India E-Visa For Mauritian Nationals | Application & Fees

Last Updated : 25 Jan 2024

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30-Second Summary

Mauritian nationals traveling to India must apply for the e visa India, which allows them to visit the country for medical treatment, sightseeing, tourism and more.

    The India visa for Mauritian can be submitted online.

    It does not require you to submit your passport at your local Republic of India Embassy.

    Once your visa for India from Mauritius is approved, you will receive a digital copy that you can use to enter India (no visa stamp needed).

    Atlys recommends that you apply for the India visa at least 4 days before travelling.

Important Information

India Visa Type:

Indian e-Tourist Visa.

India Visa Processing Time:

The India e visa processing time time is around 4 working days.

India eVisa Fees & Cost:

The India tourist visa price is US$25 for a single entry from July to March and USD 10 from April to June.

India Visa Validity:

A single entry is valid for 30 days, and a multiple entry is valid for 1 - 5 years.

Mauritian nationals must have a valid visa to enter India and are eligible to get a India e visa. They can apply for the e visa India through Atlys or the India government portal.

There are 2 types of e visa India:

    Single Entry: You can enter India once and stay for 30 days. It is valid for 30 days and costs US$25 from July to March, whereas from April to June, it costs USD 10.

    Multiple Entry (1 year): It allows you to enter India more than once and stay for 180 days. It is valid for one year and costs USD 40.

    Multiple Entry (5 years): This permits multiple entries into India, with each visit lasting up to 180 days. The visa remains valid for 5 years and is priced at USD 80.

Please be aware that while you can submit your visa application through the Indian government websites or official application Su-Suagatam for visa applications, we do not recommend using it as it can be time-consuming and unreliable. There may be delays due to potential website crashes.

For a more efficient and reliable process, it is advisable to apply for your India e visa through Atlys, an authorised agent for India. Atlys can provide you with your evisa conveniently and with fewer hassles.

India E Visa Requirements from Mauritius

To ensure a successful visa application for India from Mauritius, it's crucial to fulfill the India visa requirements for Mauritian citizens. Since the visa for India from Mauritius takes place online, you will be required to upload digital copies of specific documents:

    Valid Passport: You must have a valid Mauritian passport or travel document with a minimum of two blank pages. It should be valid for at least six months beyond the conclusion of your trip and must have been issued no later than ten years ago.

    Passport Photo: You should provide two recent passport-sized colour photographs with a white background.

    Document Size: Please make sure that these documents are in either JPG or PNG format and that their file size does not exceed 512 KB. Meeting all visa requirements for India will streamline your visa requirements for India process and ensure its success.

Please note that the Indian government might ask you to provide additional documents, depending on the type of visa you want to apply for.

However, Atlys simplifies the visa process by requiring minimal documentation and offers the convenience of handling everything from your own space.

How to Apply for an India E Visa

Before we go into the specifics of obtaining your e visa India, we want to ensure that you are fully informed about your choices. You can independently apply through Atlys or the Government eVisa portal to take on the visa to India from Mauritius process.

Each approach comes with its own set of benefits, and our goal is to furnish you with the necessary information to empower you in making a well-informed decision.

Apply on Atlys

Over 90% of applicants using Atlys complete their visa for India from Mauritius application in under 5 minutes, and an impressive 99.3% of all India visas provided by Atlys arrive on time.

Here's how you can begin your application for visa to India from Mauritius process:


    Start Your Application: Visit our online Atlys portal, select your desired visa type, and click "Proceed."


    Provide Travel Details: Specify your travel dates and indicate the number of people you are applying for.


    Upload Documents: Safely upload a digital photo and a copy of your Mauritian passport, which we will securely store for future use.


    Review Your Application: Take a moment to carefully review your visa application for India from Mauritius; our system will help ensure you haven't missed any essential details.


    Payment and Submission: Complete your application for visa to India from Mauritius by submitting it and making the India tourist visa price payment using your preferred credit card. After payment, all that remains is waiting for approval.

Why choose Atlys:

    Guaranteed on-time visa arrival or money back.

    Upload documents easily with a smartphone camera.

    Complete the application in under 5 minutes.

    Track your visa application status.

    Option to add a friend/relative to the application.

