Kyrgyzstan Transit Visa for Indians: Application Process and Requirements

Last Updated : 24-Nov-2023

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Indian nationals travelling to Kyrgyzstan must apply for a Transit visa, which allows them to visit for transiting through the country to a third country.

    You can complete the application online.

    Kyrgyzstan Transit visa doesn’t require you to submit your passport offline.

    Once your visa is approved, you will get a digital copy that you can use to enter the country (no visa stamp needed).

    The Kyrgyzstan Transit Visa requires a copy of your passport.

Important Information

Visa Type

Transit visa (TR).

Length of stay

You can stay for 5 days with a Transit Visa.

Visa Fees

The Kyrgyzstan transit visa fee is 2299.73SOM (25.75 USD).

Processing Time

The processing time for a Transit visa is 5 days.

Are you an Indian transit passenger heading to Kyrgyzstan? Not sure whether you need a transit visa? Here's what you need to know about the Kyrgyzstan Transit Visa For Indians.

Do I Need A Kyrgyzstan Transit Visa For Indians?

Kyrgyzstan offers a Transit Visa for Indian citizens who are transiting through Kyrgyzstan on their way to another destination. The Transit Visa allows you to stay in Kyrgyzstan for 5 days to connect to a flight to another country. You do not have to obtain a visa if you will not leave the international transit area.

Conditions for transiting through Kyrgyzstan:

    The transit visa permits staying in Kyrgyzstan exclusively for transit purposes. 

    This visa does not permit engaging in activities like tourism, business, or visiting friends and family within Kyrgyzstan. For such purposes, you must apply for a different visa category, like a tourist visa.

What Are The Required Documents For Kyrgyzstan Transit Visa For Indians?

Required documents for a Kyrgyzstan Transit Visa for Indian citizens

Here are the required documents for a Kyrgyzstan Transit Visa for Indian citizens:

    Digital Photo: You need to upload a digital passport-sized photo. Ensure it meets the specified requirements, such as size, format, and background colour. Typically, the photo should be recent, clear, and resemble your current appearance.

    Passport Scan: You're required to provide a scanned copy of your passport. Ensure the scan is clear and all relevant information, such as your photo and personal details, is visible. The passport should be valid for your transit.

    Copy of the Ticket to the Final Destination: You should include a copy of your ticket to the final destination in the third country. This document confirms your travel plans and demonstrates that you are transiting through the Kyrgyz Republic or a copy of the authorisation or invitation, certified by the official authorities of the third country, especially if you are obtaining a visa on arrival.

Make sure to carefully follow the instructions provided by the Kyrgyz Republic's visa application system to ensure that your documents meet the specified criteria.

How do you get a Kyrgyzstan Transit Visa from India online?

Here is how you can apply for the Kyrgyzstan Transit Visa For Indians online;


    Visit the Official Website: Go to the official website of the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic or the relevant visa application portal.


    Create an Account: You have to create an account. Provide the necessary information and create a username and password.


    Complete the Application Form: Fill out the online application form with accurate and complete information. Be prepared to provide details about your travel itinerary, purpose of transit, and other relevant information.


    Upload Documents: Upload the required documents, such as a digital passport-sized photo, scanned passport copy, and copy of the ticket to the final destination


    Pay the Visa Fee: Pay the applicable visa fee online. 


    Submit the Application: Once you have completed the application form, uploaded the necessary documents, and paid the fee, submit the application through the online system.


    Receive Confirmation: After submitting the application, you’ll receive a confirmation email or reference number. Keep this information for tracking the status of your application.


    Wait for Processing: The processing time for the transit visa may vary. Monitor the status of your application online or through the provided contact information.


    Collect the Visa: Once your transit visa is approved, follow the instructions to collect the visa. 

How Do You Check Your Kyrgyzstan Transit Visa Status Online?

The process for checking visa status online involves the following steps:

    Visit the Official Website: Go to the official website of the Kyrgyzstan visa application or the relevant government department responsible for visas and consular affairs.

    Go To the Services tab: You’ll find the Check Status, then click on it.

    Enter Application Details: You have to enter the application reference number, 

    Submit Inquiry: Once you've entered the necessary details, submit the inquiry or check the status button. The system will then show the current status of your visa application.

    Receive Confirmation: After submitting the inquiry, you may receive an immediate online status update or be provided with a reference number for tracking. 

Be aware of the typical processing times for transit visa applications. If the standard processing time has not elapsed, waiting before inquiring about the status is advisable.

Overview Of Kyrgyzstan Transit Visa From India

Here is everything you need to know about the Kyrgyzstan transit visa for Indian citizens.

What Is  The Processing Time For Kyrgyzstan Visa For Indians?

The processing time of a Kyrgyzstan transit visa for Indians takes up to 5 days. It's a good idea to apply well before your planned travel date to ensure your visa is ready. This way, you'll have all your paperwork and can travel without worries.

What Are Kyrgyzstan Transit Visa Fees For Indian Citizens?

The Kyrgyzstan transit visa fee is 2299.73SOM (25.75 USD). The visa fee is non-refundable.

How Long Can I Stay In Kyrgyzstan with a Transit Visa From India?

A Kyrgyzstan Transit Visa issued to Indian citizens allows you to stay in Kyrgyzstan for a maximum of  5 days, and it is non-extendable. 

This means that you are permitted to remain in Kyrgyzstan for a period of up to 7 days for transit purposes, and you cannot extend your stay beyond this duration using the same visa.

In Summary 

The Kyrgyzstan Transit Visa is a type of visa that allows travellers to pass through the territory of Kyrgyzstan on their way to a third country. It is designed for individuals who are not staying in Kyrgyzstan but must transit through the country to reach their final destination. 

The transit visa has a short validity period, up to 5 days, allowing travellers to complete their journey without an extended stay in Kyrgyzstan.

Government Source

At Atlys, we aim to simplify things by using AI to provide accurate information. We get our information from the Kyrgyzstan government, a reliable source. But keep in mind that government rules and fees might change.

To be safe, we suggest checking their official website for the latest updates before you apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can’t obtain a Transit visa on arrival. You must apply for the transit visa online before travelling to Kyrgyzstan.

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