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Have you ever wanted to visit a truly unique place unlike anywhere else in the world? If so, then you should add the United Arab Emirates to the top of your travel list.

The UAE is a country located in the southeastern region of the Arabian Peninsula. Located in the middle east, it is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the south and west, Oman to the northwest, and Qatar to the northeast.

With its towering modern skyscrapers, luxurious hotels, endless shopping malls, sandy beaches, grand architecture, and magnificent forts in the exorbitant mountains, UAE is a country like no other.

About United Arab Emirates

UAE tourism is booming, and there are plenty of reasons why. From its world-famous attractions to its rich culture and traditions, there is something for everyone in UAE. And with its convenient location, it's easy to add Dubai to any travel itinerary.

The UAE is also home to some of the world's tallest buildings, including the Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world. So if you're planning a UAE trip, in this blog, you will find some of the best places you never knew you should visit!

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque UAE

Cities in UAE

Each emirate and city in the UAE has different things to offer, with no law of tourist destinations. So let us first look at the seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates:

Abu Dhabi:

As the UAE's largest emirate, Abu Dhabi is the epitome of luxury in the arab world. If luxury is your thing, you can stay at the Emirates Palace, a 5-star hotel with private beaches spread across 1.3 km of the Arabian Gulf.

You can also visit the Louvre Abu Dhabi, an art and civilization museum in the Saadiyat cultural district, Qasr Al Watan - the UAE presidential palace complex, and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, making it a popular tourist destination in the UAE.


Though this emirate might be overshadowed by its neighboring emirates, namely Sharjah and Dubai, Ajam has its fair share to offer. Here you can visit the Al-Zorah nature reserve, visit the Ajman Exclaves of Manama and Masfut, check out the forts and museums in the city, such as the Ajman Museum and the Old Saleh Souk, and last but not least, soak up the sun at the sandy beaches in Ajman.


The capital of the UAE is Abu Dhabi, which is also the largest emirate in terms of area and population. This is also the emirate with famous tourist attractions such as the Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab - Palm Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, Dubai Museum, Dubai aquarium & underwater zoo, Dubai Miracle Garden, and Dubai Creek, to name a few.


Located close to Oman, this emirate offers you peace and solitude away from the biggest cities in the UAE. Though not small by any means and is the seventh largest city in the UAE, you can spend your time enjoying the beaches or visiting Al Hajar Mountains, the Fujairah Snoopy Island located off Al Aqah beach, or the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque - Fujairah, Al Hayl Castle, or the Fujairah Fort.

Ras Al-Khaimah:

Ras Al Khaimah is a tourism attraction growing with mountains, salt flats, mangroves, and undulating sand dunes along the coast, to name a few of the stunning locations in the emirate. Jebel Jais, the tallest peak in the UAE, is located in Ras Al Khaimah. According to Guinness World Records, it is home to the world's longest zipline. In addition, the area is home to several more daring attractions and the UAE's tallest restaurant.


Being the third largest emirate in the UAE, Sharjah is at the forefront of the economy and growth. However, it is also known as the Cultural Capital of the UAE; you can learn more about Islamic history by visiting the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, Sharjah Fort, Sharjah Heritage Museum, Sharjah Maritime Museum, Al Mahatta Museum, Al Eslah School Museum, Bait Al Naboodah, Sheikh Saeed House Bin Hamad Al Qasimi, and Sharjah Classic Cars Museum.

Umm Al-Quwain:

This emirate is covered by rich mangroves on the Arabian Gulf coast. Many islands lie east of the emirate, where you can spot the largest island, Al Seniah, home to Arabian gazelles, falcons, and turtles.

Traditional activities like building dhows and competitive sports like falconry and camel racing are popular in the emirate. Other recreational activities, such as Skydiving and sailing or visiting Dreamland Aqua Park, the largest water park and resort in the UAE, are also very popular with tourists. You can also visit Al Jahili Fort, Al Ain Palace Museum, and Qasr Al Muwaiji.

Places To Visit In The United Arab Emirates

I could not possibly fit all the amazing places you can visit in the UAE, so I'll give you the one best place that you must visit while in UAE:

Yas Island - Abu Dhabi:

This place is for you if you are a thrill seeker and love amusement parks. Yas Island hosts the Ferrari world with some of the best rides. Additionally, you can check out the F1 race track, amazing theme parks, magnificent golf courses, stunning beaches, world-class hotels, and exquisite malls.

Burj Khalifa - Dubai:

You might think this is the same generic list that includes the Burj Khalifa. But listen, if you are visiting Dubai, these two places are a must-visit and cannot be excluded from any list. First, the sheer height of the building will leave you gawking for minutes. You will not believe your eyes that there is a building so massive on this planet.

Silver buildings surrounding the biggest building in the world during daytime

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization:

Being the first of its kind in the United Arab Emirates, the museum is located along the Al-Majarrah Waterfront in the heart of Sharjah. The museum highlights the beautiful Islamic Civilization by displaying hundreds of unique items from the first century AH (7 AD) to the fourteenth century AH (20 AD). Viewing the hundreds of priceless and rare Islamic artifacts, you can spend hours, allowing you to be in awe of the Islamic civilization's enduring achievements.

Snoopy Island - Fujairah:

Snoopy Island, also known as Snoopy Rock, is a tiny rocky island located off the shore of Al Aqah beach on the northern coast of the Emirate of Fujairah in the Gulf of Oman. The name "Snoopy Island" comes from the cartoon character Snoopy lying on his back. It is one of the most well-liked tourist destinations in Fujairah due to its breathtaking natural surroundings. Snoopy Island also attracts water sports enthusiasts since it offers a wide variety of exciting outdoor activities and scenery that makes for a fantastic holiday.