Apply by Yourself

Applying for an visa to India from Mauritius is a straightforward online process. Here's a simple step-by-step guide to help you apply for e visa India:


    Initiate Application: Begin your e-Visa application by visiting the Indian e-Visa Portal. Once there, click on the 'Apply for e-Visa' option to start the process.


    Enter Basic Information: Fill in basic details like nationality, passport-type, port of arrival, email ID, date of birth, visa type, and arrival date. After entering these, click 'Continue'. Note down the temporary application number given. It's useful if you need to resume your application later due to any interruptions.


    Fill Applicant Details: Enter the applicant's personal and passport details, then click 'Save and Continue'.


    Address and Family Information: Provide your address and family details, then save and proceed.


    Visa and Previous Visits Info: Input details regarding the visa being sought, any previous Indian visas, SAARC country visits, and references in India. Click to continue.


    Additional Information: Answer questions about criminal history and asylum status. Check the box to confirm the details and continue.


    Document Upload: Upload the required documents and a photograph according to the instructions.


    Review Application: Double-check all the details entered for accuracy, then verify and continue.


    Payment and Confirmation: Pay the visa fee for India. Upon successful payment, you'll receive a final application number indicating the completion of your application.

Tips to get your India e visa approved:

    Apply at least 4 days before your travel date.

    Prepare digital copies of the required documents.

    Have a payment method ready for the India e visa fees.

    Save your Application ID for future reference.

    Regularly check your email for updates or requests.

    Understand the validity and rules of your e-Visa.

    When you arrive in India, they will need to take your biometric details at the immigration desk.

    Be careful when making the payment for your e-Visa. If you try and fail more than three times, your application will be blocked. You'll have to start over by filling out the application form again and getting a new application ID.

    If you need to reapply, wait for 4 hours after submitting your application and paying the visa fee for India before checking the payment status. It can take up to 4 hours for the payment status to update.

Approval Of The India Visa For Mauritian

After you complete the India visa application online, it will be processed within 4 working days. It's recommended to apply for the India visa well in advance, allowing at least 4 days for India e visa processing time.

Ensure you print your eVisa from the Indian visa portal after its confirmation, as it's a vital document for immigration in India.

Issues such as payment difficulties, problems with uploading documents, and photo errors are common with government visa portals. Therefore, for a smoother process, consider applying for your eVisa through Atlys.

India E Visa Rules

    E-Visas are issued for medical treatment, sightseeing, tourism and more.

    Provide accurate personal and passport information.

    Print your e-Visa once it's approved.

    Entry is permitted through specific airports and seaports designated for e-Visas.

    E-Visas generally allow a 30-day stay from the date of arrival with a single entry visa, and for double or multiple entries, you cannot exceed 180 days.

    Your passport should have a minimum of six months' validity from your arrival date and at least two blank pages.

    The e-Visa cannot be extended or converted into a different visa type.

    Only medical e-visa can be extended up to 60 days.

    Registration with the FRRO is required for stays over 180 consecutive days.

    In addition to the India e visa fees, there's an extra charge of 2.5% for bank transactions. You should pay this fee at least 4 days before your expected travel date, or else your application won't be processed.

In summary:

Mauritian needs a visa for entry into India. You must have a valid visa to access India.

The visa to India from Mauritius comes in the form of an electronic PDF document, and it's a mandatory requirement for entry into the Republic of India. You can apply for the e visa India either through Atlys or the relevant government channels.

For a single entry, the visa fee for India is US$25 from July to March and USD 10 from April to June. For multiple entry the India e visa fees is USD 40 for a 1 year visa and USD 80 for a 5 year visa.

Once you've paid the India tourist visa price and submitted your application, your visa will be processed within 4 working days.

Our Commitment to Visa Accuracy:

We understand how crucial, accurate, and trustworthy information is regarding your visa application. That's why we rely on official government sources to provide you with the most current and reliable guidelines.

Indian Visa Online Website

Government processes and relevant fees may change over time. We recommend always double-checking the official website for the most current information before proceeding with your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

An India e visa is an electronically issued visa that allows travellers to enter India for medical treatment, sightseeing, tourism and other various purposes. It is obtained online through your phone or computer.

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