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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) a fascinating country with a rich culture and history. And, if you're planning a trip to Saudi Arabia, you'll need to know more about the Saudi visa for Indians.

So I created this blog to provide in-depth information on the Saudi Arabia visa for Indians. So let's begin without wasting any time.

Do Indians Need A Visa For Saudi Arabia?

Yes. Indian passport holders traveling to Saudi Arabia must obtain a visa before their trip. Additionally, India does not belong to a visa-exempt country, meaning a valid visa is mandatory.

While the process may seem daunting, it's quite straightforward.

By following a few simple steps in this blog, you can easily obtain your visa and start planning your trip to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia Sky Line

How To Get A Saudi eVisa For Indians Effortlessly?

If you're looking for a hassle-free way to get your Saudi tourist visa for Indians, Atlys is the app for you! With Atlys, you can easily apply for a visa and get real-time updates on the status of your application.

With Atlys, you can use the following tool with no additonal cost:

You can also find out all the requirements for getting a visa for your desired country. So download the Atlys app for a Saudi visa today and make your travel dreams a reality!

Saudi Arabia visa application on Atlys

An Overview Of The Saudi Visa For Indians

Before jumping straight into the nitty-gritty of the Saudi visa application, let us first take a quick glance at some other things, such as:

Saudi Arabia tourist destination

What Is The Saudi Visa And Why Do I Need It?

A Saudi visa is an official document allowing the holder to enter the country legally. Without a valid visa, you cannot even board your flight.

If you somehow manage to get to KSA, the immigration officers will deny you entry. And you'll be deported back to India to apply for a relevant visa.

Also, remember that deportation can affect your future visa applications.

What Type Of Saudi Visa Can Indians Apply For?

The types of visas Indians can apply for depend on the purpose of their visit to the country. And the validity of a particular Saudi visa will vary accordingly.

The Saudi Arabia visa types available for Indians are:

  • Saudi Business Visit Visa: Allows you to visit the country for short-term business trips. You cannot work on this visa type.
  • Saudi Educational Visa: Allows you to take educational courses or study in the country.
  • Saudi Family Visit Visa: Allows you to stay in the country with family members for the long term.
  • Saudi Hajj Visa: Allows you to visit the country for the Hajj pilgrimage.
  • Saudi Medical Visa: Allows you to visit the country for medical or treatment purposes.
  • Saudi Resident Visa: Allows you to take permanent residence in the country.
  • Saudi Tourism Visit Visa: Allows you to visit the country for tourism purposes only.
  • Saudi Transit Visa: Allows you to transit through the airport if your stayover is longer than 12 hours.
  • Saudi Umrah Visa: Allows you to visit the country for the Umrah pilgrimage.
  • Saudi Visit Visa: Allows you to visit friends and family for a short term. And they can apply for it online on your behalf on the MOFA portal.
  • Saudi Work Visa: Allows you to live and work in the country long term. You can also check out our Saudi work visa blog.

For the sake of this blog, we'll be focusing on the Saudi visit visa for Indians for tourism or short visits.

Is There A Saudi Visa On Arrival (VoA) For Indians?

Yes. However, not all Indian citizens can apply for a Saudi VoA for Indians.

Indian citizens that meet the eligibility criteria can apply for a Saudi visa on arrival (VoA) for Indians:

  • Indian citizen must have a valid visa for the USA, United Kingdom, or Schengen country
  • Visa must be valid at the time of arrival in Saudi Arabia
  • It is a valid tourist visa or business visa for the mentioned countries
  • The visa has been utilized or used to enter the issuing country at least once
  • The passport must have an entry stamp from the issuing country
  • You are arriving in Saudi Arabia on a national air carrier such as Flyadeal, Saudia, Flynas, or SaudiGulf
  • You have an international credit card or MADA to pay visa fees

Is There A Saudi eVisa For Indians?

No. India is not on the eligible countries list for a Saudi eVisa. Meaning Indians must apply for an embassy-issued Saudi visa.

