How To Get You Dubai Visa Processed In Under 3 Days

Last Updated : 18-Oct-2023

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30-Second Summary

In this blog, we are going to discuss the actual Dubai visa processing time, why the Dubai visa processing time is delayed in India, and how you can apply for your Dubai visa.

The UAE tourist visa processing time can take about 3-4 days, whereas, with Atlys, you can get your Dubai e-visa in 2 days! This is because there are typically 3 organisations involved, and your application needs to go from one to the other to be processed and then eventually sent back to you.

Some of the main reasons for delays in a Dubai visa are:

    Incorrect information.

    Documents being uploaded are not clear or incorrect.

    Your passport is not valid.

    Incompetent travel agencies are not following up on your application.

Let's have a look at why Atlys is the easiest and fastest way to apply for a UAE visa.

If you're an Indian national visiting Dubai, you need a visa. A 2 - 3 day wait time is considerably less than the Schengen Visa processing time.

But what if I told you that the Dubai government approves your visa in only 30 minutes?

What Is The Dubai Tourist Visa Processing Time From India?

If you're applying for a Dubai visa from India, you might be curious about how long it will take to process. The UAE tourist visa processing time is as follows:

    Standard Processing Time: Generally, the processing time for a UAE visa (including Dubai) takes about 3-4 working days. This time frame is for processing the visa before it's issued, and it doesn't include weekends (Saturday and Sunday) or any holidays in the UAE.

    Express Visa Applications: If you choose an express option for your Dubai visa application, the processing time is faster, taking only 36 hours from the time you submit the application. Again, this time frame excludes weekends and UAE holidays.

You must remember that the Dubai visit visa processing times might differ depending on how you apply for the visa. For example, if you apply for a visa via Emirates, you might get the visa in 48 hours.

When using Atlys, the Dubai visit visa processing time is only 30 minutes (AtlysBlack only).

"If It's Approved In 30 Minutes, Why Do I Have To Wait 3 Days For My Dubai Visa?"

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The actual visa requirements are relatively straightforward. You must provide your personal information, trip details, and copies of your passport. However, the act of processing your visa application is not as simple.

There are typically 3 agencies involved:

1. The local travel agent

2. The consolidator

3. The Destination Management Company (DMC)

When applying for a visa, you would use a local travel agent to start your visa application. Once you submit your documents to a local travel agent, they pass them on to a larger consolidator.

Consolidators are travel agents with the right relationships with responsible authorities who issue visas. These consolidators generally process many visas for travellers planning to visit Dubai.

After consolidators receive your documents, they work with DMC based in Dubai. The DMC has a travel agency license with the Government of Dubai, which allows them to submit Dubai Visa applications.

Furthermore, the DMC also has a visa quota. The visa quota enables the government to cap the number of visas a particular DMC can process based on specific parameters.

When your documents are submitted to the DMC, DMC officials manually upload your information through the GDRFA system (the government portal for visa applications). The information uploaded includes your details and required documents. After doing that, DMC will pay the visa fees on your behalf.

To easily understand the process, I'll include an infographic that visually explains the Dubai visa process.

Infographs that visually explaines the Dubai visa processing time.

Your visa application has now been submitted. Government authorities will process your visa application, approve it, and issue it. Generally, the Dubai visa process time for Dubai Visa for Indians is around 30 - 45 minutes.

Remember that once your visa has been approved, it is sent back to the consolidator, who sends it to the local travel agency. Then, finally, it gets sent back to you (the applicant).

And this is the reason why it takes up to 3 days to receive your Dubai Visa for Indians.

Why Is The Dubai Tourist Visa Processing Time Delayed?

In some extreme cases, receiving your Dubai Tourist Visa can take more than 3 days. There are plenty of reasons why the Dubai visa processing time might be delayed. These include:

    Incorrect information

    Documents being uploaded are not clear or incorrect

    Your passport is not valid

    Incompetent travel agencies not following up on your application

    A global pandemic

    Visa policy changes, etc.

To avoid all these issues and more, it would be best for you to apply for your visa using Atlys.

