South Africa Visa for Indians: Requirements, process, & fees

Last Updated : 20-Feb-2024

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30-Second Summary

Indian nationals require a South Africa visa to enter the country for tourism purposes.

    Indian nationals can apply for a South Africa visa at the Embassy or through an authorised agent such as Atlys.

    Once your visa gets approved, South Africa issues a tourist visa, which is stamped directly on your passport.

    You must submit your passport to process your visa.

Important Information

Visa type

Short-term tourist visa.

South Africa processing time

Using Atlys guarantees visa delivery to your doorstep within 32 days, covering both pickup and drop-off services.

South Africa visa validity

The South Africa visa is valid for up to 90 days.

Length Of Stay

The length of stay will be stated in your visa.

Do Indians need a visa for South Africa?

Yes, Indian passport holders must have a visa to enter South Africa. 

South Africa offers a single entry visa valid for 90 days. The length of stay will be mentioned on the visa.

Indian nationals can apply for the South African Visa from India through Atlys or the visa application center.

Is there a South Africa visa on arrival for Indian citizens?

No, There's no facility for a South Africa visa on arrival for Indian nationals. Before going on their trips, Indian nationals must apply for a South African visa from India. They can easily do this online through Atlys.

South Africa visa requirements for Indian passport holders

When applying for a South Africa online visa, you'll need specific documents to complete the online application:

    Visa application form: You'll have to complete it, print the complete form, and bring it with you to the Visa Application Centre.

    Passport: A passport with at least 30 days remaining from the intended departure date is necessary to enter South Africa. In addition, passports must have two blank pages.

    Photographs: Ensure the visa photo is captured against a white background, facing directly at the camera.

    Sufficient funds: Proof of financial means to pay for your living expenses in South Africa through bank statements. 

    A yellow fever vaccination certificate: Suppose your journey starts or entails passing through the yellow fever belt of Africa or South America.

    Travel itinerary: A statement or documentation confirming the purpose and duration of your visit 

    Return ticket: A return ticket if you travel by air.

Keep in mind that without the correct documents, you won't be able to apply for your South Africa tourist visa from India successfully.

Collaborating with government partners, Atlys streamlines the application process, reducing the paperwork needed. Provide your passport and a photo, and we'll cover the rest.

Visa Application Jurisdiction:

Passport jurisdiction means that your visa application must be handled by the Embassy or consulate assigned to your residential area. Submitting your application to a different embassy not designated for your region is not allowed.

When applying for your visa, it is important to apply within the correct jurisdiction based on your residence in India. Atlys will assist in submitting your application to the relevant South Africa Embassy/Consulate in Mumbai, Delhi, or Chennai, depending on your passport jurisdiction.

South Africa visa application process for Indians

We prioritize ensuring our readers are well-informed about the application process and available choices. You have two options when obtaining a South Africa visa: use Atlys or manage the process independently.

How to apply through Atlys

To help you smoothly navigate the visa application process, let us take you through the steps when applying for your South Africa visa for Indians through Atlys.


    Visit Atlys: Go to the Atlys.


    Upload Documents: Provide your digital photo and passport for submission.


    Fee Payment: Complete your South Africa visa application payment in the local currency.


    Arrange Document Pickup: Select a date for Atlys to collect your passport. All shipments are insured, and your passport is kept safe at an Atlys Fulfilment Center.


    Atlys Submits Your Application: Atlys will forward your application to the South African Embassy.


    Visa Outcome: Once the process is finished, Atlys will return your passport, now containing the affixed visa, to your home address.

You don't need to go to the Embassy in person when you apply through Atlys.

Why Choose Atlys

    By using Atlys, you can save time as the platform streamlines the application process, eliminating the need for in-person visits to the visa application centre.

    Atlys is an officially authorised agent of the South African government, enabling you to bypass the need for an embassy/VAC appointment.

    Atlys will pick up your documents from your home and handle the submission to the Embassy on your behalf. Once the process is complete, Atlys will securely return your passport with the affixed visa to your home address.

    The approval rating for the South African visa on Atlys is 100%.

How to apply through the government website

You can download the South Africa visa application form and then submit it at a visa application centre in New Delhi or Mumbai.


    Book An Appointment: Contact the VAC to schedule an appointment with them. Find out the amount you need to pay. Once you have made your application, you will need to pay your visa application fee.


    Attend Your Scheduled Appointment. Attend your visa appointment on time, and be sure to submit your complete visa application form.  


    Submit Documents: You must submit your list of documents at the VAC on the day of your appointment. Be sure that your documents are correct and accurate before going.


    Pay The Visa Fee: After completing the process and submitting all the documents, you will be asked to pay the visa fee at the designated counter. You must pay the Visa fee at the visa application centre by Credit/Debit Card or Cash.


    Wait For Visa To Process: After your visa interview, all you can do is wait, which can take a very long time, up to 3 months. You will receive an email update when your decision has been returned to the Visa Application Center. You can also track your visa application status online through the VAC website.


    Receive Your South Africa Visa for Indians: You will receive your approved visa for South Africa and be ready to travel to South Africa.

Atlys makes the South Africa visa application process much easier, avoiding many application steps and needing to apply in person.

Tips To Apply

    Submit your South Africa visa application well in advance to allow enough time for processing. 

    Verify all necessary documents for your e-visa application, ensuring accurate passport and photo submissions.

    Carefully complete your application form with accurate information that matches your travel documents.

Receive your approved South Africa visa for Indians

After you've submitted your visa application, it enters the processing phase. Applications may face delays, so applying as early as possible is advisable.

Through Atlys:

Upon approval of your visa, Atlys will send you a notification confirming its approval, allowing you to download and print the e-visa for your convenience while travelling.

Through the government portal:

The government will not send any emails for visa approval; it must be verified manually. Once your visa is approved, you can collect your passport and visa directly from the embassy/consulate.

South Africa visa information for Indians

How to check your South Africa visa status

For South Africa visa tracking, you can use the designated online system to monitor the progress of your application.

Here's how to do a South Africa visa check step by step:


    Visit the visa application website.


    Input your Reference Number from the invoice/receipt given by the VAC.


    Enter your date of birth.


    Provide the captcha as shown as an image on your screen.


    Lastly, click on submit to check the status of your visa application.

If you applied with Atlys, you can easily check your South Africa tourist visa status on the Atlys app. You will also receive real-time updates.

South Africa Visa processing time

The visa processing time can take up to 15 days or more once submitted at the visa application centre. It does not include the time spent filling out the online form, waiting for an appointment, or scheduling courier services.

You can expect to spend more than a month applying for your visa. On Atlys, you can apply online and receive your visa guaranteed within 32 days.

South Africa visa validity & length of stay

The South African visa for Indians is valid for a maximum of 90 days from the date it's issued.

However, note that the exact validity and period of stay will be mentioned in your visa. You must ensure you only travel between within the validity of your visa and on stay in the country for the number of days allowed.

Our Commitment To Visa Accuracy

The information provided in this blog is sourced from official government websites, ensuring reliability and accuracy. While you can trust the content to be precise, staying informed is advisable, as changes may occur without prior notice.

Government fees and processes are subject to change over time. Atlys suggests verifying the latest and most accurate information by double-checking the government website before submitting your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon approval, Atlys will deliver your visa to your home address. This visa, affixed as a sticker directly onto your passport, signifies your readiness for your upcoming journey.

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