Malaysia eNTRI Visa For Indians: Required Documents And Application Process


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Traveling to Malaysian and need to apply for a Malaysian eNTRI from India? Not sure where to start or what the requirements are for Indian citizens?

No stress! Today I'll discuss the most important points of the Malaysian eNTRI for Indians and how you can.

Do I Need A Visa For Malaysia? Yes, you do.

eNTRI visa price: USD 20 or INR 1595.

eNTRI visa processing time: 1-5 business days.

eNTRI visa validity: 15 days.

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Do Indians Need A Malaysia Visa?

Yes. Indian passport holders must apply for a visa before traveling to Malaysia because they cannot enter Malaysia without a valid visa.

How To Complete Your Malaysian eNTRI Visa in 30 Minutes?

If you're looking for a streamlined eNTRI visa application process, use Atlys when you apply for your Malaysia eNTRI Visa online for Indian from India.

With Atlys, you can complete your eNTRI visa application within 30 minutes or less. In addition, Atlys will ensure you meet the minimum visa requirements, eliminating any uncertainty.

To make sure that you meet the visa requirements and that your visa is not rejected. Atlys has these great tools that you can use for free.

You can also use the Visa photo Tool on Atlys:. It generates a perfect visa photo for you.

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An Overview Of The Malaysia Visa For Indians

In this blog, we will go in-depth into the Malaysian eNTRI to better understand the process and procedures to follow when applying for your Malaysia Visa.

What Is The Malaysian eNTRI Visa, And Why Do I Need It?

Electronic Travel Registration & Information, or eNTRI, is an online registration service that allows easy entry of Chinese and Indian citizens into Malaysia. If approved, the eNTRI only permits the Indian holder to enter Malaysia on a direct flight from India or via Brunei, Singapore, or Thailand airports.

What Are The Special Features Of An eNTRI Visa?

Please remember that the Malaysia eNTRI visa is only open to mainland Chinese nationals Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan are not included. You may apply for the eNTRI visa from anywhere in the world besides Singapore and Malaysia. It is valid for three months with a maximum stay of 15 days in Malaysia. The eNTRI visa is only valid for one entry.

Is There A Malaysian Visa On Arrival For Indians?

Yes, visa on Arrival facility is available for citizens of the People's Republic of China and India with the following conditions :

  • Visitors arriving in Malaysia via Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, or Brunei only (with a valid visa from either country)
  • Visitors coming in from either four countries through the entrance as follows:

Air Route

  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)
  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2)
  • Bayan Lepas International Airport, Pulau Pinang
  • Sultan Ismail, Senai Airport, Johor
  • Kota Kinabalu International Airport, Sabah
  • Kuching International Airport, Sarawak
  • Langkawi International Airport, Kedah
  • Miri Airport, Sarawak
  • Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, Selangor

Land Route

  • Tuas (Singapore) Sultan Abu Bakar Complex (Second Link)(Malaysia)
  • Immigration Control Post, Sungai Tujoh, Sarawak
  • Immigration, Customs, Quarantine and Security Complex (ICQS) Bukit Kayu Hitam, Kedah

Sea Route

Immigration Control Post, Labuan International Terminal Ferry ONLY

The Malaysia visa fees are RM200 (INR 3539), and visitors must show that they have at least USD 500 (INR 39840) cash or equivalent in Ringgit Malaysia and a confirmed return ticket.

Visitors are only allowed to stay for 15 days. Enforcement action based on the Immigration Act and Regulations will be taken against those who stay beyond the allowed duration.

What Is The Malaysian eNTRI Visa Fees For Indians?

The Malaysian eNTRI visa fees for Indian nationals are USD 20 or INR 1595.

What Is The Malaysia Visa Processing Time?

The Malaysia visit visa processing time for the online application is between 1 to 5 working days.

How Long Can I Stay In Malaysia?

With a Malaysian eNTRI, you will only be allowed to stay in Malaysian for a maximum of 15 days with a single entry.

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What Are The Malaysian eNTRI Visa Requirements For Indians?

When you start your application, you will first have to ensure that you meet the requirements to apply successfully for your visa application.

What Are The Documents Required For A 15-Day Malaysia Visa?

The Malaysia eNTRI visa process is online, so ensuring you have scanned copies is suggested. You can also use Camscanner or other apps to scan the documents.

When applying for a Malaysian eNTRI, you'll need to submit the following documents:

  • Passport-size photo. You can check the Malaysia visa photosize
  • Scan the front page of your passport.
  • Confirmed return flight ticket reservation.
  • A hotel reservation or other proof of accommodation in Malaysia is required.
  • A birth certificate is required in the case of a minor.
  • Proof of sufficient funds.
  • Depending on your country, you may be required to submit additional documents.

