Singapore Visa Photo Size For Indians

Last Updated : 04-Sept-2023

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30-Second Summary

It's important to adhere to the specific Singapore Visa photo requirements.

The Singapore visa photo requirements are:

    Two visa photos are required.

    The photo should measure 35 mm x 45 mm (width x height).

    The background should be plain white or off-white.

    Maintain a neutral expression with eyes open and mouth closed. Ensure that the head is centered and facing forward.

    The face should be clearly visible, taking up 70-80% of the photo's vertical dimension.

    Matte finish.

Can I Take My Own Singapore Visa Photo?

Yes, the Singapore visa application process is an online submission, and an electronic copy of the picture is required. This means you do not necessarily need to get the pictures done professionally. But, you must ensure they meet the Singapore visa photo requirements perfectly, even if you take them with your phone or a camera.

Remember that your Singapore visa application process may delay, or your visa may be denied if your picture doesn’t meet the Singapore visa photo requirements.

Specific Information of the Singapore Visa Photo Size 2023

It is crucial to have the correct photo size for your Singapore visa, as an incorrect size may result in the rejection of your application. Let's now provide a comprehensive overview of each specific photo requirement.


The picture must be 35mm wide x 45mm high. The Singapore visa application is online for all visa applications. The Singapore visa photo size requirements for digital photos.

It’s very important that you meet the visa photo size requirements when you’re applying because your visa can be rejected. Atlys has the visa photo tool that helps you get a specific visa photo size with ease.

Format And Dimensions

The following are the format and dimensions of the following visa types:

    Singapore Tourist Visa: jpg file extension and maximum size of 60 KB.

    Singapore Student Visa: jpg file extension and maximum size of 60 KB.

    Singapore Student Visa: jpg file extension and maximum size of 60 KB.

    Singapore Work Visa: jpg file extension and maximum size of 60 KB.

    Singapore Long-Term Visa: jpg file extension and maximum size of 60 KB.

    Singapore Dependent Visa: jpg file extension and maximum size of 60 KB.

    Singapore Permanent Residence Application: pg or jpeg file extension and maximum size of 1 MB.

Facial Expressions

Ensure that your face is fully visible and directed towards the camera with a neutral facial expression and closed mouth. Maintain an appropriate distance from the camera, capturing your entire face, the top of your head, and the upper part of your shoulders. Avoid any hair obstruction, ensuring that no strands or locks cover your eyes or eyebrows. Lastly, ensure that your eyes are wide open in the photo.

You have to ensure the picture shows your full face and the tops of your shoulders.

Glasses Or Head Covering For Singapore Visa Photo For Indians

If you normally wear glasses, wear them in the Singapore visa photo. But, you will have to remove them if:

    The rim of the glass is so thick that it covers your eyes. In addition, there is reflection or glare on the glass.

    The picture must be taken on a plain white background. The wall behind you shouldn’t have any decorations or patterns.

In terms of head coverings, the requirements for the Singapore visa photo are as follows:

    If you wear a head covering for religious reasons, it is generally allowed. However, the face must be fully visible from the bottom of the chin to the hairline, including both edges of the face.

    The head covering should not cast any shadows on the face, and there should be no glare or reflection that obscures facial features.

    The head covering should have sufficient contrast with the background, ensuring that it does not blend in or cause any distraction.

Lighting And Contrast

The lighting of the picture must be optimal. This means:

    No over or underexposure.

    No shadows.

    No reflection from a flash. The picture should not be taken directly under a strong light.

    Do not wear a hat or other types of headgear unless it is for religious reasons. If you wear religious headgear, you must ensure it does not obstruct your full face.

    Do not digitally edit your picture. This includes removing red eyes, birthmarks, scars, tattoos, or other facial features.

    If a hard copy of the picture is required, make sure it is printed on semi-matte paper.

Background And Quality

So, next to the important part, As an Indian citizen, when you submit the Singapore visa photo for your application. You have to make sure it meets all of the following requirements:

    Your picture must not be older than three months.

    Your picture must be in focus and clear. Make sure no pixelation is visible.

    Your picture must not have any borders.

    The background should be plain white or off-white

Avoid uploading your picture just for the sake of it, use the visa photo tool that generates a perfect visa photo for you for FREE!

Singapore Visa Photo Requirements For Young Children

Most of the requirements above apply if you are traveling with a young child and need to submit a picture for them. Taking a picture of a child can be very frustrating but with the Atlys visa photo tool, you can take your child a picture in the comfort of your home.

Keep these requirements in mind:

    You can’t be in the picture with your child.

    Your child can’t have toys, bottles, or pacifiers in the picture.

    If you’re holding them up, make sure your hands are not visible.

    Make sure your child is facing forward.

All Done

That’s it! All you have to do now is follow the Singapore visa photo size. If you still need more information about other Singapore visas for Indians, you can check our Singapore Guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Unfortunately, if you plan to get a Singapore visa on arrival for Indians you’ll have to apply for a visa before you go to Singapore.

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