Tanzania Evisa For Indians: Requirements, And Visa Fees

Last Updated : 04-Sept-2023

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30-Second Summary.

Indian nationals must have a visa to enter Tanzania. Indians can apply for the Tazania e visa, which allows them to visit for tourism.

    You can complete the application for a Tanzania tourist visa online.

    The Tanzania visa for Indians does not require you to submit your passport and visit any Embassy for interviews.

    Once your visa is approved, you will get a digital copy that you can use to enter the country (no visa stamp is needed on your passport).

    You must submit your application at least 2 weeks before travelling.

Important Information

Is a Visa Required?

Yes, Indians need to apply for the visa when visiting Tanzania. Learn More

Visa Process Type

The visa process type is an online application.

Tanzania eVisa Validity

The Tanzania evisa is valid for 90 days. Learn More

Length of Stay

The Tanzania e-visa allows you to stay upto 30 days in the country.

Tanzania EVisa Cost

The Tanzania e-visa fee is USD 50.

Processing Time

The processing time for the Tanzania online visa is 5 days. Learn More

Looking for a quicker and faster way to get an electronic visa for Tanzania?

Well, then, this blog is just for you.

Let us find out how you can get a Tanzania eVisa for Indians:

Can Indians Apply For eVisa Tanzania?

Yes. Indian passport holders are among the countries that can apply for their Tanzania visa online. You can use Atlys to apply quickly.

Tanzania eVisa, otherwise known as an Electronic Visa, provides foreign travellers with an easier way to enter the country without having to go through the hassles of a traditional visa application process.

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Required Documents For eVisa Tanzania For Indians

Make sure that you meet the visa requirements and that you carry the travel documents with you for a smooth immigration experience at the port of entry:

    Your valid passport

    Copy of return flight ticket or onward ticket

    Proof of accommodation in Tanzania

    Passport-size photograph

    Applicable visa fees

Additional documents according to the type of visa you are applying for:

    An invitation letter with a copy of the valid passport or national ID card of the host in Tanzania

    A copy of the invitation letter from the company

    Copy of the marriage certificate along with a copy of the valid passport or national ID card of your spouse

    Or a justification letter proving your relationship with the Tanzanian resident

    A letter of acceptance from an educational institution or college in Tanzania

    Proof of business or work-related tasks in Tanzania

Requirements For Tanzania Visa Online Application

When submitting the online visa application, you will need the following:

    Scanned copy of your valid passport's bio-data page;

    Digital passport-size photo;

    Copy of return flight ticket;

    The file type for your passport and photo must be JPEG or PNG, and the size should not be more than 300KB max;

    Your flight ticket can be in PFD, and the size can be 1MB max.

The Entry Requirements For Tanzania

When you arrive in Tanzania, you must have the following documents to be able to enter the country:

    Completed and signed arrival declaration card;

    Have a valid passport for at least 6 months;

    Have a valid visa or are eligible to apply for a visa on arrival;

    Return ticket or onward flight ticket;

    Proof of sufficient funds;

    Also, carry your covid19 vaccination certificate.

Get Your Tanzania eVisa For Indians Directly From Your Phone!

Are you tired of the tedious and time-consuming visa application process? Are you ready to say goodbye to the frustration of navigating complex visa requirements? Look no further than Atlys!

With Atlys, the visa application process is now a breeze. Say goodbye to long lines, confusing paperwork, and endless waiting. With just a few taps on your phone, you can complete your visa application in under 5 minutes, take your passport photo with ease, and scan your passport in seconds. Atlys has a lot of benefits:

    Easy and Convenient: With Atlys, you can apply for your visa from anywhere at any time using your mobile device. You can complete your application, take your passport photo, and scan your passport in just a few clicks.

    Time-Saving: Atlys offers a streamlined and simplified application process that saves you time. You can complete your application in under 5 minutes, and Atlys will take care of all the details and follow-ups.

    Affordable: Atlys offers competitive pricing with no hidden fees or charges.