But you can get around this by using Atlys to apply for a Saudi visa directly from your phone.

What Are The Saudi Arabia Visa Fees For Indians?

The Saudi Arabia visa fees for Indians are different for each visa type. They must be paid to authorized/registered visa agents in India. You do not pay any visa fees to the Embassy.

The different Saudi visa fees for Indians are as follows:

  • Consulate visa: SAR 300
  • VIP Business Visa: SAR 1000
  • Business Visa Multiple Entry: SAR 500
  • Business Visa Single Entry: SAR 200
  • Work, Residency, Transit, and Student: SAR 50
  • Government, Hajj, and Umrah: Free of Cost
  • Saudi visa on arrival for Indians costs SAR 480

The Saudi Arabia visa fees for Indians are included in the visa application fees paid to the visa agents. Lastly, the visa fees are non-refundable.

What Is The Saudi Visa Processing Time?

The Saudi visa for Indians can take 3 to 5 days to process. However, remember that each visa application is different, and sometimes the visa processing can take up to 3 weeks.

Additionally, the visa application goes through authorized travel agents and could take a few extra days. So I suggest you plan accordingly and start your visa application at least a month before your trip.

What Is The Saudi Visa Validity For Indians?

The Saudi visa validity is related to the type of visit permits you have applied for.

Generally, the Saudi visa validity of a single entry Saudi visit visa for Indians is 90 days, allowing you to stay in the country for 30 days.

Whereas a multiple entry visa is valid for 365 days. It allows you to stay in the country for 90 days.

Saudi Visa Requirements For Indians

Something to know about the Saudi Arabian Embassy is that they are quite strict when granting visas.

Any missing or incorrect documents in your visa application could mean rejection. You can use Atlys to help you gather the required documents.

Hence, I suggest you read everything carefully to have all the correct documents for the visa application.

Saudi Arabia Landscape at night

What Are The Required Documents For A Saudi Visa For Indians?

Firstly, to be able to apply for a Saudi visit visa for Indians, you must be 18 years or older.

And must submit the following documents:

You can use Atlys to help you gather the required documents.

What Are The Passport Requirements For A Saudi Visa For Indians?

Your original passport should meet the following requirements when applying for a Saudi visit visa for Indians:

  • Passport must have 6 months validity from the time of visa application
  • There are a minimum of two blank pages in your passport
  • The blank pages must be facing each other
  • Additionally, the passport must be valid for 6 months at the time of entering Saudi Arabia

What Are The Photo Requirements For A Saudi Visa For Indians?

The passport-sized photographs must meet the following requirements when applying for a Saudi visit visa for Indians:

  • You must have a minimum of TWO passport-size photographs
  • The photo must be on a white background
  • The photos must be 2-inch x 2-inch (5cm x 5cm)
  • The photo must show your full face with eyes clearly visible
  • Must be attached or stapled loosely to the filled visa application form

Use the Atlys visa photo tool to get a perfect passport-sized photograph generated for you for free!

What Are The Minimum Financial Requirements For A Saudi Visa For Indians?

There is no specified amount mentioned by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs related to Saudi tourist visas for Indians.

However, you would need to provide the bank statements received from the bank with a seal or bank stamp. The bank statements should reflect enough finances to cover your or your family's trip (if you sponsor them).

What Are The Requirements For Minors Applying For A Saudi Visa For Indians?

Only Indian citizens above 18 years can apply for a Saudi visa themselves. Meaning that parents or guardians must apply on behalf of the minor.

They would need to provide the following required documents:

  • A certified letter of consent from BOTH parents if the minor is traveling alone
  • A certified letter of consent from the other parent if the minor is traveling with ONE parent
  • Must provide a copy of the unabridged birth certificate for visa application
  • Must carry unabridged birth certificate when traveling

How To Apply For A Saudi Visa For Indians?

Finally, you have made your way to what you wanted to find out -How to..