Processing Times for Various Types of Dubai Visas

The processing times for different types of Dubai visas can vary based on factors such as the visa category, the visa type, and the specific requirements of the application. It is important to know what the processing time is for your specific visa:

The Visa on Arrival in Dubai for Indians stands out as it involves no prior processing, as travellers can apply for it directly at the airport upon arrival.

There are many more visa types for Dubai that you can consider. All have different processing times that you must keep in mind when applying for your visa.

How Will I Receive My Dubai Visa?

As we just discussed, once your visa has been approved and processed by the Government authorities, an email with your visa attached will be sent to the consolidator. As it is already mentioned above, the Dubai visa processing time takes longer than expected. So, you should apply in time to prepare for the UAE visa processing time.

Email with visa attatchment sample.

The consolidator will email your visa to the local travel agency. The local travel agency will inform you about your visa via email. Attached to the email, you'll find your new visa.

Dubai tourist visa application on Atlys.

What Is The Easiest Way To Apply For A Dubai Visa?

As you see, the application for a Dubai visa process is not as seamless as it should be.

Since the UAE visa processing time is not the most efficient. At Atlys, we've worked hard on automating the entire visa process so that you can receive your visa within 30 minutes of applying on our app.

So you can start your application and receive your visa within 30 minutes on Atlys, which greatly reduces the whole Dubai visa processing time.

How To Apply For Dubai Tourist Visa From India?

The Dubai visa application is easy. The best part is you can do it from the comfort of your own home on Atlys or the other way mentioned above. Moreover, you don't have to let the airlines apply for your Tourist Visa.


    Choose Your Visa: You must decide which Dubai tourist visa for Indians fits your needs and the purpose of staying in Dubai.


    Choose How To Apply: You can choose the way that will be the most convenient for you and easiest for you to apply.


    Fill out the Dubai visa application: You need to provide information like your email address, the purpose of your travel, and the travel date.


    Confirm Information: You can check all the details and correspond with the relevant person when applying through a third party.


    Payment: You will need to pay the amount depending on the type of visa you are applying for.


    Visa Approval: Once they approve your visa application, they will send you your approved visa application via email.

Do you know how to apply for a Dubai tourist visa from India in the best possible way? If not, you can read our dedicated blog on "How Indians Can Apply For A Dubai Visa".

Using Atlys! It is the quickest, easiest, and most reliable way to get your visa in a few simple steps.

What Is The Difference Between The Dubai Visit Visa For Indians And Dubai Tourist Visa For Indians?

Dubai Tourist visas can only be used for tourism and leisure purposes. In contrast, a visit visa can be used for business meetings, attending a seminar, or any other purpose.

With a Dubai tourist visa for Indians, you can stay for 14 days or 30 days. It is extendable for 40 days, whereas with a visit visa, you can stay for 90 days.

The Dubai visit visa for Indians is higher than the tourist visa fee. For example, 90 day Dubai Visit Visa for Indians will cost you AED 825 (INR 17879), whereas 30 day Tourist Visa will cost you AED 305 (INR 6610).

You cannot convert your Dubai tourist visa for Indians into another visa. Still, a Dubai visit visa for Indians can be converted into an employment visa.

A Dubai Tourist visa for Indians is only valid for 2 months. In comparison, a Dubai visit visa for Indians is valid for up to 6 months.

A Dubai tourist visa sponsor for Indians can be a friend, relative, or local hotel and agency in UAE. Still, in the case of a Dubai visit visa for Indians, he should be a citizen of the UAE.

What Documents Do I Need To Submit For My Dubai Visa?

When applying through a local agency, you'll be asked to submit the following:

    Personal information such as your name, surname, date of birth, etc.

    Trip details such as your entry and exit date.

    Copies of your valid passport (front and back).

    A personal digital photo.

From the DMC perspective, this is what the online Visa for Indians Portal would look like:

Indians portal dashboard.Indians portal dashboard.

Now You Know!

So now you know exactly why you must wait so long to receive your Dubai visa as an Indian. And you have been informed of the easiest and fastest way to apply for your Dubai tourist visa.

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The fastest way to get a Dubai visa is through express services. Atlys provides such services and can get your Dubai visa processed within 30 minutes.

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