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Express Vietnam Visa: How To Get A Visa Urgently 2023?

Last Updated : 03 May 2024

30-Second Summary

The Vietnam Express Visa is for people who want a visa fast, especially if they have sudden travel plans.

For a fast and dependable last-minute visa solution, turn to Atlys

Their expertise in expedited service means you will get urgent processing in 8 business hours.

What Is An Express Vietnam Visa?

Who Can Get The Express Vietnam Visa?

The express visa for Vietnam is for people who want a visa fast, especially if they have sudden travel plans. Here's who can apply:

  • Tourists and Business Travellers: If you're travelling for fun or work and need a visa quickly, this is for you.

  • Regular Travelers: If you often travel and sometimes decide to visit Vietnam suddenly, this service helps.

  • People from Certain Countries: Vietnam allows people from specific countries to use this fast service. It's good to check their official website or ask a visa expert if your country is on the list.

  • Those with the Right Papers: You need a good passport for at least six more months from when you plan to enter Vietnam.

  • Ready to Pay Extra: This faster service costs more than the usual visa process. If you're fine with that, you can use it.

  • Last Minute Travel: People who realize only a few hours before their flight that they need a visa for Vietnam.

  • Denied visa: Those who weren't approved on time don't wish to change their Vietnam flight schedule.

How To Get An Emergency Vietnam Visa?

What Does Atlys Offer?
  • Chat directly with a visa expert on WhatsApp.

  • End-to-end management of the application

  • Your visa is guaranteed, or we'll refund your money.

The normal Vietnam e-visa processing time takes about 7 days. You check out the requirements and application process for the Vietnam e-visa.

How To Check Your Vietnam Visa Application Status?

After submitting your Vietnam visa application, track your rush visa status with the Atlys app by following these easy steps:

  • Download the Atlys app. Sign in.

  • Navigate to "My Documents" and locate your visa.

  • Tap on your visa to view its present status.

Once your visa gets approved, Atlys will send you a digital visa via email.

Overview Of The Express Vietnam Visa Through Atlys

What Are The Vietnam Express Visa Requirements?

To apply through Atlys, you require the following mandatory documents:

  • Upload or take a passport photo

  • Upload a passport scan of the back and front of your passport

What Is The Emergency E-visa Vietnam Processing Time?

The emergency Vietnam visa takes 8 business hours through Atlys.

Usually, the Vietnam visa can take up to 3 - 7 business days. Getting a rush Vietnam visa is the way to go if you urgently require a visa.

What Is The Emergency Visa Vietnam Cost?

The Vietnam express visa fee is ₹ 15 000.

Remember that Atlys guarantees your visa, or you get your money back.

What Are The Vietnam Entry Requirements?

At the Vietnam airport, you require the following details:

You'll need:

  • A digital image of the page in your passport with your picture and details.

  • Ensure your passport is still good for another 6 months from returning to Vietnam.

  • A valid visa

  • Your return flight details to fill in where you'll enter Vietnam and your flight info.

  • Proof of where you'll stay, like an Airbnb or hotel booking.

Why Choose an Emergency Vietnam Visa?

Many want to visit Vietnam's calm beaches and busy markets quickly. The Fast Visa helps with sudden trips. Here's why:

  • Fast Service: Instead of waiting weeks, get your e visa Vietnam express in just a few hours.

  • Easy Steps: Skip lots of paperwork.

  • Less Stress: Know you'll get your visa quickly, so no worries about last-minute plans.

Tips and Pointers for Indian Applicants

  • Travel Plan: Before applying, have a clear itinerary, including your entry and exit points in Vietnam.

  • Document Check: Ensure your passport has at least six months' validity from the entry date.

  • Stay Informed: Periodically check the official website for visa regulations or requirements updates.

What To Expect At The Border With A Vietnam Emergency Visa?

Here's a breakdown of what you can expect:

  • Document Check: Be ready to show your emergency visa. Ensure you have both the original and a copy, as border officers sometimes ask for both.

  • Passport Inspection: Your passport will be thoroughly checked. Ensure it's the same one you used for the visa application and meets all the requirements (e.g., at least 6 months validity).

  • Health Check: There may be health screenings depending on current health protocols, especially in global health crises. This could include temperature checks or health declaration forms.

  • Questioning: Border officers might ask questions regarding your visit's purpose, accommodation details, or return plans. Answering honestly and having any necessary documents, like hotel bookings, is crucial.

  • Customs Declaration: If you're carrying items that need declaration or exceed the allowed limit, you'll have to fill out a customs declaration form.

Stay patient, remain nice, and ensure your documentation is organized and easily accessible. Preparing helps ensure a smoother entry process.

Travel To Vietnam!

Getting a visa can be tough, but the urgent Vietnam Visa makes it faster and easier for Indians. 

This guide helps you from start to finish to get your e visa Vietnam express. So, if you're excited about seeing Vietnam's beauty and culture, you can plan your trip without worry. 

Happy travelling!

Government Sources

Through this blog, you can be confident in the authenticity of the information provided. It's sourced solely from official government websites, including:

Vietnam Immigration Portal website

The blog was written and fact-checked with the help of AI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I extend my stay beyond the E Visa validity? 

Yes, you can apply for an extension once in Vietnam, though it's subject to approval.

Can you get an express visa for Vietnam?

Yes, Indian nationals can apply for an emergency e-visa to Vietnam through Atlys. You will receive your visa in 8 business hours.

How quickly can I get a visa for Vietnam?

You can apply for an emergency visa to Vietnam through Atlys. This is one of the fastest ways to receive an e-visa Vietnam Express. You will receive your visa in only 8 business hours.

How to get last-minute visa for Vietnam?

If you're in a rush and need a visa for Vietnam urgently, don't worry! The quickest and most reliable way to obtain a last-minute visa is through an emergency request through Atlys. We specialize in expedited visa services, ensuring you receive your visa in 8 business hours.

Can I get Vietnam visa in one day?

Yes, one of the significant advantages of using Atlys is the processing speed. You can receive your urgent Vietnam visa in just 8 business hours. This quick turnaround is unmatched, making it a top choice for emergency travel.

Do I need any special documents for the express visa?

No, Basic requirements include a valid passport with at least 6 months of validity and a couple of passport-sized photos.

Is the Express Visa more expensive than the regular visa?

Yes, the Express Visa comes with a higher fee than the standard visa due to its expedited nature.

How reliable is the Express Visa service through Atlys?

Atlys specializes in expedited visa services, making them a trustworthy option for those in urgent need of a Vietnam visa.

Are there any restrictions or limitations with the Express Vietnam Visa?

The express visa primarily serves short-term travel purposes. Always check the visa's validity and any conditions attached to it.

Is there a Vietnam visa on arrival?

Traveleers are strongly advised to apply for their Vietnam e-visa before their travels. Vietnam visa on arrivals are not guaranteed and usually have strict eligibility criteria.

How can I speed up my Vietnam visa application? 

To expedite your Vietnam visa application, consider using specialized services like Atlys, which offers express visa option. Ensure you provide accurate and complete documentation to avoid any potential delays.

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