So here is all you need to know:

Saudi Arabia 4.jpeg

Where Can I Apply For A Saudi Visa For Indians?

There are a few ways Indians can apply for a Saudi tourist visa from India:

  • Atlys: You can apply directly from your phone instead of finding alternate ways or going through visa agents. The visa application takes no longer than 10 minutes.
  • Registered Travel Agents: The Embassy of KSA has a list of approved visa agents that provides visa services.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs or MOFA website: If you have a family member who is a resident or citizen in Saudi Arabia, then they can apply on the online portal. However, this visa application must go through the Chamber of Commerce in KSA to be approved before the visa is granted.

Remember that Indians cannot apply for a Saudi visa directly at the Embassy of Saudi Arabia. All visa applications must come through registered agents when applying in India yourself.

Saudi Arabia Visa Application on the MOFA platform

How To Apply For A Saudi Visit Visa For Indians?

So if you are going to apply for a Saudi visa yourself, you only have two points. Directly on Atlys or through a registered travel agent.

Unless you have a friend or family member in KSA who can apply for you online.

If you have decided to apply for your visa through a registered travel agent, you must:

STEP 1: Have The Required Documents

Get the most tedious task out of your way. Which is gathering all the required documents for the visa application.

Remember, incorrect or incomplete documents can lead to the visa application being denied. And the Embassy of Saudi Arabia is quite strict regarding granting visas.

STEP 2: Fill Out The Visa Application Form

Once your documents are ready, complete the KSA visa application form.

The form must be filled out with a pen or on an application such as adobe, and then it must be printed out.

Here’s what the visa form looks like:

Saudi Arabia Visa Application Form

STEP 3: Find A Registered Travel Agent

Now everything should be ready on your side.

So it is time to find a registered travel agent in India that can apply for a Saudi visa for you.

STEP 4: Submit And Pay For Visa Application

It is crucial that the visa application comes through a visa agent and that you do not submit it directly at the embassy.

And finally, you must pay the visa agent the relevant Saudi visa fees for Indians.

The visa fees are generally included in the service fees charged by the visa agent. Hence it is best to use Atlys to avoid too many steps and see where you are spending your money.

STEP 5: Wait For The Visa Process

The travel agent would then send the visa application to the Embassy in New Delhi or the consulate in Mumbai.

The visa process could take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks, depending on the merit of your visa application and travel agent.

STEP 6: Receive Saudi Visa For Indians

And you did it!

Once the visa is approved, your visa agent will give you your passport with a valid Saudi visa for Indians.

I am not trying to sell you on it, but honestly, Atlys is the easiest way to apply for any visa. So just try and see how easy the entire process is.

Can You Apply For A Saudi Visa At The Embassy?

No. Indian citizens cannot apply for a Saudi visa directly at the Embassy. Instead, they must go through the visa agents to apply for one.

Can Indians Apply For Saudi eVisa Online?

No. Only 49 countries are eligible to apply for a Saudi eVisa. And India is NOT on this list, meaning you'd have to apply in India at the Embassy of Saudi Arabia.

Can Indians Apply For Saudi Visa On Arrival?

Yes. There is a Saudi VoA available for Indians.

You can apply for a Saudi visa on arrival upon reaching the international airport in Saudi Arabia. Indians must meet the requirements for Saudi VoA to apply for it.

You must head to the designated VoA immigration counter upon arrival in Saudi Arabia to apply for the visa.

Remember that you cannot pay the visa fees in cash. Instead, you must have an international credit card or MADA card.

How To Do Saudi Visa Status Check?

Since Indian citizens cannot apply for a Saudi eVisa, there is no way to do a Saudi visa check online. But, if you have applied for your visa on Atlys, you can follow your visa application on your phone.

