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60+ unexpected countries your Schengen visa can open doors to

With a Schengen visa or residence card, you can visit or live in any of the 26 Schengen countries. However, did you know that if you have one, you may be permitted to travel visa-free to a broad variety of European nations as well as select places outside of Europe? That’s right, with the 26 Schengen nations included, there are more than 60 countries and territories that you can travel to easily with a Schengen visa! Read on to find out which countries will open their doors to you.


5 tax-friendly countries in Europe for digital nomads

As remote working becomes more widespread, and many people are going in search of destinations where they may enjoy a higher quality of life while lowering their cost of living, many have begun to explore the prospect of optimizing taxes by being a digital nomad. Here’s a list of 5 countries in Europe that promise to treat you and your bank balance well.


Get money to move: paid relocation programs in the U.S!

Cities and counties around the United States are providing a range of relocation assistance programs to encourage remote workers to migrate there. Are you looking forward to a new beginning, or at the very least, a change of scenery? If so, consider moving to one of these 5 cities for a fresh start.


Make the most of your boarding pass: perks beyond the flight

Did you know that getting aboard a plane is just the beginning of the benefits you'll get from having a boarding pass? Here's how to take advantage of a plethora of travel advantages, including city tours, spa treatments, museum admission discounts, complimentary beverages, and even free ski passes... all with your humble boarding pass, even after you've landed!


The hidden costs of buying a €1 house in Italy

Purchasing a cheap house in Italy is an appealing notion for many visitors, especially with an increasing number of municipalities providing properties for next to nothing via restoration initiatives. Here’s what you should be aware of before taking the plunge on a €1 house in Italy.


Tips & Hacks for a Month in Europe for under $1000

It’s a common misconception that traveling around Europe requires you to come loaded with a fat wallet but you’d be surprised how far your dollar can go with a little resourcefulness. Read on to discover tips and hacks for how you can enjoy the best of what Europe has to offer for under $1000 a month!


Why Turkey is the Next Digital Nomad Hotspot

As popular digital nomad destinations like Bali and Medellin get overcrowded, many people are looking for lesser known gems that could afford them a top-tier lifestyle while staying immersed in the local culture. Here's why Turkey should be on your radar.

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