Turkey Visa for Pakistani: Turkey Tourist Visa Costs and Requirements


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If you're traveling to Turkey, this is the post for you! In this post, I'll discuss everything you need to know about getting a Turkey visa for Pakistani citizens.

This includes the Turkey visa fees for Pakistani citizens, processing time, required documents, application process, and loads more.

Let's get started:

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Do Pakistani Citizens Need A Visa For Turkey?

Yes, you do. Unfortunately, Pakistan isn't part of the visa-free countries and therefore isn’t part of the visa exemption. This means you must apply for a Turkey visa for Pakistani citizens if you have an ordinary passport before traveling. I'll discuss the types of visas and how you can apply for your visa.

Everything You Need To Know About The Turkey Visa

The best place to start is to figure out everything about the visa you want to apply for. This is exactly what this section is about.

What Are The Different Types Of Turkey Visas?

There are different types of Turkey Visas you can apply for. You need to make sure the visa you apply for suits the purpose of your visit. The different types of visas for Turkey for Pakistani citizens are:

  • Turkey Tourist Visa: You can apply for this visa if your traveling for touristic purposes, leisure, business meetings, or visiting friends or family. The Turkey Tourist Visa from Pakistan is valid for 180 days, but your stay cannot exceed 30 days.
  • Turkish eVisa: This visa is the same as the Tourist Visa. However, you can apply for this visa online.
  • Turkey Work Visa: You can apply for this visa if the main purpose of your trip to Turkey is employment or if you are an assigned academic, sportsperson, artist, free zone worker, or journalist to Turkey or Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. This visa is valid for 90 days.
  • Turkey Student Visa: You can apply for this visa if the main purpose of the application is to do an internship, attend a course, or other educational purposes in Turkey.
  • Other Visas: You may as well apply for other visas that do not fall under the ones listed above, such as archaeological excavation, exploration purposes, documentary purposes, tour operator representative, medical treatment purposes, accompaniment purposes, family unification purposes, freight visa, or seafarer visa.

You can refer to the Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for more information.

Can Pakistani Citizens Apply For A Turkey Visa On Arrival?

No, you can't. Unfortunately, Pakistani citizens aren't eligible for a Turkey Visa On Arrival. Instead, you must apply for your visa before traveling to Turkey.

Can I Apply For A Turkey Visa Online?

Yes, you can! Pakistani citizens are eligible for a Turkey eVisa. An eVisa is an electronic visa you apply for online. You can apply for this visa online if you wish to travel to Turkey for tourism.

I'll discuss the application process later in this post.

How Long Can I Stay In Turkey With A Valid Visa?

The validity of your visa depends on the type of visa you apply for. As I've mentioned earlier, there are different types of Turkey visas for Pakistani citizens, and because of this, the validity of the visas differs.

The Turkey Tourist Visa from Pakistan is valid for 180 days, but your stay can not exceed 30 days.

How Much Does A Visa To Turkey Cost?

The Turkey visa fee for Pakistani citizens depends on the type of visa you apply for. For example, the Turkey Tourist Visa from Pakistan costs USD 60, and you might need to pay a service fee.

How Long Does It Take To Process A Turkey Tourist Visa?

Once again, the processing time of your visa depends on the type of visa you apply for. For example, the Tourist Visa can take between 3-6 days. On the other hand, the Turkey Work Visa can take up to 30 days to process, and the student visa a maximum of 15 days.

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Turkey Visa Requirements For Pakistani Citizens

The Turkey visa requirements for Pakistani citizens play an important role in the application. If you don't meet the requirements, officials can deny your visa. You'll also need certain travel documents, which are part of the Turkey visa requirements for Pakistani citizens.

I'll cover all the requirements for Pakistani citizens next:

What Are The Required Documents For A Turkey Tourist Visa?

The required documents are an important part of your visa application. If you forget a document, it could prolong the visa processing time, or in extreme cases, officials can deny your visa.