    Secure and Reliable: Atlys employs the latest security measures and encryption technology to ensure the safety and privacy of your personal information.

With Atlys, you can have a stress-free visa application process and save time.

How To Apply For eVisa Tanzania For Indians?

The Tanzania eVisa application process is quite simple and can be done in a few steps.

Step 1: Gather Your Supporting Documents

The first step in applying for the Tanzanian Visa for Indians is gathering all the required supporting documents, including travel documents for the type of visa you are applying for.

This is important as you will need information in those documents during the application process. Furthermore, the system will ask you to attach them as supporting documents for your visa application.

Step 2: Complete The e-Visa Application Form

The second step in applying for the Tanzanian eVisa is filling in the online Visa application form for the type of visa you are applying for.

Remember to note down the Application ID that you will receive soon as you start your application.

A screenshot of the evisa dashboard

Then, you will need to provide information such as your personal information, contact details, address, employment details, passport information, and travel information. This will also include attaching the supporting documents for your application.

A screenshot of the application form, showing you how to upload documents

Step 3: Submit Your Application

Finally, you can submit your application online after you've filled out the online Visa application form and paid the prescribed Visa fee.

Upon submission of your application, you will receive confirmation in your provided email address that the Embassy has received your application.

You will also be able to track your Visa application using your application ID generated by the system during the Visa Application process.

Before you submit your application, you need to pay the Visa application fee for that particular type of visa. I provide different visa fees for different visa types above in this post.

And lastly, you will receive your visa via email at the registered email address.

You MUST PRINT out your eVisa and carry it with you when travelling to Tanzania.

How To Track Your Tanzania Electronic Visa Application?

To check your eVisa application status is very simple. Here is how you can check the Tanzania visa status:


    Visit the eVisa portal;


    On the home page, click the CHECK VISA STATUS button;


    Provide your Application ID, Email, choose the Security Question, and give the Security Answer;


    Finally, click on the Check Tanzania visa status.

A screenshot of a check status portal, with the application information need to check your status

Fortunately, with Atlys, you get real-time notifications after you've applied.

Things To Know Before You Apply For The Tanzania Evisa For Indians

Before you apply for your Tanzania visa online, you need to know a few important things. Keep these in mind to ensure you have a seamless visa application process and a smooth journey ahead.

What Types Of eVisa Tanzania Can You Apply For?

So the eVisa for Tanzania is available for many purposes. The visa validity and the Tanzania evisa cost will differ depending on the visa type.

Some of those visa types are:

    Ordinary or Single Entry Visa: This is a Tanzania visa for Indians that allows you to visit Tanzania for visits, tourism, leisure, holiday, attending conferences, humanitarian and charity activities, family visits, health treatment, or any other purposes as may be determined by the issuing authority.

    Multiple Entry Visa: This eVisa allows you to enter the country multiple times during its validity for bilateral meetings, visit Tanzania spouses, family members, residents, government consultants, representatives of international NGOs, and any other person deemed eligible for the visa by the Commissioner General of Immigration or Commissioner of Immigration Zanzibar.

    Business Visa: This visa allows you to conduct special assignments such as fixing/repairing machines, running short-term training, auditing accounts, making feasibility studies, establishing professionals and business contacts, making arrangements for investments during the startup period, and doing business-related tasks.

    Transit Visa: This visa allows you to transit through Tanzania to another country for a maximum of 7 days. You must also have a valid onward ticket or ticker to your final destination.

    Student Visa: This visa is for people that wish to take courses in registered educational institutions in Tanzania.

What Is The Cost Of eVisa Tanzania For Indians?

The eVisa Tanzania fees are as follows:

    Ordinary or Single Entry Visa: The visa fees are 50 USD or approx. INR 4100 (current exchange rate).

    Multiple Entry Visa: The visa fees are 100 USD or approx. INR 8200 (current exchange rate).

    Business Visa: The visa fees are 250 USD or approx. INR 20,450 (current exchange rate).

    Transit Visa: The visa fees are 30 USD or approx. INR 2450 (current exchange rate).

