Malta Visa for Indians - Malta Visa Fees, Appointments, and Processing Times


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The Republic of Malta, simply known as Malta, is a small island country in Europe, forming part of the European Union as well as the Schengen countries (which include Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Belgium, to name a few).

Malta lies between Italy and North Africa. Its capital city is called Valletta. The country is well known for its history, which features a plethora of rulers. Its pose in the Mediterranean sea makes it the perfect tourist hangout, especially with its azure waters and beaming sun.

Luckily, Indian citizens can grab this opportunity to visit the stunning island by applying for a Malta Visit Visa.

What is the Malta Tourist Visa?

The Malta Tourist Visa is a special visa that allows citizens from foreign countries to visit Malta, giving them consent from the Maltese government to enter, stay, and leave the country within a certain time frame. It is a short-stay visa meaning Indian passport holders will only be allowed to stay in Malta short-term with the Malta Visit Visa from India.

The Malta Tourist Visa for Indians is valid for 90 days while in the country. The purpose of the visa is to allow citizens from foreign countries to enter Malta with the intent of leisure, tourism, and business purposes.

How To Get Your Malta Visa Effortlessly

Obtaining your Malta Visa for Indians does not have to be a stressful mission. On the contrary, it can be a smooth and fast process, taking even less than a day to get everything done. Atlys makes this a reality so that you can spend more time traveling and basking in the sun along with other Indians in Malta.

The Malta Tourist Visa For Indians - The Basics

As with all visas, the Malta Visa for Indians has its requirements and process. Therefore, before applying for the visa, you need to know a few important yet basic things, which include the processing time, and the Malta Visa fees, to name a few.

Who Can Apply For The Malta Visa?

Not all nationalities need to apply for a Malta Tourist Visa. Some countries enjoy visa-free travel to Malta. These countries include the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, etc. Unfortunately, Indian citizens do not enjoy visa-free travel to Malta. As such, Indian citizens with valid passports have to apply for a Malta Visit Visa.

What Is The Processing Time Of The Malta Visa For Indians?

Generally, the Malta tourist visa takes about two weeks to be processed. Yet, in rare cases, it can take between 30 and even 60 days. Some cases that can cause a delayed Malta Visit Visa processing time:

  • A sudden demand for visas

  • Incorrect information or documents

  • A sudden pandemic (like COVID-19)

  • New visa policies and changes

What Are The Financial Requirements For The Malta Tourist Visa?

The financial requirements for the Malta Visit Visa are proof of financial means which shows that you can support yourself for the duration of your stay in Malta.

The average cost for one person for a week in Malta will cost about 133,000(INR), whereas a month in Malta will cost about 570,000(INR), with daily spending being 19,000(INR). Plus, you will need to pay a visa fee of about 13,400(INR).

Where Can I Apply For The Malta Visa For Indians?

You will be able to apply for the Malta tourist visa through VFS, where you will also be able to submit your application once it is completed. Alternatively, you can apply at a Malta embassy or consulate in India or a legitimate travel or visa agency such as Atlys.

Do I Need To Schedule A Visa Appointment?

Yes. Booking an appointment happens after you have completed your application form for the tourist visa for Malta. Appointments occur at Visa Applications Centers; you can schedule a visa appointment via VFS. This can sometimes be difficult as appointment slots are not always available. Your biometrics, such as fingerprints, will be captured at a visa appointment.

What Happens at A Visa Appointment?

Once you arrive at your visa appointment, you will need to submit your documents and attend a brief in-person interview where you will be asked questions about your plans to travel. Your biometric information, such as fingerprints and a clear digital photograph of you, will be taken and submitted.

When Should I Apply For The Malta Visa For Indians?

Typically, you will need to apply for the Malta Visa for Indians three months before your trip (bear in mind the processing time of the visa application process). Sometimes, your visa processing time might be delayed, which could cause you to miss your trip. As such, starting your Malta Tourist visa is best as soon as possible.

How Much Does The Malta Visa For Indians Cost?

For Indian passport holders, the Malta Visa for Indians can cost anywhere from 8,000 (INR) to 15,000 (INR), depending on where you apply, be it at a government agency, VFS, or a visa agency or travel agency. You must pay the Malta visa fees when submitting your application.

Steps To Apply For A Malta Tourist Visa

Step 1: Make Sure You Meet All The Requirements To Be Eligible For The Visa

The first step is essential because it is the foundation of the application process. Before any detailed planning can commence, you must ensure you meet all of the requirements for Indians in Malta. Not being the requirements will make you ineligible for the tourist visa; thus, your application will not even take off.

To meet the necessities for the Malta tourist visa for Indians, you need to be an Indian citizen who wants to go to Malta with the sole intent of visiting, whether it is to visit a friend or relative who lives in Malta or simply to unwind and relax on vacation.

A few other vital requirements are the means to pay for the visa fees and travel insurance. Visa applications can be a lengthy process, and it is also a well-known fact that traveling—especially to foreign countries outside of the continent—can be sapping when it comes to one’s wallet.

Paying the Malta visa fees during the application process ensures that the Malta Visa for Indians application will be done correctly and that the process will go smoothly (provided that requirements are met).

On the other hand, having travel insurance will ensure that both you and your belongings are covered in case there is an emergency, plus provide some sort of medical insurance, for example, getting sick while in Malta, or losing your luggage or documentation.