You'll need the following documents for your application:

  • A valid passport. Your passport should be valid for 6 months after your intended travel date with two blank pages.
  • A return flight ticket.
  • Passport-size photograph.
  • Proof of accommodation like hotel reservations.
  • Proof of sufficient funds (bank statements from your bank account).
  • An invitation letter if you're traveling to visit friends or family.
  • Proof of travel insurance.

What Are The Turkey Tourist Visa Photo Requirements?

You should provide a photo according to the following specifications:

  • The photo must be 50mm x 50mm.
  • Only color photos are acceptable. Black and White or blurred images, or those with added filters, should be avoided.
  • Your head should be squared off with the camera, measuring around 20-30mm.
  • The photo must reflect your current look and taken within the past six months.
  • The photo must have a white background.
  • Your facial expressions should be neutral.
  • Glasses are allowed only if these don't obstruct or hide the view of the eyes.
  • Headgear is allowed only if worn due to religious obligations.

You can use the free passport photo tool on Atlys. This tool takes any photo of you and turns it into a passport photo that meets the requirements.

What Are The Passport Requirements?

You must ensure that your passport meets the requirements. If it doesn't, officials can reject your visa. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from your intended date of travel.

How Much Bank Balance Is Required For A Turkish visa?

You need to provide bank statements for the last six months. In addition, you need to show that you have at least $ 50 per day. This shows that you have enough funds to cover the stay of your trip.

How To Get A Tourist Visa For Turkey From Pakistan

Finally, we get to the application process for a Turkey visa for Pakistani citizens!

Everything you need to know about applying for your visa is in this section:

Where Can I Apply For The Turkey Visa?

There are three ways you can apply for your Turkey Visa:

  • Online (eVisa).
  • At the Embassy (Tourist Visa).
  • At a visa application center.

How To Apply For A Turkey Visa Through An Embassy

The tourist visa application through an Embassy can be stressful but don't worry; I'll take you through the application.

Let's start:

Step 1: Schedule Your Appointment

The first thing you need to do is schedule your appointment at your nearest Turkish Embassy.

Step 2: Gather The Required Documents

Next, you need to gather all the required documents mentioned in this post. These documents are very important for your visa application. If you forget one, it could prolong the processing time, or in extreme cases, officials can deny your visa.

You can get the visa application form on the Embassy's official website or at the Embassy.

I recommend having a checklist and a file. Then, every time you check a document of the list, you can put it in the file. That way, all your documents are together.

Step 3: Attend The Visa Appointment

The next step is to attend your appointment. You need to make sure you have all the documents (including your application form). You might have to attend an interview at the Embassy. However, you don't need to worry, it will only be questions about your travels, and you can use your supporting documents to answer.

Step 4: Submit Your Application

Next, you must submit your application and pay the visa fee. Officials will also ask you for biometric information (fingerprints and photos).

Step 5: Wait For Your Visa

Lastly, you need to wait for the Embassy to process your visa. Then, the Embassy will contact you via email or any other contact information you gave. You can then pick up your passport with your visa (sticker visa).

How To Apply For A Turkey Visa Online

The online turkey visa application form should only take 15 minutes to complete if you have all the required details for your trip. But first, start a new application.

New Application

First, go to the Turkey Evisa Application System website and click on 'Apply.'

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If you have started the online application process , you must fill out an eVisa form. In addition, you will need to provide information about your country of origin and type of travel document.

You will need to select an arrival date. For example, you might choose a date that is within the next three months on the calendar. On this page, you can also see how much the Turkey visa fees cost for Pakistani citizens. Read through the conditions and click continue.

Personal and Trip Information

When applying for a visa, you must provide personal information about yourself. This will include your passport details and the names and addresses of your parents. You will also need to provide some information about visas from other countries.


After verifying your email, you will be automatically taken to a payment page. Once you finish the online transaction, your visa will appear on the screen and be emailed to you.

On the government portal, you might encounter several payment-related issues when applying for your Turkey visa. Therefore, I urge you to apply for your Turkey eVisa through Atlys instead so that you don't have to deal with any problems during the payment process.

What Should I Expect When Arriving In Turkey?

