Qatar Work Visa For Indians: Costs, Visa Requirements, And How To Apply


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Qatar is a country in the Middle East with the capital city of Doha. It is well known for its gas and oil. It is a very safe country to travel to for both tourism and work endeavors. This blog will look at how people from other countries can work in Qatar, specifically Indian citizens.

What Is The Qatar Work Visa?

There are different visas in Qatar available for foreign passport holders, such as the Qatar Tourist Visa, the Qatar Business Visa and Employment Visa, the Qatar Family Visa, Qatar Visa on Arrival and the Qatar Residence Visa. But in this blog, we will focus on the Qatar Work Visa. The Qatar Work Visa is a travel document that allows people from other countries to be legally employed in Qatar.

Can Indians Work In Qatar?

Yes. Indian citizens are more than welcome to work in Qatar, provided that they have a job offer, valid documents, the Qatar Work Visa for Indians, and a Residence Permit, all of which will be discussed in detail later in this blog.

Get Your Qatar Work Visa Under 10 Minutes

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Everything To Know About The Qatar Work Visa For India

Qatar is a country like no other. Before you can dive into applying for your Qatar Work Visa for Indians, there are a few things you need to know about this type of visa to make sure you are prepared to travel.

What Is The Cost For The Qatar Work Visa For Indians?

For Indians, the Qatar Work Visa costs about 19,500 (INR). This includes the fee for both the Work Visa and the Residence Permit, which you will need to work in Qatar. The costs may be subject to change depending on exchange rates and where you apply for your Work Visa.

How Long Is The Qatar Work Visa Valid For?

The Qatar Work Visa for Indians is a single entry visa that is valid for a maximum of 90 days, and it can be renewed to last an additional 2 months. This is mostly applicable to those who plan to work in Qatar for a limited amount of time.

What Is The Qatar Work Visa Processing Time For Indians?

The processing time of the Qatar Work Visa depends on your employer’s company and the country of your nationality. Because of this, processing times may vary between different applications, but on average, it takes a couple of weeks for the Qatar Work Visa for Indians to be processed.

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Where Can I Apply For The Qatar Work Visa For Indians?

Indians can apply for the Qatar Work Visa at their local Qatar Embassy or Immigration Department in Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, or any other Indian city. You can also apply through a visa service like Atlys, where the whole process will be done for you.

What Are The Requirements For Indians To Work In Qatar?

There is a list of documents and requirements that every foreign national must meet for their visa application, and the same case goes for Indian citizens applying for the Work Visa for Qatar from India. You will need the following documents:

Requirements For The Qatar Work Visa For Indians

  • A valid passport
  • A job offer from your employer
  • 2 passport-size photographs of yourself against a white background
  • A completed visa application form
  • Proof of sufficient funds (in the form of a bank statement that shows you will be able to support yourself financially while in the country)
  • A medical certificate (this is to show you are fit to work)
  • A copy of your employer’s passport and trade license
  • An employment contract
  • Your biometric information (fingerprints and a photograph)
  • Additional documents (this will be in the form of any licenses or academic certificates)
  • Proof of accommodation or hotel booking

Requirements For The Qatar Residence Permit For Indians

  • A valid passport
  • 2 passport-size photographs of yourself
  • A Qatar Work Visa
  • Proof of your business or company’s registration
  • An Immigration Card from your employer
  • A copy of your medical certificate

How To Apply To Work In Qatar For Indians

After acquiring all the relevant documents, you can proceed with the application process. The visa application process for the Qatar Work Visa is different from most visa applications, so the process will appear to be strange. But in this post, we have explained the entire process in 6 easy steps.

Step 1: Gather The Required Documents

This is the most important part of your application, as it forms the foundation of the visa application. Without all your documents, you will not meet visa requirements; it is important that you have all the correct documents for your Qatar Work Visa Application for Indians; otherwise, your application will not be considered by the Qatari government.

Step 2: Register With The Qatar Immigration Department

Unlike most visa applications, Qatar has a different method of applying for work visas. After gathering all the relevant documents, your employer in Qatar will need to register with the Ministry of Interior at the Qatar Immigration Department to get 2 important documents.

These documents are known as an Immigration Card and a Representative Card.

Step 3: Complete The Application For The Qatar Work Visa

Once your employer has successfully registered and obtained the Representative Card and the Immigration Card, they will need to complete the application process for the Qatar Work Visa for Indians on your behalf. Therefore they will need you to make sure your employer has the correct documents.

Your employer will proceed with the application process at the Qatar Ministry of Labor which needs to be done in Arabic.

Step 4: Get Your Qatar Work Visa

Once the application is approved, your employer will have a Work Permit ready for you and your Qatar Work Visa for Indians. However, you will not be able to start working just yet; you will need a Residence Permit before you can gain employment in Qatar.

Step 5: Apply For Your Residence Permit

Once you have your Qatar Work Visa, you can travel to Qatar. Once in Qatar, you will need to apply for a Residence Permit. Your work company can do this on your behalf too. Applying for the Residence Permit also takes place at the Ministry of Labor.

Step 6: Get Your Qatar Residence Permit

After the approval of your application for the Residence Permit, you will be able to work freely in Qatar. Your Residence Permit will need to be renewed independently by you. Keep in mind that your Residence Permit should be with you at all times while you work in case authorities ask you questions.

Enjoy Your Stay In Qatar

Traveling to other countries is always so exciting, and now you are more than ready to travel to Qatar with your Qatar Work Visa and Residence Permit. Happy Travels!

Written By: Vida Owusu
Fact Checked By: Naya Kumar

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Work For Other Business While In Qatar?

Your Qatar Residence Permit only allows you to work with the specific company that you applied through. So working for another company will mean you will have to apply for the permit again.

What Do I Need To Know Before Travelling To Qatar?

Qatar has many strict rules implemented for religious purposes, and even as a foreigner, it is important that you heed these rules. Certain things such as alcohol and wearing revealing clothing are prohibited.

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