What Are The Passport Requirements To Travel To Malaysian From India?

Before starting your application, you must ensure your passport meets the following requirements.

  • Have a valid passport
  • Must be valid for 6 months after the departure date.
  • Must have 2 empty blank pages
  • Can not be valid for more than 10 years

What Are The Photo Requirements For A Malaysian eNTRI Visa?

When applying for your Malaysian eNTRI, your passport photo must be a specific size. The Malaysian eNTRI photo size must be 35 mm x 50mm. There are also some passport photo requirements, which are:

  • Your face must be centered, and take about 30-35 mm of the picture.
  • There must be about a 5 mm distance from the top of your head to the top of the picture.
  • There must be about 5-10 mm from your chin to the bottom of the picture.

What Are The Minimum Financial Requirements To Travel To Malaysian eNTRI Visa From India?

The Malaysian government does not specify the financial requirements for a Malaysia eNTRI visa, but the best would be to budget for about USD 60 (INR 4784) to 100 USD (INR 7973) per day.

What Are The Requirements For Minors Traveling To Malaysia?

Children under 18 years of age need to apply with the consent of at least one parent. The child's birth certificate is also required to prove the relationship between the two. The rest of the documents will be the same as an adult.

What's The Difference Between A Malaysia eVisa And A Malaysia eNTRI Visa?

Indians can qualify for both an eNTRI travel visa and a Malaysian eVISA. But, based on your purpose of visit and the length of your stay, tourists may want to apply for either one. For the distinction between an eVISA and an eNTRI visa or the sort of travel permission, visit the official website or keep reading.

Malaysia eNTRI Visa

The Malaysia eNTRI Visa is different from the Malaysia eVisa. The Malaysia eNTRI Visa has the following:

  • A maximum stay of 15 days.
  • A validity of three months.
  • A 1– 5 business days processing of the visa application form.
  • India as an option for entry.
  • Only one entry is permitted.

eVisa For Malaysia

We've established that there are some differences between these two visas. Let's take a look at the Malaysia eVisa for Indian citizens. The Malaysia eNTRI Visa has the following:

  • A maximum stay of 30 days.
  • A validity of three months.
  • A 2 or 7 days before processing of the application.
  • India is an option for entry.
  • Only one entry is permitted.

Any Indian national can apply for an eNTRI. Indian nationals can visit Malaysia for up to 15 days with the eNTRI visa waiver. The eNTRI permission is not renewable and can be used once.

It cannot be used after it expires, and you should wait three months before applying for a new eNTRI. The form is straightforward to fill out and should be printed and ready for presentation after applicants get their approved eNTRI visa waiver.

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How to Apply for the Malaysian eNTRI Visa?

So you understand all the documents you require, and now all you want to know is how do I apply for the Malaysian eNTRI Visa now. Well, let's take a look at how we can do it.

Where to Apply for the Malaysian eNTRI Visa?

To apply for your electronic visa application, you have two opportunities. First, you can complete your Malaysia visa application in one of the following ways:

How To Apply For Malaysian eNTRI Visa?

To start your application, you will have to visit either Atlys OR Malaysia government portal to start your online visa application.

  • Step 1: Register Your Malaysian eNTRI Visa Application Account
  • Step 2: Log In To Your Malaysian eNTRI Visa Application Account
  • Step 3: Begin Your Visa Application For Malaysian
  • Step 4: Provide Personal Information
  • Step 5: Family Information
  • Step 6: Provide Your Travel History
  • Step 7: Provide Your Accommodation In Malaysia
  • Step 8: Review Your Application
  • Step 9: Pay The Malaysian eNTRI Visa

Can You Apply For A Malaysian eNTRI Visa At The Malaysian Embassy In India?

To apply for the Malaysian eNTRI Visa, you won't be able to apply for it at the Malaysian embassy in India as this visa is only available online.

How To Check Malaysian eNTRI Visa Status?

To check your visa status, you will have to visit either Atlys OR Malaysia government portal to check your online visa application.

What happens when I Arrive in Malaysia?

The Malaysian immigration process will start after you leave the plane and enter the terminal building. You should have all your travel documents with you.

You must present yourself before the Malaysian immigration department officer at the border entry when you arrive (either by air or sea). You will be asked questions regarding your visit to Malaysia and explain the purpose of your visit.

You must take it upon yourself to ensure you have everything with you.

