Pakistan Visa For Indians: Eligibility & Application 2023

Last Updated : 04-Sept-2023

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Traveling to Pakistan from India is an exciting prospect, filled with the promise of exploring a rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes. However, before embarking on your journey, it's crucial to understand the Pakistan visa for Indians requirements, fees, and application process.

Type of Visa: Pakistan tourist visa for Indians.

Visa Validity: 3 months.

Pakistan Visa Fees: Rs. 120.

Pakistan Processing Time: 7-10 days.

Do You Need A Pakistan Visa For Indians?

Yes, all Indian passport holders who wish to visit Pakistan must get a valid visa. There are basic documents required you must have when you are applying for the visa.

A Pakistan tourist visa for Indians is a type of visa issued to individuals who wish to visit Pakistan for tourism and recreational purposes. It allows foreign travelers to explore the rich cultural heritage, natural wonders, and historical sites of Pakistan.

How To Check Eligibility For Pakistan Visa For Indians?

Indian citizens are not eligible for the Pakistan online visa. If you are an Indian citizen, you can enter Pakistan through designated entry points such as Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad (by air), Wagha (by road), or Karachi (by sea).

The mode of travel may vary, but the point of exit must be the same as the point of entry, except for air travel, where the exit may be allowed from a different airport with prior permission.

Can Indians Go To Pakistan?

Yes, Indian citizens can visit Pakistan. However, they are required to obtain a valid visa before traveling to Pakistan. The visa application process includes fulfilling specific eligibility requirements, submitting the necessary documents, and paying the applicable visa fees.

Can I Get A Pakistan Visa On Arrival?

No, Indians are not eligible for a Pakistan visa on arrival. Indians are required to obtain a Pakistan visa through the Embassy.

What Are The Pakistan Visa Requirements For Indian Citizens?

Those who wish to visit Pakistan must get a valid Pakistan visa. Here are the basic Pakistan visa requirements for Indian citizens to meet when you are applying for a Pakistan visa for Indians.

    Valid Passport: Your passport has to be valid for at least 1 year.

    Identity Proof: Copy of the PAN Card/Voter ID/ Driving License.

    Application Form: Duly filled out the Pakistan Visa application form.

    Passport Photo: Two color photographs, they must be passport-sized (45mm high x 35mm wide), recent and true likeness, showing full face, with no hat, helmet, or sunglasses, although you wear everyday glasses.

    Cover Letter: Covering letter explaining your travel purpose in Pakistan.

    Proof Of Funds: Original bank statement.

    Proof Of Accommodation: Hotel reservation, proof of accommodation during your stay in Pakistan.

Requirements According To Your Employment

    If you're self-employed, you need to have a business registration such as a registration license or partnership deed. The company bank statement needs to be stamped and be of 6 months with the bank seal. Lastly, the company income tax returns of at least 3 years.

    If you're employed, you need the leaving certificate with the company seal for a private company and a copy of clearance for the head of the department for government employees.

    If you're visiting a friend or relative, you must get the Invitation letter: stating the relationship with the Inviter and the purpose of visiting the country, ID proof of the Inviter such as a passport or residence permit, and proof of address of the Inviter such as the utility bill.

    If you're sponsored, you'll have the sponsorship Letter, which includes the name of the visitors, the purpose of the visit, relationship with the visitors, length of stay, and dates of travel. The sponsor's ID Proof such as a Pakistani passport or resident Permit, and proof of address from the Inviter such as the utility bill. Lastly, the proof of financial support such as the latest bank statement or pay slips.

Visa application forms for getting a visa either through the interior division or the Pakistan mission

Pakistan Visa Photo Requirements

Here are the general photo requirements for a Pakistan visa:

    Size: 45 x 35 mm.

    Background: Plain white or off-white.

    Facial expression: Neutral expression with both eyes open.

    Position: Centered face directly facing the camera.

    Clothing and accessories: Normal clothing, no head covering unless for religious purposes, no sunglasses.

    Quality: Color, clear, and high-quality image.

    Recent: Taken within the last six months.

    Affixing: Use glue or adhesive tape, do not staple.

    Prescription glasses: Permitted if they do not obscure the eyes.

How To Get Pakistan Visa From India?

The High Commission of Pakistan in New Delhi is the visa-issuing authority in India. So, your Application must be made to the High Commission. However, in certain cases, the High Commission may demand your physical presence and also may ask you to attend an interview.

Step 1: Fill Out The Application

Download and fill out the visa application form in Capital letters (four copies). Do not leave any column empty.

