Schengen Visa Interview: Q&A to Prepare for Interview in India

Last Updated : 08-Feb-2024

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30-Second Summary

Our comprehensive guide gives Indian applicants insights into the interview process, tips, and effective responses to common questions. Here is what we focus on:

    Supporting documents, honesty, and clarity are key during the interview. 

    Dress professionally, be punctual, maintain eye contact, and express gratitude for a positive impression. 

    Prepare in advance, familiarise yourself with potential questions, and practice responses to boost confidence. 

    Documentation accuracy is crucial for a smooth process, and our guide ensures you're well-prepared, reducing the risk of delays or rejection.

Once you've submitted your Schengen visa application, it's essential to schedule an appointment with Atlys, an application centre, or an embassy for an interview. During this interview, applicants meet with a consular officer at the embassy or consulate of the Schengen country they intend to visit. The interviewer will assess the applicant's eligibility, intentions, and the authenticity of their travel plans.

The interview aims to ensure that the applicant's travel plans align with the purpose of the visa and that they have the means to support themselves during their stay.

The Importance of the Interview in the Visa Application Process

To obtain a Schengen visa, you'll need to schedule an appointment to undergo an interview focusing on your travel plans. The interview is important as it allows consular officers to interact directly with the applicant, gaining insights beyond the documentation provided. 

The visa application can have negative consequences if the applicant shows up unprepared and the interview doesn't go well. The consular officer relies on the interview to gather information, assess the applicant's eligibility, and ensure the legitimacy of their intentions.

Suppose the Schengen visa interview does not go well. In that case, it can delay the Schengen visa processing times, raise suspicions about the authenticity of the applicant's travel plans, and possibly result in visa denial. Therefore, ensure you prepare some Schengen visa interview questions.

Common Schengen Visa Interview Questions for Indian Applicants 

Regardless of the specific Schengen country you plan to visit, you must provide some basic information about travel plans, financial means, employment status and purpose of visit.

Questions About Your Purpose Of Visit

What Schengen country do you plan on visiting? 

Clearly state the Schengen country you intend to visit.

Are you going to other Schengen or European countries during your trip?

Provide information on any additional countries you plan to visit and the reasons for including them in your itinerary.

Can you provide more details about the activities or events you plan to participate in during your stay?

Offer a detailed overview of your planned activities, ensuring they align with the purpose of your visit.

Why have you chosen this Schengen Country for your visit?

Explain the specific attractions, cultural aspects, or personal reasons that motivated your choice of this particular Schengen country.

Questions About Your Travel Plans

What is the intended duration of your stay in the Schengen Zone, and why do you need that specific amount of time?

Clearly state the duration of your stay and provide reasons that are consistent with your planned activities.

Does anyone accompany you during your travels, and if yes, who is your travel companion?

Mention the names and relationships of any travel companions, providing assurance of their intent to abide by the travel plans.

Do you have medical or travel insurance?

Confirm that you have obtained comprehensive medical and travel insurance for the entire duration of your stay.

How do you plan to travel between different cities or countries within the Schengen Area?

Detail your transportation plans, including modes of travel and specific arrangements.

What arrangements have you made for accommodation during your stay?

Provide details about your accommodation plans, including reservations and addresses.

Questions About Your Financial Means

Are you able to sustain yourself financially during your trip? 

Assure the interviewer that you have adequate funds for your Schengen trip to cover all expenses during your stay. Try to provide bank statements. 

​​How do you plan to finance your trip to this Schengen Country?

Specify the funding sources, such as personal savings, a sponsorship letter, or any other means.

Can you provide details about your current financial situation, including your sources of income and savings?

Provide a clear and honest overview of your financial status, emphasising stability and reliability.

Have you booked your flights and accommodations, and can you provide proof of these arrangements?

Confirm your bookings and have the necessary documentation, such as flight tickets and hotel reservations, readily available for verification.

Questions About Your Employment Status

Where are you currently employed, and what is your position?

Clearly state your current employer and your position within the company.

How long have you been working for your current employer?

Specify the duration of your employment, emphasising your stability and commitment to your job.