However, if a citizen or resident has applied for a visa for you on the MOFA platform, they can check the Saudi visa status online. To check the visa status, they must:

  • Visit the MOFA platform.
  • On the homepage, you will find 'Query: Inquiry for applied requests.'
  • Here, you must provide detail for Inquiry type, Application Number, ID Number, and Captcha.
  • Click on 'Search' to check the Saudi visa status
Saudi visa application status check on MOFA

Alternatively, you can also do the following:

  • Visit the MOFA platform.
  • On the homepage, click on 'Login.'
  • Then click on the 'Individual login.'
  • Provide your account information
  • You will be able to check the Saudi visa status
Saudi Arabia visa application status check on MOFA 2

Important Notes On Saudi Visa From India

Now you basically know everything about the visa application process for a Saudi visa for Indians.

But there a still a few things you should know about your visa. Let me highlight those:

  • You must be a minimum of 18 years to apply for a Saudi visa.
  • You can only apply through registered travel agents.
  • Do not provide any false information provided in your application.
  • Do not submit an incomplete visa application.
  • The Saudi visa fees for Indians are non-refundable.
  • Indians cannot apply for a Saudi eVisa.
  • A visa application for each individual must be submitted and paid for.
  • You cannot overstay the validity of your Saudi visa.

What Happens When I Arrive In Saudi?

Now you have your visa and are ready to travel to Saudi. But what happens then?

Here are some of the things you should have and expect:

  • You must have a valid visa to travel to the country.
  • Your passport must have a minimum of 6 months of validity.
  • You must have valid travel insurance.
  • Do not forget your travel itinerary.
  • Minors must have a certified letter of consent to enter the country.
  • The flight crew conducts visa checks before boarding the flight.
  • The Saudi visa for Indians does not guarantee your entry into the country.
  • The Saudi immigration officers check your visa and passport validity at the checkpoint.
  • The immigration officers have the right to deny your entry into the country.
  • You can enter the country once your passport is stamped.

Issues When Applying For A Saudi Visa From India

Not all visa applications are simple, and some hiccups along the way are common.

However, some issues can delay the visa application or even get rejected. So let us look at some of the common issues:

  • You are not eligible for the visa types you are applying for.
  • You cannot find a registered travel agent near you; hence, I strongly recommend Atlys.
  • You do not have the right passport-sized photograph.
  • If you have a criminal record in India, it could lead to visa rejection.
  • You were previously denied entry into Saudi Arabia.
  • You do not have sufficient funds to cover your trip.
  • The visa application form is incomplete or not filled out correctly.
  • You do not have all the required documents.
  • Your purpose of the visit is unclear to the KSA embassy.
  • You did not provide acceptable documents for the minor.
  • You have previously traveled to Israel.
  • You have an Israeli stamp on your passport.

What Are The COVID-19 Entry Requirements For Saudi Arabia

Finally, Saudi Arabia has also lifted all of the covid19-related rules in the country.

So, what does that mean?

This means the following has changed if you are visiting for tourism purposes:

  • The mask mandate is no longer in place.
  • You do not need proof of vaccinations to enter the country.
  • You do not need a negative covid19 test result to enter the country.
  • However, if you wish, you can still register on the Arrival Form on Muqeem Portal.
  • You do not have to get tested upon arrival.
  • You do not have to quarantine upon arrival in KSA.
  • Regardless, you must carry proof of covid19 vaccination.

If you are visiting the country for religious pilgrims such as Umrah, you must follow the below-mentioned regulations:

  • You must have certified proof of covid19 vaccinations
  • The allowed vaccines are Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, or Jansson.
  • If you do not have certified proof of vaccination, you must undergo a mandatory 5-day quarantine.
  • You must also undergo a PCR test on your quarantine's first and fifth day.
  • Pilgrims must also have medical or travel insurance covering costs of covid19-related treatments.
  • You can find additional information on Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.

Remember that the covid19 rules can be unpredictable and can be changed at any time. Hence, you must stay up to date with covid19 requirements. Also, always check with the airlines to check if there are any regulations you must follow to board your flight.

