Singapore Visa For Indians: Requirements & Application 2023

Last Updated : 12-Sept-2023

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30-Second Summary

Indians need a visa to enter Singapore and can apply for a Singapore visa for Indians. You can use the Singapore tourist visa to travel for tourism and sightseeing.

    The Singapore visa is a tourist visa that you can get online through a government strategic partner like Atlys.

    Atlys will submit your passport and documents for a Singapore tourist visa for Indians at the Embassy.

    Once your visa is approved, you will get a digital copy that you can use to enter the country (no visa stamp is needed on your passport).

    Your passport will be sent back to you once your visa is approved.

    Your presence is not required to submit the Singapore visa application through Atlys.

Important Information

Is A Visa Required For Singapore?

Yes, Indians require a visa to visit Singapore for tourist purposes. Learn More

Singapore Visa Fees

The Singapore visa fees on Atlys is ₹ 7,100.

Singapore Visa Processing Time

The processing time takes around 15 days. Learn More

Singapore Length Of Stay

This visa allows a multiple-entry stay of up to 30 days.

Singapore Visa Validity

The tourist visa is valid for up to 2 years.

How To Apply?

The easiest way to apply is through the Atlys. Learn More

Do Indians Need A Visa For Singapore 2023?

Yes, citizens of India require a Singapore visa for Indians. You must apply for your Singapore visa online before you travel to Singapore.

A Singapore visa is a document that allows you to enter the country legally. It is important to note that you can not enter without a Singapore visa for Indians.

The Singapore tourist visa allows Indian citizens to visit Singapore for tourism. The tourist visa for Singapore allows a stay of 30 days.

Singapore has also been crowned one of the most visited cities in the world 2023.

Indians cannot get a tourist visa directly through the embassy. You must apply for a Singapore visa for Indians through a local contact, authorized visa agent, or strategic partner.

Atlys is a strategic partner; therefore, you can apply for your Singapore tourist visa online through Atlys.

No, there us no Visa on Arrival in Singapore for Indian nationals. If you're from countries like India, which is in Assessment Level I, you need to apply for your Singapore visa from India before visiting the country.

Documents Required By Atlys

Atlys don't require as many documents as the embassy requires. Atlys uses its connections to reduce the number of documents that the applicant will need to submit. This is because some documents will be auto-generated through Atlys.

These are the documents that must be uploaded on the website when filling out the online application on Atlys:

    Original Passport (all current and old passports)


    Proof of Accomodation

    Flight details

    Required Only for Chennai Jurisdiction: Proof of occupation: Pay slip for last 3 months in case of salaried or company registration/GSTN certificate as a proof of self employment in case of self employed.

    Copy of last three months bank statement

If the applicant's passport is issued in Madhya Pradesh (falling under Mumbai Jurisdiction), and the customer is a resident of Delhi (under Delhi Jurisdiction), then additional documents are required:

    Aadhar Card issued in Delhi

    Election Card with Delhi Address

    Rent Agreement with customer’s name and address of Delhi

If the applicant is sponsored:

    Covering letter

    Financial proof of the sponsor

How To Apply For Your Visa With Atlys?

Atlys offers a facility that assists individuals in the process of applying for visas to travel to a specific country. Atlys is a strategic partner of the Singaporean embassy to handle visa applications on their behalf.

The main purpose of Atlys's visa centre is to provide support and simplify the visa application process. Atlys offers services such as accepting visa applications, collecting required documents, verifying application completeness, and forwarding the applications to the respective embassy or consulate for further processing.

Atlys wants to simplify tricky visa applications for you.


    Start your application on the Atlys website.


    During the application, you will be asked to fill in your personal information such as Mobile No, Email Address, Occupation Details, Designation, Accommodation Address, Flight Tickets / Details, and Details of travel companions.


    Next, upload documents and complete your application by paying the visa fee.


    Atlys will schedule pick up with the courier to pick up the applicant's passport.


    Atlys will get all the documents in order that need to be sent to the Embassy.


    Application is submitted to relevant visa authorities in Mumbai / Delhi / Chennai as per the customer’s passport Jurisdiction by the Atlys team.


    Once the Passport and visa PDFs are received from the Embassy, we will send them back to the applicant.

You must also apply for an SG Arrival Card before departing for Singapore.