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Issues When Applying For A Malaysian eNTRI Visa

When applying for a Malaysian eNTRI Visa, you may experience some problems. I'm not saying that you will but that you could have some problems like:

  • Website is not working
  • Payment issues
  • Documents not uploading

We have a blog explaining what you must do when you run into these problems. Just click here. You can also apply for your Malaysian eNTRI visa for Indians with Atlys.

Is Malaysia Safe?

Yes, Malaysia is safe to travel to, but like most countries, you should always be vigilant and protect yourself.

Some Laws To Keep In Mind

When traveling to a new country, it is always best to research the law in that country so that you know what is allowed and what is not so that you don't get into tribal.

  • Indecent exposure
  • Drug laws
  • LGBTQI travelers and cross-dressing
  • Gambling

For a better understanding of the laws in Malaysia, visit this webpage click here.

Tips for Female Travelers in Malaysia

Malaysia is relatively safe for female travelers, but that being said, it does not mean that you cannot be vigilant and take precautions to protect yourself.

  • Don't walk with lots of cash
  • Stay on well-lit roads and busy roads with lots of people
  • Try not to have many valuables with you.
  • Don't show off your phone and hold it in your hand if you don't have to.

5 Must-Have Items to Pack for your Trip to Malaysia

When traveling to Malaysia, you might consider taking the following items with you on your trip:

  • Umbrella
  • Sunscreen.
  • light Long Sleeve Shirt.
  • Lightweight backpack
  • Comfortable shoes
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Happy Travels!

Now, you have successfully applied for your Malaysian eNTRI Visa application for Indians, and you are familiar with the conditions of your stay in Malaysia as an Indian tourist visiting Malaysia. You can finally start packing your bags and looking forward to your trip to Malaysia.

So, enjoy your short stay and explore Malaysia.

Written By: Laliq Schuman
Fact Checked By: Nikhita Rathod

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Time to Travel to Malaysia from India?

The best time to travel to Malaysia is between December and April.

Must See Attractions in Malaysia?

When planning your trip to Malaysia, don't forget about some of the must-see attractions so that you don't miss out on them.

  • Batu Caves, Selangor
  • Mount Kinabalu, Sabah
  • Perhentian Islands
  • Sipadan Island
  • Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak
  • Penang Hill
  • Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre, Sandakan
  • Kek Lok Si Temple, George Town
  • Langkawi SkyCab, Kedah
Can I Extend My Malaysian eNTRI Visa?

Unfortunately no, you will not be able to extend your Malaysian eNTRI Visa, so if you are looking to stay for more than 15 days in Malaysia, it's better to get an eVisa as it is valid for 30 days.

Do I Need A Flight Ticket To Apply For A Malaysian eNTRI Visa?

You will need an air ticket before applying for your Malaysian eNTRI Visa.

Should I Printout The eNTRI Note?

Yes, you do. After registering, you'll need to print the eNTRI Note, which acts as a visa and allows you to visit Malaysia. Unlike the Malaysian eVisa, however, you cannot register for an eNTRI at any time. Of course, you may apply for yet another eNTRI. Still, you should expect to wait three months from the last time tourists visited Malaysia with an eNTRI Visa.

How Long Can You Stay In Malaysia?

This will depend on the visa you have applied for and will determine how long you will be allowed to stay in Malaysia.

  • The Malaysian eNTRI visa will allow you to stay a maximum stay of 15 days. It is valid for 3 months.
  • The Malaysian eVisa application will allow you to stay for a maximum stay of 30 days. It is valid for 3 months.
What Are The Malaysia Visa On Arrival Fees?

VOA fees are RM200.00 (INR 3539), and visitors must show that they have at least USD 500 (INR 39840) cash or equivalent in Ringgit Malaysia and a confirmed return ticket.

When Must I Apply For A Malaysian eNTRI Visa?

You cannot apply for a Malaysian eNTRI visa 24 hours before departure. You should apply for Malaysian eNTRI registration at least 48 hours before your departure to Malaysia.

What Type Of Malaysian Visa Can Indians Apply For?

Many visa options are available for Indian nationals traveling to Malaysia. The type of visa you select depends on your purpose for visiting Malaysia and how long you would like to stay in Malaysia.

  • Single Entry Visa to Malaysia
  • Multiple Entry Visa to Malaysia (eVisa)
  • Transit Visa
  • Malaysia eNTRI visa (Electronic Travel Registration & Information)
  • Malaysia Visa upon Arrival
  • Malaysia eVisa Medical
Is There A Malaysian eVisa For Indians?

Yes, Indian nationals can apply for an eVisa through Atlys or the Malaysian Government portal.

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