Things To Know Before Traveling To Saudi Arabia

Now you know everything about the visa application process, you are ready to travel to Saudi Arabia.

But I thought of adding additional information that would be helpful on your trip to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia 5.jpeg

Is Saudi Arabia Safe?

Saudi Arabia is generally safe for tourists, including solo women traveling. However, specific areas in the country can be considered unsafe due to terrorist activities and the conflict with Yemen.

So avoid the following places:

Saudi-Yemen border; Cities of Abha, Jizan, Najran, and Khamis Mushayt; Abha airport; Qatif in the Eastern Province and its suburbs, including Awamiyah.

Crime rates are relatively low, and the major cities are considered safe.

However, you must understand that it is an Islamic country, and everyone follows Sharia law.

But, the government has made many recent reforms, giving citizens more freedom. Such as the reforms in women's rights, working rights, criminal justice, etc.

Also why, the government has launched the Saudi eVisa to boost tourism in the country.

Some Saudi Arabian Laws To Keep In Mind

If you want to stay out of trouble in a foreign country, I suggest you follow all the rules.

Hence, I laid out some rules for you to remember:

  • You must not drink alcohol in public places or appear drunk.
  • Do not take or own drugs.
  • You must wear conservative clothes or be dressed appropriately in public places.
  • Do not show display of affection when in public places.
  • Do not take photographs of any women, children, government authorities, or buildings without permission.
  • Do not bring in any items deemed inappropriate or illegal by the KSA customs.
  • During Ramadan, do not eat, drink or smoke in public places between sunrise and sunset.
  • Do not preach or speak against the Saudi Royal family, local laws, customs, or religion.
  • Remember that same-sex relations are not allowed; hence LGBTQ+ travelers must remain careful on the trip.
  • Do not overstay the visa validity and do not participate in activities against what is allowed in the visa.
  • You must declare if you are bringing in or taking out money amounting to SAR 60000 in Saudi Arabia.
  • Always carry your passport or ID document with you in case of any emergency.
  • Keep in mind the Sharia Law

If you find yourself in any trouble, you must contact the Indian Embassy in Riyadh or the Consulate General of Indians in Jeddah.

What Is The Best Time To Travel To Saudi Arabia From India?

India is hot, and so is Saudi Arabia, if not hotter.

The weather in Saudi Arabia can be quite extreme during the summer months. The Summer starts in April when the temperature is bearable until October when it starts cooling down.

So I think the best time to travel to Saudi Arabia is during the Winter months. Winter starts around November and ends after February making it perfect for holidays.

Must See Attractions In Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia has many hidden gems, including UNESCO World Heritage sites. Saudi Tourism Authority website has many activities and tours you can book or check out.

Some of the top destinations in Saudi Arabia that you must have on your bucket list are:

Mecca, Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Abha, Khobar, Diriyah, Jizan, Al Bahah, Jubail, Dhahran, Al Balad, Hofuf, and Qatif

Tips For Female Travelers In Saudi Arabia

As a fellow woman, I can know how traveling solo gives you a sense of freedom. And I also know that it has its own challenges.

So I decided to add not only tips but also a few other things that have changed in KSA to be mindful of:

  • You do not need a male to accompany you on your trip, meaning you can embark on the solo trip.
  • Women can also book their hotel room, so you can stay at any hotel of your choice.
  • Women no longer need to wear an abaya when traveling in public in the country.
  • However, you must carry long sleeve clothes and a scarf when visiting religious sites.
  • You can now take your international driving license to rent a car and travel around.
  • Major cities have come a long way and are safer than rural areas.
  • Though segregation is not required, this rule is still followed, so you cannot be on the men's side.
  • If you find yourself in a difficult situation, take a video of the person and tell them you’ll file a complaint at the police station.
  • Be careful engaging with local men; keep your distance from men if you do not feel comfortable.