These examples are worst-case scenarios, but it’s the last thing you want to do while away from your home in India.

Step 2: Gather All The Required Documents

The second important step is to ensure that you have all the documents needed for the Malta Visa for Indians, which will improve your eligibility. These documents are as follows:

  • A Valid Passport: You’ll need to provide an Indian passport with a validity of at least 6 months after your planned date of departure from Malta. Be sure your passport is not close to its expiry date, has blank pages available, and is in good condition.

  • A Complete Application Form: For your visa application to be successful, you’ll need to submit a complete Schengen Visa application form. Be sure that the information you include is correct and accurate.

  • 2 Portrait photographs of yourself (must be passport size and taken against a white background)

  • Proof of accommodation: this shows where you will be staying for the period of your stay in the country. Documents you can submit are a hotel reservation or an Airbnb booking.

  • An invitation letter if visiting a friend or relative. The invitation letter must be written by a friend or relative who lives in Malta, stating that they approve of your tourist visa application. The letter also proves that you will be staying with someone but not overstaying your visit.

  • Proof of travel insurance

  • A completed application form

  • A document displaying income tax returns (if applicable)

  • Proof of a return ticket reservation: This is to prove that you will return back home out of Europe and not exceed your stay in the country

  • Proof of financial means: An income statement, a pay slip, bank statement, or any other relevant document that shows you are able to support yourself financially in Malta for the duration of stay.

  • Proof of employment: This consists of a salary slip and leaves letter from the employer if you are employed; registration certificate and financial documents if you are self-employed; pension statements and proof of retirement if you are retired

  • A cover letter that states the intention of your visit, the duration, and the locations you intend to go to, plus it makes your application look more professional.

  • Biometrics information (generally, you’ll need to submit your biometrics information during your appointment at the Embassy/Consulate or Application Center. This consists of your fingerprints)

Step 3: Fill In The Visa Application Form

Once you have gathered all the essential travel documents and met the visa requirements, you can officially start the process of applying for your tourist visa for Malta. An official visa application can be retrieved from an embassy of Malta in any major city (in India, that would be in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and others).

You can also do this online through an official government website.

Remember to make sure that the forms are from official websites only. In addition, you can also apply for a visa online through a legitimate travel or visa agency or any other visa service. You will also have to pay for this process, but all will be done for you to make sure you obtain the tourist visa for Malta. Fill in the form with all your credentials and attach a copy of any documents if required. Once you have completed the visa application form, you can submit it.

Step 4: Book A Visa Appointment

Next, you will need to book your visa appointment for your Malta Visa for Indians at a local visa center or with VFS. This is where your biometrics will be captured, such as your fingerprints. A photo of you will also be taken at the center. It is, therefore, a good idea to make sure you’re clean and presentable on the day of the appointment.

Make sure to arrive on time at the visa center, and if you have not yet paid your Malta visa fees, you can do so at the visa center. But in case you miss your appointment, you can always schedule a new appointment 24 hours later.

Step 5: The Waiting Game

Once you have completed the previous four steps, all you will have left to do is wait. There is no exact time period for how long you will be waiting for your Malta Visa for Indians to be approved, but on average, it takes between 10 to 15 days, excluding weekends and holidays.

Step 6: Collect Your Malta Visa For Indians

You will be notified when your visa application has been approved; then, you may collect your Malta Visit Visa from India at your local visa center or have it mailed to your doorstep, depending on your preference. When collecting your visa at the visa center, be sure to have your ID or any other relevant document of identification with you, as well as a receipt that you should obtain from the visa center on your prior visit.

Happy Travels

On your marks, get set, apply! You now know everything about traveling to Malta, and what requirements, documents, and other essential items you need as an Indian citizen to apply for the Malta Visa for Indians. You’re ready for international travel and to set foot on Maltese soil!

Written By: Vida Owusu
Fact Checked By: Naya Kumar

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Prepare For The Visa Appointment?

Preparing for your visa appointment does not have to pose a tedious task. It is important to arrive early. In fact, it is recommended that you arrive at the visa center at least fifteen minutes before the scheduled start time.

Secondly, make sure all your respective documents are with you on the day of the appointment and that you bring them with you.

These documents include:

  • A copy of your application form

  • A valid passport

  • Both copies and originals of any other supporting or additional documents

Is There A Visa On Arrival For Indians?

Currently, visa arrival for Indians in Malta is not available. Instead, Indians have the option of applying for the Malta Visit Visa from India.

What To Expect When Arriving In Malta?

After your plane lands at Malta International Airport, you will need to first go through the foreign arrival gate and check in at Immigration. Make sure to stand in the correct line and follow arrival protocols to avoid any hassles or issues. Next present your Malta Visa from India, passport, and any other valid documents; authorities at the airport will ask you a few questions in regards to your trip, be sure to answer these questions in a calm and confident manner and be honest. Then you are finally free to enter the country as another one of the Indians in Malta.

What To Do If My Malta Visa From India Is Denied?

Despite all the work and consideration that goes into visa applications, they do get rejected sometimes. If your Malta Visa from India is ever denied, you have the option of reapplying, although you will be required to pay the visa fees again, as with each application. An appeal can also be written and sent to the Malta Immigration Appeals Board.

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