When you arrive in Turkey, you'll need to show your passport and your Turkey Tourist Visa.

The Turkish border officials will scan your passport and visa, and then you will be allowed to enter the country. You will also be given a stamped visa in your passport.

Additional Information About The Turkey Visa

The last section of this blog is like the cherry on top. It's just a few extra things you might want to know about the Turkey visa for Pakistani citizens.

Turkey Visa Rules While In Turkey

The most important visa rule you must remember is that you can't work while on a Tourist Visa in Turkey. You should also know that if you overstay your visa, you will receive fines for each day you overstay.

Can I Extend My Turkey Tourist Visa?

Yes, you can. You can apply for a visa extension while you're in Turkey. However. You need to make sure you apply for the visa extension before your current visa expires.

How Can I Extend My Visa?

If you would like to extend your stay in Turkey, you should apply for a visa extension at the immigration office, police station, or embassy in the country. The officials will evaluate your reasons for the extension and provide you with a new visa based on these reasons and your nationality. The extension also depends on the Turkey visa type and the initial reason for your visit.

What Happens If I Overstay My Visa?

If you overstay your visa, you'll receive fines for each day you overstay. However, if you exceed your stay by 2-6 months, an entry ban may be issued and can last for a maximum of 5 years.

Can I Work In Turkey With My Visa?

No, you can't. If you wish to work while in Turkey, you must apply for a Turkey work visa at the Embassy.

Why Was My Turkey Visa Rejected?

The most common reasons for visa rejections are:

  • Your passport doesn't meet the requirements (six months validity).
  • You didn't submit the correct or all of your documents.
  • If you didn't pay the visa fee.

Other reasons can include that you don't have sufficient funds to cover the stay of your trip, you're banned from entering Turkey, you have a criminal record, etc.

Thats' It!!

Now you know everything you need about the Turkey Visa for Pakistani citizens. If you have any lingering questions, feel free to check out the FAQ section.

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Written By: Nikhita Rathod

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Turkey Visa Open For Pakistani Citizens?

Yes, it is. Turkey is open to travel for everyone.

How Long Does A Turkey Visa Take From Pakistan?

The processing time of your visa depends on the type of visa you apply for. For example, the Tourist Visa can take between 3-6 days. On the other hand, the Turkey Work Visa can take up to 30 days to process, and the student visa a maximum of 15 days.

Is A Turkish Visa Difficult To Get?

No, it's not. It is actually easier than ever, given that Pakistani citizens can apply for a Turkey eVisa.

Does A Turkey Visa Require An Interview?

Yes, it does. The visa interview is an important part of the application process. But don't worry. You can use your supporting documents for answers.

Which Countries Can Get A Visa On Arrival For Turkey?

If you are a passport holder of one of the countries listed below and you meet the required criteria, you can obtain a visa on arrival.

Antigua and Barbuda, Armenia, Australia, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Belgium, Bermuda, Canada, Croatia, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus, Grenada, Haiti, Hong Kong (BN(O)), Jamaica, Latvia, Lithuania, Maldives, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Netherlands, Oman, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Spain, and U.S.A

Why Is The Turkey Visa Processing Time Delayed?

Here are a few reasons why your Turkey eVisa might have a longer processing time:

  • Mistakes on your visa application form
  • Incorrect documents submitted
  • Documents not submitted
  • A sudden demand for visas
  • Visa policy change
  • A global pandemic
Can I Get A Residency Permit For Turkey?

Yes, you can. Foreign nationals who wish to settle in Türkiye and start your business or purchase a property, you may apply for a Residence Permit. There is no minimum investment amount required; you just have to prove that you own a property or you are running a business, and that you have sufficient financial means to live in the country.

Who Can Travel To Turkey Without A Visa?

You can travel to Turkey visa-free if you’re from one of the following countries:

Albania, Andorra, Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Nicaragua, North Macedonia, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Qatar, Romania, Saint Kitts and Nevis, San Marino, Serbia, Seychelles, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Ukraine, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Vatican City, Venezuela, and United Kingdom.

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