What Are The Saudi Visa Photo Size And Requirements


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Visa Picture Requirements

See the Saudi Arabian visa photo requirements here:

  • A single identical photo that is 3.5 cm in width and 4.5 cm in height between 5 and 100 Kb must be submitted.
  • Resolution (pixels): at least 600 dpi
  • The image must be colored. Pictures in black and white are not accepted.
  • Your head should be facing forward in the picture.
  • The image ought to be from recently. Photos older than six months are not accepted by the Saudi authorities.
  • The picture's background must be plain, straightforward white. Other hues are not permitted.
  • Your full front face should be seen in the photo, your eyes should be visible, and your face should be straight.
  • Avoid smiling when being photographed for a Passport Size Photograph or visa.
  • It shouldn't be hazy in the picture. Features must be discernible, and the image must be of high quality.
  • Because of religious considerations, the Saudi government permits applicants to submit photos with headgear.
  • Your attire should contrast with the setting in terms of color. Avoid donning a white dress.
  • If your beard is part of your regular appearance, it is acceptable.
  • The applicant must include two passport-sized pictures when submitting the visa application.

You can use the Atlys photo tool to make sure that your visa photo is framed and adjusted to match the requirements, all while keeping the high-quality of your visa photo.

Bad Example Of A Photo

Before completing your visa application, be sure to watch out for these common errors!

Bad Example Of A Photo

Saudi Visa Photo Requirements

Now that you know the Saudi visa photo requirements let's look at the crucial standards and regulations for shooting a photo on your own. Remember that your Saudi Arabia visa application will be rejected if you provide a poor-quality photo. Therefore, we have included a list of important things to remember when taking the visa photo and the Saudi visa photo size.


Always shoot the photo in front of a white background. There must be no shadows, patterns, or colors on the background. If your home doesn't have a full white wall, use a white sheet that isn't transparent.

Bad Background.webp


Avoid taking pictures in a dark space. The picture will not be visible if there is not enough natural or artificial light. The light shouldn't be overly bright, either. Ensure the light source is on your front side to prevent a shadow from appearing on your face.

Bad Lighting .webp

Facial Expressions

Be sure to maintain a straight head as you get ready for the photo. Your face should also be parallel to the camera. The Saudi government won't accept images that are taken in portrait orientation. Thus all sides of your face must be shown in the image. Another important thing to remember is never grinning in your passport or visa photo. Finally, maintain neutral facial expressions during the photo-taking process by being comfortable.

Facial Expressions

Avoid Visual Obstructions

Nothing in the picture should be in the way of your face or eyes. Additionally, only glasses with a prescription are permitted, but make sure the frame isn't too big. No flash reflection should be visible in the image. Never take a photo for your visa while wearing sunglasses or eyewear with tinted lenses.

Avoid Visual Obstructions.webp


Avoid taking pictures with a beard if you don't normally wear one. Alternately, if you're thinking about changing your appearance, like shaving off your hair or growing a beard, do so before the photo is taken. The important thing to remember is that your visa photo needs to reflect your present appearance.

Dress Code

A presentable appearance is required for any visa photo, but it is crucial when requesting a Saudi eVisa. It is still preferable to wear a full-white dress shirt or t-shirt even though the dress won't be overly noticeable in the photo. Photos with headdresses are permitted, but only if they don't completely enclose your face from forehead to chin. Additionally, the headwear shouldn't obscure your face.

Saudi Arabia eVisa Photo Requirements For Children And Infants

Everyone in the family must have a passport when traveling abroad, including newborns, infants, toddlers, and children. In addition, before going to Saudi Arabia, each member must get a visa. For those who want to travel with their families, this restriction applies. We can explain the visa photo for your children if you're unsure.

Check Out The Rules And Guidelines For Photographing Your Children

When children take photos, you will have to make sure you follow the following guidelines so that your photos don't get rejected:

  • When photographing a child, he or she must be awake. Because the government requires that the eyes be visible in the photograph.
  • Parents usually prefer to photograph their child while he or she is sitting in a car seat. If you intend to do the same, don't forget to cover the back of the seat with a white cloth.
  • Remember that the white background requirement also applies to the minor's photo.
  • Put a layer of white fabric underneath the baby if you want to capture a shot of your child from above while he or she is on their back.
  • The children's visa photos cannot include any of the parents or anyone else. Not even as the child is in your arms.
  • You shouldn't even be able to see your hands in the photo. When taking your child's picture, take off any headwear or pacifiers they may be using. However, it is acceptable if the headpiece is worn for religious purposes.

