How To Complete The Thailand On Arrival Visa Form

Last Updated : 04-Sept-2023

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30-Second Summary

To complete the Thailand Visa on Arrival form, Indian citizens can refer to a sample form for guidance.

    The form includes personal details, your travel details in Thailand, your work details and more.

    You can download the form from the Embassy of India website as a PDF. Make sure to fill it in capital letters and English, attach a passport photo, and sign it.

    Completing the form accurately is crucial to avoid delays.

What Does A Thailand Visa On Arrival Form Look Like?

For an Indian citizen, looking at the form to check what information you need when filling it out would be beneficial. For example, the form looks something like this:

Example of what a Thailand visa on arrival application form looks like

Where Can I Get The Thailand On Arrival Visa Form?

You can download and print the visa on arrival form from the Embassy of India website. The form is a pdf, so you'll be able to access it without problems.

Information Needed To Complete The Thailand On Arrival Visa Form

To complete the Thailand on arrival visa form, you must provide the following information:

    Your full name: Family Name, First Name, and Middle Name

    Nationality, which will be Indian

    Passport or traveling document number, which can be found on your passport

    The date and place of issue of the passport can be found on your passport

    Your date of birth

    The expiry date of your passport

    The flight no that you flew to Thailand in

    Your occupation in India

    Your permanent address in India

    Address in Thailand where you would be staying at

    Name and address of the person(s) of reference in Thailand

    If accompanied by minor children traveling on the same passport, please give names, dates, and the places of birth of the children

And at the end, you must sign and write the date you fill out the form in Thailand

When applying for Visa on Arrival in Thailand, you must submit the main information about your visit and personal details.

    The form should be completed in English.

    Attach a passport photo (taken within 6 months) top right side of the Visa on Arrival application form.

    Choose and underline the correct status, which is Mr, Mrs, or another salutation.

    Write your name in capital letters, with your family name first.

    Write nationality as per passport country clearly and as it is on your passport.

    Fill out the passport number clearly and accurately.

    Fill in the passport's date and place of issue and follow the passport date format for clarity.

    Describe your present occupation and the position in the company briefly.

    Provide a permanent address is your address in your home country.

    Provide the Thailand address, which can be the hotel's name and address.

    Person of reference, it's optional and can be left blank unless your staying with friends or family.

    Write the date of your arrival and sign the Thai Visa on Arrival form. 

    The last section is for official use only - you can leave this empty.

    Remember - complete the form in English.

When it comes to writing dates and names, I recommend using the same format and spelling as in your passport, as it will help avoid misunderstandings.

The visa application process is very straightforward. The application process starts when you disembark from your flight in Thailand. Then, you must go to the visa on arrival desk, submit your application, and pay the visa fee. 

If you'd like a more in-depth guide about the visa on arrival application process, you can check out our dedicated Thailand visa on arrival blog.

Tips To Ensure Your Visa Application Form Is Correct

In this section, I'll talk about some tips you can follow to make sure your application form is correct.

Now you know everything you need to know about the Thailand on arrival visa form. If you'd like to find out more about the visa on arrival for Thailand, you can check the FAQ section.

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Yes, you can. You can read our blog that explains everything about the Thailand e visa on arrival.

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