill out the Kuwait visa for Indians application with supporting documents attachment, the MOI will respond within their official working hours on weekdays. They are closed on weekends and public holidays.

They put effort into processing Kuwait visa applications within two working days. They will notify you via email of the results of your Kuwait Visa application.

What Happens After Applying For Kuwait Visa For Indians?

As mentioned, the MOI will notify you via email of your Kuwait Visa application outcome. You can also check your Kuwait visa for Indian application status on their website. You’ll need to enter the Kuwait Visa Application Number and then proceed from there to check it.

While you are in Kuwait, please note that an Indian visitor who stays beyond the duration of their Kuwait visa in Kuwait might face legal consequences and fines. That may extend to them being disqualified for a Kuwait visa for Indians in the future.

Please note that the applicants for Kuwait Visa for Indians Endorsement and other documentation can now contact the office of The Consulate General for the State of Kuwait directly.

All done

Finally, now that you know how to apply for a Kuwait visa for Indians, you can start your Kuwait visa for Indians application and enjoy the trip. Why? Because Kuwait awaits you!

Frequently Asked Questions

There will always be a reason for your Kuwait Visa rejection. The MOI will let you know that reason.

Here are some of the reasons why your Kuwait Visa may be rejected:

    Visa Application Form filled incorrectly or incompletely

    The applicant's criminal history

    Failure to meet Kuwait Visa application requirements

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