Saudi Arabia Visa Photo Requirements For Babies

Saudi Arabia Visa Photo Requirements for Babies

Saudi Arabia Visa Photo Requirements For Infants

Saudi Arabia Visa Photo Requirements for Infants

If you want a simpler visa photo process you can use the Atlys Photo Tool to assist you in your visa photo process.

All Set For You Photo

Now that you have a better understanding of the photo requirements, I hope this blog has helped you in your visa application process. I will list some frequently asked questions below for you to go through if you may have any other questions regarding the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia visa application.

Written By: Tiaan Botha

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Indians Need A Visa For Saudi?

Indian nationals do not need a visa in advance and can get one at the airport when they arrive. The visa will be valid for 30 days after it is issued. Either for a single entry or multiple entries that can each receive a 30-day extension.

What Are The Visa Types Of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia offers several visa types for you to choose from depending on your travel purpose and how long you will stay in Saudia Arabia.

  • Government Visa
  • Diplomatic & Official Visas
  • Diplomatic Missions & Organizations
  • Tourist Visa
  • Business Visit Visa
  • Employment Visa
  • Residence Visa
  • Premium Residency Visa
  • Newborn Visa
  • Extension of Exit/Re-Entry Visa
  • Family Visit Visa
  • Student Visa
What Are The Visa Requirements?

The visa requirements that you will need to complete for your visa travel document application are as follows:

  • Complete the application form
  • Valid passport for at least six months
  • It is necessary to buy health insurance from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Upon processing your Enjaz form, choices for neighborhood health insurance companies will be displayed.
  • Evidence of lodging (hotel, home, etc.) during the applicant's whole stay in Saudi Arabia. You are able to get your hotel itinerary on the Atlys app by using the free Hotel Itinerary Tool.
  • Fees for the visa (SAR 300) and insurance (SAR 140). The amount is equivalent to INR 9798. The visa is good for up to a full year (365 days), with multiple entries, and stays no longer than 90 days at a time.
  • Without a legal guardian present, applicants must be at least 18 years old.
  • Travel schedule.
  • Round trip tickets. You can get your flight itinerary on the Atlys app by using the free Flight Itinerary tool.
  • Employment verification
  • Bank statement/financial stability
  • Detailed personal details
What Are The Saudi Arabia Visa Fees

The Saudi Visa Fees will depend on the visa to which you are applying and for how long you will be staying in Saudi Arabia.

Fees for the visa (SAR 300) and insurance (SAR 140). The amount is equivalent to INR 9798. The visa is good for up to a full year (365 days), with multiple entries, and stays no longer than 90 days at a time.

What Is The Visa Processing Time?

It is challenging to make a generalization regarding how long visa processing will take. Depending on the type of visa, the complete visa application processing can take anywhere from two weeks to four months. In order to allow enough time for the application procedure, please check what category of visa you will require.

How Can I Get A Visa For Saudi Arabia?

The procedure for applying for a visa to Saudi Arabia depends on your country of citizenship:

  • Either apply online through visa services like Atlys or in person (if eligible for an eVisa)
  • Submit an application at a Saudi Embassy or Consulate in your nation (if not eligible for an eVisa)
Can I Have A Black And White Saudi Arabia Visa Photo?

Unfortunately, you CAN NOT have a black and white Saudi Arabia visa photo. The photos must be in color and must be to the photo specification.

What Is The Saudi Arabia Visa Photo Size?

Size requirements for photos are 3.5 cm in width and 4.5 cm in height. Colored illustrations are required. Not in stark contrast. Maintain a straight back and forward head position.

How Many Photos Do I Need For A Saudi Arabia Visa Visa?

You must submit TWO photos of yourself for identification purposes. In addition, the Saudi Arabia Visa photo size, format, and perspective must also be specific, as mentioned in the blog.

What Are The Saudi Arabia Passport Photo Requirements?

All the requirements mentioned in this blog regarding Saudi Arabia Visa photos relate to passport and visa applications.

Which Langage Do People In Saudia Arabia Speak?

People in Saudi Arabia speak Arabic

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