France Visa for American citizens

Either Atlys doesn't support France visa or France doesn't requires visa for United States citizens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do US citizens need a visa for France?

Yes, as an US citizen, you need a tourist visa before entering France. However, France is part of the Schengen area, meaning you need a Schengen visa. This visa allows you to visit France and other Schengen states simultaneously.

What are the French visa requirements for US citizens?

Let's look at the requirements for a French visa for US citizens and the application process when applying for a tourist visa for France from United States. Here are the French tourist visa requirements:

  • Schengen application form: A duly completed and signed Schengen visa application form.

  • Passport: A valid passport or travel document with at least two blank pages must be issued no later than 10 years ago and valid for 3 months after the end of the trip.

  • Passport photo: One passport photo of yourself that meets the requirements for the Schengen visa photo.

  • Flight tickets: A return flight ticket that proves you plan to return to your home country.

  • Proof of accommodation: Private accommodation, a rental agreement, hotel reservations, etc. Accommodation proof must cover the entire stay and all the Schengen countries you plan to visit besides France.

  • If you have booked a packaged tour, Attach a detailed travel itinerary. If you are staying with a private individual, you must present a CERFA form as proof of accommodation.

  • Cover letter: A cover letter explaining the purpose of your trip, what you plan to do, and when you'll return home. It just proves the purpose of your trip.

  • Schengen travel Insurance/ Medical insurance: This insurance has a minimum coverage of EUR 30,000 and is valid for the entire travel duration. The Schengen travel insurance must cover the entire area, not just France.

  • Proof of financial funds: You need sufficient funds for your trip to Schengen. This can be proved through a cover letter and a bank statement for the last 3 months, stamped and signed by your bank manager.

  • Income tax: A copy of the Income Tax Department Return + ITR V acknowledgement of the previous financial year and a signed and stamped leave permission from your employer.

  • If you are self-employed: You must present a copy of your business license in India. In addition, the bank manager must sign and stamp company income tax returns for the past two years and a copy of the company's bank statement for the past three months.

  • If you own a business in India: You need to present the company's certificate of registration (Form B, rule 5(1) or Form ST3, rule 11).

  • If you are a student: You must present a copy of the enrolment paper that proves the applicant has planned to study in that school/university.

  • Proof of employment/studies: Official letterhead, stamped and dated.

  • Employment Status: Documents showing your employment status.

With Atlys, Not only can you upload the passport and photo from a mobile or desktop but also you can take a selfie for the photo, and click the picture of your passport using the smartphone camera or laptop. Atlys adjusts the user's photo to meet the country's requirements automatically without any hassle.

How do you get a France visa from United States?

Atlys offers a personal visa concierge service that enables visa applicants to obtain expedited visa appointments for France.

  • Start the process: Start the visa application by visiting Atlys.

  • Provide details: Your travel details, including your travel dates and passport image.

  • Pay the fee: Pay the applicable fee and checkout.  

  • Connect with a visa expert: Our visa specialist will contact you shortly after you submit your application.

  • In-depth review of your documents: A visa expert will review your trip details, residence, job background, and documents to ensure they meet the visa application requirements.

  • Express visa appointment: Atlys schedules your ideal France visa slot in India.

  • Detailed visa checklist: We provide a preparation list for your France visa appointment in India.

  • Attend your scheduled visa meeting: On the day of your meeting, you must submit your documents, attend a short interview, and, if required, submit your biometrics.

  • Await your visa: Atlys will inform you once it is approved. You can also stay updated by tracking your France visa through the Atlys app.