Step 2: Pay The Pakistan Visa Fee

To pay the applicable Pakistan visa cost (Rs. 120/- per entry for Indian citizens), deposit/credit the amount to RBL Bank, Vasant Vihar Branch, New Delhi. Use IFSC Code: RATN0000182, A/C No. 409000494121 in the name of High Commission for Pakistan, New Delhi.

Alternatively, pay by credit/debit card at the High Commission, New Delhi (an additional 3% will be charged for bank processing fees).

Step 3: Submit Your Application

Along with the completed Pakistan visa form, the documents, and the Pakistan visa fees for Indians, visit the Pakistan High Commission during the working days.

Step 4: Wait For Your Visa

Wait for your visa to be processed. The high commission or embassy will return the two copies of the application form to you with your Pakistan visa. However, you must give one of the copies to the Pakistan Immigration Officer on arrival and to the police registration office.

The Pakistan embassy and the high commission deal with Pakistan visa services related to all the week working days, Monday to Friday.

Overview Of The Visa For Pakistan From India

This section explains everything you need to know about the Pakistan visa from India.

What Are The Pakistan Visa Fees For Indians?

The Pakistan single entry visa is Rs. 120.

To pay the applicable Pakistan visa cost (Rs. 120/- per entry for Indian citizens), deposit/credit the amount to RBL Bank, Vasant Vihar Branch, New Delhi. Use IFSC Code: RATN0000182, A/C No. 409000494121 in the name of High Commission for Pakistan, New Delhi.

What Is The Processing Times For Pakistan Visa For Indians

Indian Nationals' visa average processing time for a visa is 7-10 days.

They can ask to appear for an interview if required. Kindly note that if they return your Application for review, the set processing time will apply again. The processing time will re-start from the date you resubmit your Application.

The Application will stand canceled if the applicant doesn't resubmit their Application within seven (7) days from the date of the Application sent for review.

What Is The Pakistan Visa Validity?

The Pakistan tourist visa is valid for a stay of 3 months.

All visas are valid for entry into Pakistan for 6 Months from the date of issue.

Types Of Visa In Pakistan For Indians

Here are the types of Pakistan visas for Indians by the government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan:

    Visitor Visa: Pakistan issues the visitor visa to Indian nationals who want to travel to Pakistan to meet relatives, friends, or for any other legitimate purpose. This Visitor visa is also given to business Indian business people for six months with three entries into Pakistan.

    Transit Visa: Pakistan issues the transit visa to Indian nationals who are proceeding to India by air or sea through Pakistan. It is valid for two entries in the city/port of entry for 72 hours.

    Tourist Visa: A non-extendable tourist visa issuance by the high commission in New Delhi through the approved travel agents or operators. It is valid for 14 days.

    Business Visa: is given to those who have a letter from the company/organization in Pakistan sponsoring the applicant stating the purpose of the visit is required.

    Student Visa: Is granted after you obtain the NOC (request for NOC for movement of Foreigners in restricted or prohibited areas) from the ministry of education/economics affairs division. It depends on the department you will be studying in Pakistan. And the foreign mission in Pakistan in India and security clearance.

    Work Visa: The Ministry of Interior authorizes Pakistan Missions in India. The grant entry work visas; it's extendable every year in Pakistan. Therefore, the Board of Investment will expeditiously process work visa applications within four weeks and recommend to the Ministry of Interior for visa authorization to the concerned Mission. The visa advice is, however, issued by the Ministry of Interior to Pakistan Mission abroad as per the recommendation of BOI in case of a new entry visa and Regional Passport Offices (RPOs) in case of visa extension.

What Happens After Applying For The Pakistan Visa For Indians?

On arrival, the immigration formalities are mandatory.

    In certain cases, police registration is required.

    As an Indian national, you must have USD 45 or equivalent in foreign exchange upon entry.

    Additionally, as an Indian national, you must report to the police registration office within 24 hours of arriving in Pakistan and before departing or arriving at each subsequent place you visit in Pakistan.

    You will need to provide a copy of the National Identity Card (NIC) of the sponsor for the Indian national.

    Your original passport must be valid for at least 1 year.

    The immigration officer may ask you questions about your visit. If everything is in order, you will receive an entry stamp or permit allowing you to enter the country.

All Done!

Obtaining a Pakistan visa for Indian citizens is a crucial step in planning your trip to this vibrant country. By understanding the eligibility requirements, visa fees, and application process outlined in this guide, you are well-equipped to navigate the visa application journey with confidence.

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Yes, Indians are allowed to visit Pakistan. However, it is essential for Indian citizens to obtain a valid visa before traveling to Pakistan.

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