It's extremely easy to track your Singapore visa status by following these easy steps:

    Download the Atlys app

    Go to the "My Documents" section in the app

    Here, you will be able to track the status of your application

Singapore Visa Requirements For Indians

When applying for your Singapore visa from India, you must meet the following Singapore visa requirements for Indian citizens:

    Your valid passport. If you have an old passport, you can take them along with you.

    Copy of your passport biometric information: Must be in A4 format.

    Flight itinerary: This can be a return air ticket.

    Your passport colour photograph must have a white background. Make sure to adhere to the Singapore visa photo size and requirements.

    The same as an invitation letter that your local contact or strategic partner must complete.

    A credit card or debit card: You must show that you have a VISA or Mastercard to pay the processing fee.

    Covering letter (a letter describing the purpose of your trip, containing an itinerary and other important information).

    Proof of sufficient funds (can be bank statements, traveller's cheque, or proof of employment).

    Valid for 6 months beyond the date of your intended stay.

    The passport should not be damaged.

    The passport should have at least 3 blank pages.

Visa Application Through Government Channels

As an Indian applying for a visa, you will not receive a Singapore sticker visa; instead, you get the more convenient Singapore e-visa for Indians. Here are the steps to follow when you apply for your Singapore visa online:

These steps of your tourist visa for Singapore application must be done through your local contact, an authorized agent, or a strategic partner.


    Start your Singapore visa application on the Singapore Embassy website.


    Upload all the required documents.


    Pay your Singapore visa fees after the application.


    Wait for the processing time and get your Singapore visa.


    Collect your visa once everything is approved.


    You must also apply for an SG Arrival Card before departing for Singapore.

Keep in mind that the online facility allows you to apply for a Singapore entry visa as a local contact, authorized visa agent, or strategic partner. This means that you will still need to visit the embassy in person if you do not have an authorized visa agent or strategic partner that applies for you.

Atlys acts as your strategic partner; therefore, when applying through Altys, you will not need to visit the Embassy in person.

To check the Singapore tourist visa status, please follow the steps below. If you already have a valid visa but lost the copy of your e-visa. You can also follow the same steps to print out a copy of your Singapore e-visa for Indians.


    Search for the 'Enquire Application Status'.


    Enter your visa Reference Number. Enter your applicant's Travel Document Number and click 'Next.'


    Here, you can see the status of your application. You can click on Print e-Visa to get a copy of the Singapore e-Visa.

Additional Information for the Singapore Tourist Visa for Indians

Next, we will look at some important points to remember about the Singapore visa for Indians, such as processing time, validity period, and the Singapore visa cost:

The Singapore tourist visa fee in Indian rupees is ₹ 7,100 for a 30-day visa if you apply on Atlys. This fee includes the government visa fee, Atlys service fee, and two-way courier charges.

Atlys is upfront about its service charges, and you will never be charged any extra hidden costs.

The Singapore tourist visa processing time is 15 days. However, this visa processing time doesn't include the courier time or the handling time at the Atlys.

The visa processing time for Singapore refers to the time that the embassy takes to evaluate your application and reach a decision.

The period of stay when you travel with a Singapore Tourist Visa from India is 30 days. This means you can enter Singapore for a period of 30 days.

The Singapore tourist visa validity is 2 years for a multiple-entry visa.

Singapore Visa Application Guidelines & Tips

There are a few tips that can be used to help you when you apply for a Singapore visa online. Here are a few:

    Make sure you are eligible for the type of visa you want to apply for.

    Since processing times can be affected by many factors, make sure to apply well in advance to make sure you do not run into any problems.

    Double-check all your documentation because any small errors can result in a visa rejection.

    Remember that the Singapore tourist visa application must be done through your local contact, an authorized agent, or a strategic partner. Therefore, we recommend applying for your visa through Atlys.

All Done

With this comprehensive guide, you are now equipped with the knowledge and understanding of the Singapore visa requirements and application process for Indian citizens.

Embrace the opportunity to explore the wonders of Singapore, knowing that your visa journey has been taken care of. Safe travels, and enjoy your Singapore adventure!

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Your trust is our number one priority. We strive to provide you with the most accurate and reliable details to assist you in obtaining your visa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to apply for the Singapore tourist visa for Indians is to apply through the Atlys website.

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