    Student Visa: The visa fees are 50 USD, 250 USD, or 550 USD Visa fee depending on the category and duration.

You can pay the visa fees with your credit card or debit card. Or you can deposit the visa fees directly to the bank account, and you will find the details at the end of your Tanzania evisa application.

What Is The Processing Time Of eVisa Tanzania For Indians?

The Tanzania eVisa would take about 10 business days to process your visa.

But remember, the Tanzania evisa processing time depends on your individual application.

Get your visa faster and apply for your visa directly on Atlys.

What Is The Validity Of eVisa Tanzania For Indians?

The validity of each visa type corresponds to the purpose of your visit.

So depending on the visa you applied for, the validity will be as follows:

    Ordinary or Single Entry Visa: This visa is valid for a single entry for 90 days, and you can stay in the country for 30 days.

    Multiple Entry Visa: This visa is valid for a maximum period of 12 months, and you can enter the country multiple times during its validity. However, you cannot stay in the country for 12 consecutive months and must leave the country every three months.

    Business Visa: This visa is valid for a maximum of 90 days.

    Transit Visa: This visa is valid for 7 days and allows you to enter the country only once.

    Student Visa: This visa may be issued for a single entry or multiple entries for a few months or a few years, depending on the study course length.

Which Ports Of Entry In Tanzania Can I Enter With My eVisa?

Ports of entry to Tanzania are the airports and border entry points that international travellers and foreigners from other countries can use to enter Tanzania.

Indian nationals can use the following port of entry to enter Tanzania:

    Julius Nyerere International Airport (for air travellers)

    Kilimanjaro International Airport (for air travellers)

    Abeid Amani Karume International Airport or AAKIA (for air travelers)

    Namanga Border (for road travellers)

    Tunduma Border (for road travellers)

Issues When Applying For eVisa Tanzania Online

So it would be beneficial to add some potential issues you might encounter and some solutions.

Potential eVisa Application Problems

Let's first start with the problems you might encounter:

Issue 1: When filling out the form, you might get an error after clicking on 'Continue'.

Issue 2: When trying to pay with your credit or debit card

Issue 3: The Tanzania evisa application portal/website needs to be fixed on your browser.

Issue 4: You are not able to upload your documents.

Issue 5: The eVisa application platform or website is down

To all your visa problems, Atlys has the solution! Try and see for yourself.

A screenshot of an error that occurred while it was processing

Solutions For eVisa Application Problems

Now is the time to give you the solutions:

    For Issue 1: For the first problem, you can return to the previous page, which usually will work. But if that does not work, you can close the web page and use the APPLICATION ID NUMBER to log back into your account to continue.

    For Issue 2: Now, this is an issue that has troubled many, many visa applicants. And if you also are experiencing this, try contacting your bank or paying directly to the bank account provided at the end of the application.

    For Issue 3: If the website is not working on your current browser, try to change it to a different browser. For example, you can use Chrome, Safari, Opera Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.

    For Issue 4: This could be because the documents or file size is more than what is allowed. So make sure that the JPEG or - PNG size is not more than 300KB, and your PDF size is not more than 1MB.

    For Issue 5: If the website is down or not working, you can do nothing about it. If you need to get your Tanzania eVisa, applying for it using Atlys would be best.

This is because the Tanzania evisa processing time is faster, the application won't take longer than 10 minutes, and you can keep track of it.

Lastly, you won't have to experience any of the issues mentioned above when using Atlys.

You can also read our blog on Tanzania E-Visa Payment Issues for more solutions.

Start Packing For Tanzania!

Now you know how simple and easy the whole online application process is. So what are you waiting for? Apply for your Tanzania eVisa for Indians on Atlys and start planning your trip now!

Government Source

We know that visa information is crucial, and accuracy is everything. We rely on trusted governmental resources to ensure our readers receive the most reliable and current information possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you arrive in Tanzania, you must have all the required documents mentioned in the blog with you. Then, the immigration office will check the eVisa printout and ask for your passport. Then, they will stamp the entry date on your passport, and you can head to collect your bags.

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