Will your employer grant you leave for the duration of your trip, and have you obtained a no-objection certificate (NOC)?

Confirm that you have obtained the necessary permissions and present a no-objection certificate if required.

Questions for Students 

Can you provide details about the course you will be studying and the institution you'll be attending?

Offer a detailed description of your course, its relevance to your career goals, and details about the educational institution.

Why have you chosen to study in this Schengen Country specifically?

Explain the unique features, academic reputation, or specific opportunities that led you to choose this country for your studies.

How do you plan to finance your studies and stay in this Schengen Country?

Provide details on your financial plan, including any scholarships, personal savings, or sponsorships.

What is the duration of your intended study program in the Schengen Country?

Clearly state the duration of your intended study program, emphasising its alignment with your academic and career goals.

Can you provide the necessary academic transcripts, letters of admission, and any other required documents?

Ensure you have all the Schengen required documents and they are organised and ready for presentation.

Do you have a letter of sponsorship or support from a guardian, if applicable?

If applicable, present a letter of sponsorship or support clearly outlining the terms and conditions of the financial arrangement.

Short List of Supporting Documents to Assist Indians in this Interview:


    Passport with Schengen visa application.


    Flight reservations and hotel bookings.


    Travel itinerary outlining planned activities.


    Medical and travel insurance documents.


    Proof of financial means, including bank statements.


    Employment verification letter and a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the employer.


    Any other relevant supporting documents.

Supporting documentation during an interview significantly enhances the likelihood of a successful and favourable outcome.

How to Answer Schengen Visa Interview Questions Effectively

When responding to Schengen Visa interview questions effectively, consider the following tips:

    Be Honest: Always provide truthful and accurate information. Providing false information may result in difficulties and the possibility of visa denial.

    Be straightforward: Clearly express your responses without unnecessary details to ensure better understanding.

    Stay Calm and Relaxed: Maintain composure and stay relaxed throughout the interview. Deep breaths can help manage nervousness.

    Give Precise Answers: Avoid unclear answers and provide information directly related to the question.

    Positive Attitude: Approach each question with a positive mindset. Understand that the interviewer aims to verify the accuracy of your information through your responses.

    Avoid Over-Explanation: Be honest but avoid over-explaining. Stick to the necessary information without going into unnecessary details.

    Know Your Itinerary: Have a clear understanding of your travel plans, including the purpose of the visit, intended duration of stay, and activities planned.

    Bring Supporting Documents: Carry relevant supporting documents, such as flight reservations, hotel bookings, travel insurance, and proof of financial means. These documents can validate your statements.

    Prepare in Advance: This is the most important of all. Familiarise yourself with common visa interview questions and prepare your responses in advance. This can boost your confidence during the actual interview.

By combining honesty, clarity, and being prepared, you can successfully navigate the Schengen Visa interview and increase the chances of a positive outcome.

Tips on Interview Etiquette for Indians

Interview etiquette involves displaying appropriate behaviours and manners during an interview process. It requires adhering to specific norms and practices to leave a positive impression on the interviewer. Key aspects of interview etiquette include:

    Dress Appropriately: There is no dress code for a Schengen visa interview, but wear neat and professional attire suitable for a formal interview.

    Be on time for the interview: Arriving late can create a negative impression.

    Eye Contact: Maintain eye contact with the interviewer to show confidence and engagement.

    Cell Phone Etiquette: Turn off or silence your mobile phone to avoid disruptions during the interview.

    Express Gratitude: Begin and end the interview by expressing gratitude for the opportunity to apply for the visa.

In Summary 

And with that, we've thoroughly covered all aspects of Schengen visa interview questions and provided comprehensive insights. Remember, preparation is key to a successful interview. Now, armed with knowledge and preparation, face the interview with confidence. 

Have a safe trip, and best of luck with your Schengen visa application!

Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of a visa interview can vary, but on average, it usually takes around 30 minutes to 1 hour. However, it's essential to be prepared for the possibility that it could be longer or shorter depending on the complexity of your case and the questions asked by the consular officer. Arriving early and having all required documents ready can help expedite the process.

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