Thailand Visa Processing Time For Indians In 2023

Last Updated : 06-Sept-2023

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30-Second Summary

These are the corresponding processing time for the different Thailand visa types:

    Thailand E Visa On Arrival: 24-72 Hours

    Thailand Tourist Visa: 3-5 Days

    Thailand Student Visa: 1-2 Weeks

    Thailand Business Visa: 6 Days

    Long Term Resident (LTR)  Visa: 4-8 Weeks

Source: Royal Thai Embassy in New Delhi

*Please note that visa times can change without warning due to different reasons like current visa applications and new rules.

Thailand Visa Types and Factors Affecting Processing Time

This visa is a lot like the Thailand visa on arrival. However, you must apply online for a pre-approved visa before traveling and you can do so online. The Thailand e visa on arrival is for tourism purposes. 

The visa takes 24-72 hours to process which means you must apply for your visa at least 5 days before your intended travel date. This ensures that you’ll receive your visa on time. There are also certain factors that can influence the processing time like, false or blurry documents.

You can apply for your e visa on arrival through the Atlys for a fast and hassle free application process.

The Thailand tourist visa allows you to travel to Thailand for tourism purposes like sightseeing, visiting friends, or visiting family. You’re not allowed to work or conduct any business in Thailand with this visa. The processing time for this visa is 3-5 days and you must apply at an Embassy. 

However, there are certain factors that can extend the processing time like, incomplete application, long weekends, public holidays, high volume of visa applications, etc. You can apply for a single or multiple entry visa.

The Thailand education visas are for Indian nationals who wish to study, attend a seminar, training session, or internship in Thailand. This visa takes 1-2 weeks to process and is valid for up to one year. Unfortunately, you must apply for this visa through the Royal Thai Embassy which means there are a few factors that can extend the processing time.

These factors include, missing documents, incorrect information on the application form, understaffed Embassy, etc.

The Thailand business visa allows you to travel to Thailand to conduct business. This includes attending conferences, meetings, and conducting business negotiations in Thailand. However, you’re not allowed to work with this visa.

You can apply for a single or multiple entry business visa and it typically takes 6 business days to process. Please note that the processing time doesn’t include weekends or public holidays.

This visa allows you to relocate to Thailand long term. This visa is available to you if you’re a high income foreigner, retiree, foreigner that intends to work remotely in Thailand, or if you’re a foreigner with special skills. 

This visa takes 4-8 weeks to process so it’s best if you apply for your visa at least 9-10 weeks before your travels. You can apply for this visa at a Thai Embassy in India.

The Thailand Elite Visa Program offers you an opportunity to get a resident visa for 5, 10, or 20 years and receive exclusive privileges and additional complimentary services and benefits. Luckily, you can apply for your visa online. The visa takes 1-3 months to process.

There are certain factors that can extend the processing time of your Thailand elite visa application. This includes insufficient proof of finances, missing documents, incomplete application form, or an expired passport.

The Thailand Transit visa allows you to transit through Thailand on your way to a third destination. You can apply for this visa if you’re leaving the transit area of the airport. This visa takes 2- 10 days to process which means you must apply for your visa at least 12 days before you travel.

Make sure you have proof of onward travel (flight ticket) or else it will extend the visa processing time.

Step-by-Step Visa Application Timeline

Now, let’s discuss the visa application steps for the Thailand visa. Please note that the application steps won’t be the same for each visa type. So, if you apply for an online visa, the application steps will look different than what I’ll discuss.

At this stage, you need to determine which visa suits your purpose of travel best. Once you do, you can start gathering your required documents including your visa application form. Gathering your documents before applying for a visa helps you to make sure you have everything. You can also take your time in gathering the documents as some might take longer to get as others.

If you fail to provide the necessary documents your visa will take longer to process or your visa will be rejected.

After gathering the documents you can submit your application. Make sure that the visa application form is completed and that the information is accurate. If you forget information or provide incorrect information the processing time will take longer or your visa will be rejected.

How To Check Your Thailand Visa Status?

Firstly, you can check your visa status through the Atlys online portal by going to your profile and you’ll also receive frequent updates about the status of your visa via the registered number.

Then, you can check your visa status online if you apply for a visa online. If you apply for your visa at an Embassy, you must contact them to find out the status of your visa. It’s also possible that the Embassy will send you updates about your visa via sms.

Trusted Sources

At Atlys we only use trusted sources. The sources for this page includes:

- Royal Thai Consulate in Kolkata, India

- Royal Thai Consulate Chennai

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. You can apply for a Thailand e visa on arrival through the Atlys.

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