Heritage District - Ajman:

A unique vacation spot founded in the UAE's authenticity, history, and rich cultural past. The Heritage District offers visitors a very remarkable and complete cultural and recreational experience with its antiquities and historic trees. This region is home to the Ajman Museum as well as the Old Saleh Souk, which you can visit at the same time.

Al Sinniyah Island - Umm Al Quwain:

Along with neighboring islands, Al Sinniyah Island is located east of Umm al-main Quwain's land. It is a unique setting that combines the old and the contemporary and embodies the culture, history, and natural beauty of Umm Al Quwain. This 10-kilometer-long island is home to flamingos, seagulls, and a wide variety of flora and fauna, including the critically endangered Socotra cormorants and Avicennia plants.

Jebel Jais - Ras Al-Khaimah:

The Jebel Jais peak is part of the breathtaking, cloud-piercing Hajar mountains. The range spans from Ras Al Khaimah on the eastern edge of the United Arab Emirates to the Musandam Peninsula in northern Oman. The Jebel Jais mountain peak offers breathtaking views where you can even camp overnight to enjoy the night skies. It also has the world's longest zipline, which takes approximately 3 minutes, giving you the best adventure possible.

Things To Do In United Arab Emirates

With all the tourist places in the United Arab Emirates, you will never run out of things to do. So I compiled a list of things you can do while in UAE:

  1. Sightseeing: From the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, to the world's largest shopping mall, the Dubai Mall, there's always something new to explore. The UAE has a diverse culture and history with numerous attractions for everyone. So whether it's a trip to the Grand Mosque, a desert safari, or a visit to the many shopping and entertainment centers, the UAE is sure to provide an unforgettable experience.

  2. Shopping: You can find some of the most unique and luxurious items in the world, as well as great bargains. There are malls all over the country, so no matter where you are, you'll be able to find something to do. Shopping is a great way to explore the culture and take in the atmosphere of the UAE.

  3. Food & Drinks: Eating is definitely one of the best things to do in the UAE! There are many different types of cuisine to explore, from traditional Middle Eastern dishes to international delicacies. So whether you're looking for a fine dining experience, or a more casual street food option, you're sure to find something delicious.

  4. Beaches: Visiting the amazing beaches in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is definitely one of the best things to do! From the pristine white sand of Abu Dhabi's Yas Beach to the turquoise waters of Dubai's Jumeirah Beach, there is something for everyone. So whether you are looking for a peaceful escape or a day of fun activities, you can find it all along the UAE's stunning coastline.

  5. Art and Culture: The UAE is a vibrant and exciting place for travelers to explore the art and culture of the region. From the iconic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi to the historic Bastakiya Quarter in Dubai, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The UAE also offers a wide range of museums and galleries featuring both traditional and modern art, as well as unique cultural experiences

  6. Relax in the UAE: The UAE is an amazing place to relax and unwind. There is something for everyone, from world-class spas and hotels to incredible beaches. The UAE is well known for its luxurious amenities and its great hospitality. So whether you want to relax in a spa or soak up the sun on the beach, you can do it all in UAE.

How to Reach UAE?

Depending on where you're coming from, there are a few different ways to get there. Here is how you can travel to UAE:

By Flight:

The best way to travel to UAE from India is by air. There are many economical flights connecting from India to the UAE, as well as from throughout the world, every few hours. Additionally, UAE is home to numerous world-class airports where many international flights transit.

You can travel to one of the following airports in the UAE: Dubai International Airport, Sharjah International Airport, Ai Ain International Airport, Fujairah International Airport, Al Bateen Executive Airport, Dalma Airport, Dubai World Central - Al Maktoum International Airport, Ras Al Khaimah International Airport, and Sir Bani Yas Airport.

By Road:

For Indian nationals, this will not be a feasible option since it would cost a penny to get visas for all the countries between the two nations. However, if you live in neighboring countries such as Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, or Bahrain, you can travel to the UAE via the roads.

By Train:

Etihad Rail, the UAE's national railway, connects the country's seven emirates to one another. The expansion of Etihad Train's service to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia is being explored; however, there are currently no rail connections between the UAE and other countries. Up until that point, there was no train connection between the UAE and other countries.

Dubai Marina from a high view showing the boats, sea, and the city scape

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Written By: Nikhita Rathod
Fact Checked By: Richard Dettmar

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main tongues used in the UAE?

The official language of the United Arab Emirates is Arabic; however, you might find people speaking languages such as Pashto, Hindi, Balochi, Persian, and English due to the massive immigrant population.

What are the UAE's significant holidays?

New Year's Day, Israa and Miraj Night, Eid Al Fitr, Arafat Day, Hijri New Year's, Prophet Muhammad's Birthday/mawlid, and Commemoration Day are some of UAE's significant holidays.

What meal must visitors not miss in the UAE?

Some of the mouth-watering dishes you mustn't miss in the UAE are Shish Tawouk Sandwich, the Classic Shwarma, Al Harees, Manakish, Al Machboos, Fattoush, Thereed, Shirin Polo, Balaleet, Fatteh, Chelo Kebab, and Luqaimat.

What hours do the malls in the UAE open and close?

In the UAE, you should find the malls open from 10 AM to 10 PM every day. However, some malls close as late as 11 or 12 PM. For example, the Dubai Mall opens at 10 AM and closes at 12 AM. In contrast, the Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi opens at 9 AM and closes at 10:30 PM.

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