5 Must-Have Items To Pack For Your Trip To Saudi Arabia

Packing for any trip is difficult if you do not know what to expect. So I have made it easier for you by shortening the list of items you should consider carrying:

1. Important Documents: This should always be at the top of your list. Remember to carry the necessary documents such as passport, ID, travel itinerary, accommodation proof, etc.

2. Money: Though it is easier to pay for your travel expenses beforehand, there could be unexpected expenses, so plan accordingly. You can use international credit cards but also carry some cash that you can use when visiting local markets or small shops.

3. Self-care Items: Do not forget to pack some high SPF sunscreen, medication, toiletries, and cosmetic items that you use every day.

4. Appropriate Wardrobe: Make sure you pack for the weather as KSA can get very hot in certain months. Pack loose clothes for the day and pack a cardigan or jacket for nighttime when it can get chilly. Do not forget some comfortable shoes.

5. Prayer Essential: If you are planning to visit religious sites, I suggest you pack clothes that cover your body. You can also pack some head coverings such as scarves. Also, pack your prayer mat, holy Quran, and the Tasbeeh beads.

Enjoy Your Trip!

And that is everything! So, if you're planning a trip to Saudi Arabia, now you have all the information you need to start planning your trip!

Good luck, and enjoy your trip!

Written By: Nikhita Rathod

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need A Sponsor To Apply For A Saudi Tourist Visa For Indians?

Indian citizens do not need a sponsor when applying for a Saudi Arabia tourist visa in India.

Do I Need A Sponsor To Apply For A Saudi Visit Visa For Indians?

Yes, for a family/personal visit visa you need a sponsor in Saudi. If you have friends or family members who wish to invite you; then they can sponsor you and apply for your visit visa online on the MOFA platform.

Can I Extend A Saudi Visa For Indians?

Yes, Indian citizens can extend their Saudi visit visa on the Online Platform. However, remember that this is only possible for a family visit visa

What If I Overstay My Saudi Visa Validity?

The duration of stay of Saudi Arabian visa holders depends on the visa type, purpose of visit, and validity of their visa. In case you overstay your visa, you will need to pay overstay fees of SAR 100 for each day you overstayed. In extreme cases, you could be penalized, jailed, deported, and never allowed into the country.

What If My Saudi Visa Is Denied?

Suppose your Saudi visa application is denied in India. In that case, you can go through the process and pay the visa fees again. However, this does not guarantee visa approval.

Why Is My Saudi Visa Denied?

There are several reasons why a Saudi visa can be denied, such as:

  • Incomplete or false documents
  • Incompetent or inaccurately filled out the visa application form
  • Insufficient funds
  • Criminal record
  • Visa was denied previously
  • You have an Israeli stamp on your passport
  • Unclear purpose of visit

You must check out the blog to find out the reasons for rejection.

Do I Need A Flight Ticket To Apply For A Saudi Visa?

You will need a return flight ticket if you are applying for a Saudi tourist visa for Indians.

How Long Can You Stay In Saudi Arabia?

Indian citizens can only stay in Saudi Arabia for the validity of their visa. A Saudi visa for Indians is generally valid for a single entry or multiple entries allowing them to stay for 30 or 90 days, respectively.

Can I Get A Visa On Arrival In Saudi Arabia?

Indian citizens that meet the eligibility criteria can apply for a Saudi visa on arrival at the port of entry.

What If I Am Visiting A Friend In Saudi Arabia?

Suppose you are visiting a friend in Saudi Arabia. In that case, they can provide you with an invitation letter along with a copy of their ID or visa. If they cover any costs, they must also provide you with bank statements with proof of sufficient funds.

What Can I Use My Saudi Visa For?

You can use your Saudi visa for tourism purposes or to visit friends on family residing in the country. You can also use the visa for Umrah; however, it cannot be used for Hajj, and you must apply for a relevant visa.

When Must I Apply For A Saudi Visa For Indians?

The visa process can take up to 3 weeks in certain cases; hence you should apply for your visa 30 days in advance.

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